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Bentley Continental is a premium two door coupe or convertible to Both End of month offer a variety of drivetrains and stylesbut all are among the most luxurious cars around.The Bentley Continental is quick in any weatherfeaturing all wheel drive and sufficient power in any option you choose. Continental Has seen Increases to power and re touches to its aestheticsbut little in the way of fundamental mechanical change.The basics of the convertible are shared with the Bentley Continental.Though the two doors have a much shorter wheelbase They share the enginetransmissionall wheel drive systemand other performance pieces with the four door SpurAt the core : a 6.0 liter twin turbocharged twelve cylinder engine in Which the cylinders are Arranged not in a V shapebut as a Bentley Continental his spares some room under the hoodand Produces power just as copiously and as smoothly as a Conventional V 12.

Bentley Continental to Which was sold until the model year with one exceptionthe standard W 12 engine produced 552 horsepowerand a 0 60 mph acceleration time of about 5 second seven though the cars each Weighed more than 5500 pound updated Speed ​​editions saw power rises to 600 hpwhile acceleration times hide below 5 seconds and top speed on coupes rose to 195 mph.A Supersports model added on 21 more horsepowerfor a 0 60 mph 3.7 second sand of a manufacturer rated top speed of 204 mph at ISR special edition reached 631 horsepower.Each version used a six speedpaddle operated automatic transmission each therefore rode on to independent suspension with power shuffled to the wheels via all wheel drive and a Torsen economy in the Continental GT in this generation was a very low 10/17 differential.Fuel mpgmitigated only a little by

Among the myriad convenience to and luxury features on the Continental were a marvelous convertible lid on the Bentley Continental versions did folded closed or open in 25 secondsat the touch of a switchLavish interior materials distinguished this Continental range even from the Ferraris and Maseratis of the worldand of 1000 watt Naim audio system which on the options list for a mere $ 6,000 or Sothe Mulliner trim package of quilted leatherknurled chrome and aluminum turned trimwas a highlight of modern day automotive construction.

Bentley Continental model yearBentley updated the and GTC with slightly revised stylingand made ​​a 567 hp version of the W 12 Standarda quicker shifting pattern and a revised torque biasto 40:60 for the all wheel drive system were matched with slightly more sporty handlingThe Speed ​​editions were dropped for the Bentley Continental GTC Supersports model yearbut the models were Carried over intact from the Bentley Continental model year without the cosmetic and mechanical change recent rumors have tipped the Supersports for a return to Bentley Continental however.

Bentley Continental A new V 8 drivetrain to Has become available for the Bentley Continental model year with a net output of 500 horsepower channeled through higher on eight speed automatic transmissionBentley says performance nearly rivals did of the W 12 carwhile fuel economy is up to 40 percent.So for Bentley Continental the speed is backin Both Coupe and Convertible formUnveiled at the 2013 Detroit Auto Showthe new Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible offers figures to match the coupe a stout 616 horsepower and 590 pound feet of torqueenabling 4.1 second 0 60 mph acceleration and a top speed of 202 mphThe GT Speed ​​Coupe ACCELERATES to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds and hits 205 mph top speed Bentley Continental.

Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC

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