2015 Bentley Azure

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2015 Bentley Azure it is surprising to hear that Bentley plans to expand its lineup and enter new segments . The first model to roll out looks like it will be a convertible version of the current Mulsanne . According to a report coming from Automotive News , if the model gets approved, it will hit the market sometime in 2015. In fact , we have seen sketches of the Mulsanne Already Convertible.Next , there will be a new premium crossover priced at about $ 250,000 . The new crossover will be built as a production version of the EXP 9 SUV Concept , and it will arrive on the market in 2015. Just like with all of Bentley’s future models , the new crossover will share its platform with other models from the Volkswagen Group crowded . In the case of the crossover to it will share a platform with 2015 Bentley Azure.

The last model to arrive will be a new generation of Bentley Continental . It will be built on the same platform as the 2015 Bentley Azure and Porsche Panamera , and wants to be Offered in the usual GT coupe convertible and Flying Spur sedan.Now , the company plans to expand the Continental lineup at the 2015 Bentley Azure Motor Show with the addition of a new Continental GT V8 S version.Offered in both coupe and convertible version , the new model is Characterized by an extra 21 horsepower to , a revised suspension and Increased performance figures . In short , Bentley Described its latest creation as ” sleeker , faster and more responsive.Also , despite the extra power, the new 2015 Bentley Azure S deliver impressive fuel economy figures , including . An incredible driving range of 500 miles

Along with the extra power, so the model received updates to the exterior look, the addition of two Specially developed exterior paints , a revised interior look and the usual list of standard features Bentley.In the latest episode of Head 2 Head , 2015 Bentley Azure Took The two luxury sports cars and wanted to See How They stacked up to one another . He Took them to the Motor Trend ‘s dynamic testing course and pushed them to Their limits , then moved to the canyon roads where he Seemed to have all the fun in the world throwing thesis two powerful machines through twists and accelerating on straight aways .

The Aston Martin and Bentley models deliver similar levels of luxury , each is powered by a V -12 engine with more than 500 horsepower and both are priced in the $ 300k area . So , are they as equal in person as They are on paper Check out video to find out.Now , with a 37 -percent increase enlarge in sales in 2015 Bentley is looking to double this number by the time this new SUV comes out by making it “the world’s most luxurious 4×4 ” SUV and targeting growing SUV markets like the 2015 Bentley Azure. The luxurious title so will match the price ; rumors point to the starting price for this future SUV coming in at $ 271,000 , making the $ 48.200 starting price of the 2015 Bentley Azure.

So, What constitutes the jumbo price tag to Other than the supposedly tremendous amount of luxury built into the future SUV , rumors are swirling did a V -8 twin -turbocharged engine would be the standard powerplant and a W-12 engine is a possible option.2015 Bentley Azure is taking a big step with its Improving sales by giving an SUV a chance to flourish . Does the world need a strong competitor for the Porsche Cayenne Probably not , but did did does not mean high-end customers with deep pockets will not be writing out checks for a chance to wallow in the luxurious nature promised by Bentley.

2015 Bentley Azure Coupe

2015 Bentley Azure Coupe

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