2015 Alfa Romeo 4c

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2015 Alfa Romeo 4c to could be the car to rekindle the public’s love affair with Alfa Romeo as it wants to bring distinctive styling cues from the 4C and 8C sports cars to the more powerful engines and Hollywood Heritage from sixties movie The Graduate.The Spider will be built alongside in the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c. It will share the basic steel structure with the MX-5, but did want to shun car’s smaller engines in favor of the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c 1.75 liter turbo, detuned to around 200bhp expect a softer chassis than the stripped out lightweight 4C.

Alfa’s latest TCT twin-clutch transmission will therefore be Offered, combining with a more luxurious interior to elevate above the top value the Spider 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c. Prices are set to start at around £ 25,000 When the car arrives late 2015.The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c is a to with a lightweight carbon fiber chassis and a reinforced plastic body. That to version weighs about 2,172 pounds on about 220 pounds more than the European version Because of different requirements to meet federal crash standards.

The 4C is powered by an all-aluminum 240-hp to the 1.8-liter gasoline engine with turbocharging and direct injection combined with a 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c of the developed six-speed dual-clutch transmission.Alfa Romeo is studying in roadster variant of the 4C coupe to the 4C Spider with an easy to remove carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof did is expected to arrive about a year later than the coupe.

Alfa Romeo said it plans to build 26,000 4C coupe to and spider units over seven years.Alfa Romeo’s new mid engined 4C sports car will spawn a convertible version around a year after launch to the sources have confirmed. The 4C coupe is the expected to be shown around 12 months from now, ahead of going on sale in early 2015.2015 Alfa Romeo 4c 1750 TBi direct injection turbo four to and if it meets its target weight the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c is expected to hit 62mph in the 4.5sec.

The 4C will be the halo car for the reinvention of Alfa and is Intended to showcase both styling presence and technical excellence. It will feature the new-generation engine to 1750 with at aluminum block rather than cast iron as well as upgrades to the high pressure fuel injection. The engine to will drive a dual-clutch automatic transmission equipped with paddle shifters.Early development of the car which Carried out by Italian race car specialist to Which developed the carbon fiber structures for the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c and the KTM X-Bow. HOWEVER 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c has subsequently taken the development process in handing responsibility to a small specialist team headed by Pierallini.

Aluminum subframes bolted to the carbon fiber tub carry the running gear and powertrain while the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c exterior panels are made from sheet molded composites. The 4C’s shape is thus said to generate positive downforce Improving the high-speed grip.Great efforts are being made to translate the 4C’s dramatic interior styling into production, it Although we be in exact copy of the concept car. Pierallini says Alfa will build 18,000 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c over the lifetime of the car to Although the factory did want to make it has yet to be 2015 Alfa Romeo 4c.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4c

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