2020 Bentley GTC

February 12th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Bentley

The 2020 Bentley GTC (Continental GT Convertible) has been reborn with improved technology that makes it lighter and faster than before. After more than half a decade of construction, the third-generation 2020 Bentley Continental GT coupe has arrived to take on luxury exotics like the Aston Martin DB11, Mercedes-AMG GT and Ferrari 812 Superfast. 2020 Bentley GTC predecessor popularized Bentley and became Mark’s best-selling model of all time. As British group ownership of the British brand is old news and we are embracing the hybrid Bentley SUV, the Continental GT has rejuvenated not only to get passengers from one side of Europe but to make the process much more fun.

2020 Bentley GTC Interior

One of our favorite features is the optional center screen, which forms one side of the rotating triangle. When the car is turned off, it rotates to reveal a wooden veneer that perfectly matches the rest of the dashboard, while the third party is home to a set of analog instrument gauges. The decision to avoid a dual-screen setup from the Audi A8 means that multiple physical keys can be countered, but they are logically laid. Each shift and steering is unique to Bentley as well, rather than lifting it from a cheaper Audi or Volkswagen, and the front seats perfectly provide the line between comfort and support. Bentley can also convey a message to you on a long trip.

Bentleys have not always been known for the latest car technology, but Continental’s 12.3-inch infotainment display should satisfy customers. It can update real-time traffic, compatibility with Apple CarPlay, and Google Interest Search, as well as quick access to emergency services via eCall.

2020 Bentley GTC Engine

The new 6.0-liter W12 twin-turbo engine was first available, but was later joined by a smaller V8 – the petrol-electric V6 could eventually join the range. Significant changes mean that the W12 is significantly sharper than in the previous Continental GT, but the cheaper and lighter V8 is still absurdly fast – it’s hard to make a remote rational case for extra wear on the W12. The engines are now closer to the center of the car and there is a new eight-speed transmission and suspension. The Heavy GT endures its size on the track, handling more like a four-wheel-drive sports saloon, but the adjustable suspension lets it all soften when Comfort mode is selected.

2020 Bentley GTC Safety

Bentley is not exactly the same as buying a leaner model, so it’s safe to say that customer service should be top-notch if anything goes wrong. Problems from the factory should also be relatively small and remote, as the manufacturer is known for inspecting each car for even a minute or so before being allowed to leave the production line.

2020 Bentley GTC Convertible

2020 Bentley GTC Convertible

Euro NCAP will ever test the crash of 2020 Bentley GTC, and top Audi and Porsche models usually have excellent safety ratings. The City Specification’s standard packaging adds a variety of safety technologies including traffic sign recognition, city assistance, pedestrian alert, and reversing alert. Bentley certainly needs much more time to build, as many elements of its interior are hand finished and built into the 2020 Bentley GTC Coupe.

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