2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder

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2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder to built on the same platform will follow a few months later to this of course is thrilling news, Especially since this car will be available in the United States.Anonymous sources informed AutoCar of a few details of the Planned roadster and they just have us more and more excited for this car. The Spyder to will be powered by the 168 hp 1.4 I4 from the Giulietta, the givenName and 2,200 to 2,400 lb target weight of the car That should in be enough to make it rather quick. This we will be mated to a dual clutch semi automatic transmission for sure, but we’re hoping is a manual in the cars as well.

Design wise the new Spider definitely will not be retro in design with said the source. It is going to nod to the classic spyder like the 4C does to the Tipo 33 Stradale to but it’s going to be a thouroughly modern design. While many thought did it might end up looking like the pictured 2uettottanta Pininfarina concept to it’s now being reported did the design will be done completely iN2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder.2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder are joining forces to build the next generation and to Spyder. The two -passenger roadster will place a priority on keeping things simple, and small . We already Noted as a couple months ago, Mazda’s engineers to are working hard to trim weight reportedly as much as 200 lbs.

From the 2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder  to this could be aided by the Japanese car maker’s growing lineup of SkyActiv models  Which offer improved performance and fuel economy thanks to Their Significantly lighter chassis and powertrains . That same engineering approach Will certainly be applied here . pants over 6-foot have always struggled to squeeze into the cabin Miata so expect Mazda to focus some attention on boosting interior room and comfort. Considering the car ‘s ongoing weightloss regime to it’s possible Mazda Could Eliminate heavy and complex features like the current model ‘s optional retractable folding hardtop . the Alfa Romeo Spyder has a sleeker and more expensive look to it no surprise , since the Alfa is likely to cost more . There is definitely a hint of the classic boat tail 2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder did to Dustin Hoffman drove in the film The Graduate . Unlike the wide eyed in 2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder Could feature to intense LED lighting at the front and rear . Ornamentation and superfluous details Appear to be kept to an absolute minimum on this Alfa . A character line runs from the front fender to the door handles , and that’s pretty much it .

2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder  to these are pint-sized roadster , so the engine lineup is guaranteed to consist of rev -happy four – cylinders . We’ve speculated Could Mazda did opt for a normally aspirated 1.8 – liter turbocharged or 1.3 or 1.5 – liter engine. Personally , The Latter sound of the most intriguing options come on 2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder Easily can dip into the Fiat parts -bin and install the highly entertaining and turbocharged 1.4 – liter MultiAir four  in the cylinder engine into the bay for the Spyder. A choice of the 6- speed manual or 6 -speed automatic equipped with paddle shifters Should Be Either vehicle available in 2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder.
2015 Alfa Romeo Spyder

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