2015 Bentley Gtc

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2015 Bentley Gtc to It is not known what engine would be used, Although a V6 would make sense givenName the Volkswagen Group End of month Bentley is part of to Already has established a market for a hybrid one using it in other brands : such as 2015 Bentley Gtc mid term so we are going to integrate plug- in hybrid technology Durheimer said . This is what we are working on at present can probably see opportunity in 2015 to introduce this technology in Bentley.The new engine to would be a plug in hybrid, though Allowing it to be recharged in a household powerpoint and run on Jukebo electricity for short distances , with a petrol engine used to power the batteries and extend the driving range while so Potentially providing additional drive to the wheels to deliver the sort of high performance expected of a Bentley.

Durheimer dismissed issues of exclusivity to with the plug- in hybrid drivetrain something Considered essential to the upper luxury segment.There will be no problem to absorb it to and integrate it into our lineup he said It’s a technology we need to have to but Not Necessarily to be Positioned as pure Bentley.The engine in a Bentley is very important in the terms of power performance and fuel economy , but there is less interest in specific details of engine technology as we can see from market research .

Durheimer ‘s comments came moments after the unveiling of the company ‘s new V8 engine thatwill The new twin turbocharged V8 engine brings efficiency gains of about 40 per cent over the twin turbocharged 12 -cylinder arrange in a W configuration , whereby two V6s are joined together that’s helped revive the brand.And while it’s the least powerful Bentley on the market to the new V8 engine Produces a potent 373kW of power , enough to shift the two two barreled door to 100km / h in less than 5.0 seconds.

Durheimer says so there will be ongoing improvements to other Bentley engines including the 6.0 – liter W12 to things : such as cylinder deactivation Which can temporarily shut down half the cylinders When lower power is required and more efficient direct injection systems are high on the list.As for other models Durheimer says to will soon pitch a high performance luxury Bentley SUV to the Volkswagen Group Board of Management did a car has been reported about in previously.It would likely to use a revised version of the W12 engine and possibly the plug in hybrid System.

2015 Bentley Gtc silent Following Following this concept intensively said Durheimer.We are working to very heavily in the design department and R & D and to propose to my suggestion to Group in 2015.Durheimer So says a smaller coupe is on his mind but not a priority for now you’re going to be ecstatic to knowthat the luxury car brand is digging deeper to roll out a new SUV model to add to Their line ups in 2015. It could to be a while before it comes out , but at least you can get on to plan for it by convincing your dear wife and working overtime . It turns out did Bentley is slyly looking at the sales did Porsche Cayenne had created and plans on doubling Those numbers for the new SUV , by making it the world ‘s most luxurious 4 × 4 SUV. Why it during the day as it is about luxury Because it is going to be powered by the next generation W12 engine delivering up to 600 HP and thus a special 6.0 – liter V12 TDI engine did it is planning on rendering to the 2015 Bentley Gtc market model.

2015 Bentley Gtc Release

2015 Bentley Gtc Release

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