2014 BMW 6-Series

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2014 BMW 6-Series to have several distinct personalities and delights in every ONEA a convertible is a year-round cruise effortlessly with or without four-wheel driveAs Gran Coupe is a slightly more useful four doors looks better than any other to that can deal with Formula 1 tracks with a fierce display of 2014 BMW 6-Series all those missions have something very different in common: all are evocative more finely rendered the car that came before them.The bulk packages pre-2014 BMW 6-Series is now a distant memory immediately obvious that the new formation has 6er masajeado everything from the tense sculpted hood 1 flanksIt the stylized polite but insistent appeal for attention and underplayed.On the new M6 also has a little more urgency in their sleeveseven before you fire up the engine – its work airport distinctive wheels to more aggressive flared fenders because of the wheels and position a little wider 2014 BMW 6-Series.

2014 BMW 6-Series to the athletic look is backed by turbocharged six-cylinder or V-8 Enginesa the 640i is a 315-horsepower 3.0-liter six that delivers up to 31 mpg on the highway to while the 650i models get a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 engine in making 400 horsepower.That’s more than enough to motivate more or less skillfully coupe or convertible 4,200 pounds or 4,500-pound Great CoupeMated 2014 BMW 6-Series eight-speed transmission that sends its power to the rear wheels (or all four wheels in the case of xDrive models) models vigor.2014 BMW 6-Series have a smooth even-tempered little less character relaxed muscle obtained in the 650i coupe but are very soft and strong without being accelerated.

2014 BMW 6 Series Coupe and Convertible and transferred as the new Gran Coupe is magnificently powerful ancient thirsty V-10 M6The been dumped and now the M5 and M6 drives behind a 560-horsepower twin-turbo V-8 mated to a dual-clutch gearbox with seven speeds or rapid changes to a rev-game transmission.2014 six-speed manual BMW 6-Series Zero to 60 mph times are as short as 4.1 secondsThe train motor adapted to a specific M Chassis Brakes upgraded sport seats and special controls more extensive M Drive powertrain suspension steering and stability control; It even includes two customizable buttons adjust quickly to mark a different character for a certain type of driving impossible marked weight the 2014 BMW 6-Series but the M6 has some of the answers frantic Zapped by zingy its portfolio of driver-adjustable settingsIt calmer deal runs quieter braking from 150 to 20-mph run triple downshifts gears and 15 degree corners – and better Tourer speed as a result.

2014 BMW 6-Series Interior

2014 BMW 6-Series to Posh and aggressive at the same time all 6 series coupes and convertibles have evolved mostly through sedans.The Gran Coupe 2014 BMW 6-Series is a family of expressive cars that has several different body styles – convertible Big coupes and four Coupe Coupe and convertible doorsThe get a fresh restyling 2014 BMW 6-Series was new variant by adding the M6 year.Each this one has a display the luxury confident in general is wider and lower look more athletic than 2014 BMW 6-Series coupes and convertibles 6ER and dressed like a collection that is an amazing profile SetIn 6 series cars are bent under and ready for actionbut the style of the front and back that can stop bell very different impressions.2014 BMW 6-Series a converges well wrinkled nose and a wide version of the distinctive double grille ovoid BMW gives BMW 6-Series models 2014 1:00 Brower gathered while the hood has a slimming effect on the front end.2014 BMW 6-Series to the sides of the surfaces are kept simple with slightly flared fenders and coupe profile details dominant but there are definitely some play between convex and concave plate and help the waist line look back.2014 few steps down from the June series BMW alloy wheels look great at home and Coupe models M6 Gran Coupe versions especiallyThe call themselves an enthusiastic way: the central hollow in the ceiling that says aloud the construction of carbon fiber.Whether you go for the Coupe or Convertible Coupe Great get the same look from hiding down the back where the BMW 6-Series 2014 models seem more charity sports tour can not amplified in cars with M new edition of the M sport for about $ 5,000adds 19-inch wheelsblack brake calipers and other dark decorations .

2014 BMW 6-Series Performance

2014 BMW 6-Series for a slight Away BMW 6-Series has an enormous capacity to adapt and electronics to generate almost rendimiento.Las supercar 2014 BMW 6-Series 6-Series line does not seek recognition as a sports car purebred or register lap times; quite as big or muscular Convertible Coupe turns devouring his specialty is large from one state to another – or autobahn – while staying flexible enough to take on mountain trails without breaking a sweat.Throughout alignment BMW 6-Series 2014 if you are talking or Convertible Coupe has two non-M models: 640i and 650iAt a time when BMW names correspond to engine size turbochargers are not real and virtual part of the alignment of the 640i uses a engine 3.0-liter six-cylinder TwinPower turbo rated at 315 horsepowerwhile the 650i gets 01:00 V-8 engine with twin-turbo 4.4-liter rated 400 horsepower.2014 BMW 6-Series two engines are willing performers but we tend to think that the more relaxed nature of most V-8 and its soft power is better suited to the user’s own personalityHandling 6-Series’ confidence and has 6 – Series models track well and while direct and maneuver as lighter cars that do not want the address had a more natural feel or feedbackThese are some cars that can cruise effortlessly well above 100mph so it must take some extra steps if you are already a chronic slide.

2014 BMW 6 Series models that get an eight-speed automatic transmission changes smoothly and gently rises to the height of the Wella surprisingly aggressive driving six-speed manual transmission that was not an option cost is only offered on rear wheel-drive V-8 models can be obtained deletedYou xDrive (AWD) models Gran Coupe convertible Coupe and becoming one of the few who leave the lids AWD.All these models are highly adjustable and customizable via a system called driving Dynamics ControlThrough Comfort Sport and Sport + modes available by simply pressing a button mounted on the console can change the configuration of the behavior of the transmission response throttle and suspension that suits the kind of road that is in or the type of company that has the passenger seat2014 BMW 6 Series range of operation can be surprising address was light and very fast changes of transmission become incredibly strong fire faster or slower than the rate of smooth ride quality makes road imperfections disappear or becomes control with a grip of steel hardness but something BMW has done well in its transition to the electronically controlled bulk performance The 2014 BMW 6-Series and its extraordinary attitude even have lightened in this generation; Bunker is significantly more involved than the road.

2014 BMW 6 Series

2014 BMW 6 Series

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