2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto

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2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto to Which is Planned for 2015 is to be named Duetto. So no additions to only the old nickname as the official name. The name Spider is maybe preserved to for a larger model with a very cautious conclusion did the stunning Duettotanta by Pininfarina to what a sign for future products by Alfa Romeo.The new Duetto will make its debut during the first quarter of 2015. The car to will be based on the next MX-5 platform to the current version recently got an update. The production is located in this week visited the people of Mazda Pomigliano d’Arco plant in Italy to have talks with Fiat. Talks could to have been about the co-production in Italy, or so about the duet will be the RWD and powered by a new 1750 TBI with a minimum of 250hp. The whichwill be available transmissions are a 6-speed manual gearbox or a robotised new 7-speed TCT with paddles at the steering wheel.

2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto  to the Latter developed to by FPT will make its debut in the new 2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto and so will be used by Mazda for some of its models. The Giulia will therefore be available with this 7 of the speed TCT with double clutch system but the future Alfa Romeo Duetto car to the End of month we reported exactly a year ago did it would be developed in cooperation with Mazda to be launched in 2015. This new Spider to will of course be very important to Alfa Romeo and will be priced lower than the 2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto and Both models will reintroduce the brand to the world as a sporty car manufacturer.

Design to the wise the 2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto project will be led by the former Lancia designer Marco Earlier Tencone who did the same with the new Quattroporte and the Ghibli. The British Autocar source claims it did not want to be a retro model Referring to previous Spiders but instead a new idea with the correct amount of historical DNA quite a lot will be shared with Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 When it comes to proportions or technique for example the positioning of the grill and the air vent on both sides will be a little lower. Besides synthesis things, though the car will not look anything like its Japanese cousin.the design will not be coming from Pininfarina of who created the gorgeous Duettottanta Concept.

2015 picture to above but from Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. This unfortunately Means to The end to a very long tradition. The new Spider to will be around 4 meters long and 1.7 meters wide 157 inches 67 inches. The 1.4 TBI will be the most important engine on sales to the wise with power output varying from 120 to 170 bhp. At the top of the range Certainly though we expect a few other engines: such as the 1750 TBI Which has now been fitted to the 2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto. Supposedly the total weight of this on the rear wheel driven two-seater will be kept at a minimum to maximize the performance and Alfa’s sporty feel to the speculated launch date is 2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto.

2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto

2015 Alfa Romeo Duetto

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