2014 BMW i3

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2014 BMW i3 is a truly radical attempt to reinvent the automobile and the tourist cities of a new revolutionary new i3 electric car century.The requires rethinking all your notions of what actually constitutes a 2014 BMW i3 car and brand.Subcompacte The five-door is probably the most advanced car the company sells Bavarian, but if you did not see his twin kidney grilles (simulated) and the standard blue and white circle, I could never associate with Classic sports sedan that built the brand 2014 BMW i3.2014 BMW i3 however, is exactly what its designers intend to build: a city car extremely conscientious and capable, offering quiet all electric transport for residents of urban centers from 2014 BMW i3 (and bits iaffluent the suburban United States, so we imagine).May be the most soothing, calming have reduced vehicle, which will make it a good option in town centers and neighborhoods to take affidavits 2014 BMW i3.

2014 BMW i3 is a totally new approach for a new century of congestion, limits carbon and electronics dominate driving experience. It is the first in a new line of plug in models, including the hybrid sports coupe plug-in that will go on sale in late 2014 BMW i3 traders may find their heads exploding in the challenge and traditionalists tease and make fun 2014 BMW i3 isn t aimed mainly at 2014 BMW i3.

2014 BMW i3 Interior

2014 BMW i3 is dissonant but distinctive exterior lines that are not to everyone’s taste; the interior is elegant, free, and soothing.The 2014 BMW i3 was a twin-kidney front, but little about the rest of it says BMW at first sight. This is because you put up a new design language that will be shared between many products 2014 BMW i3 range plug-in electric wiped out vehicles.That simulated front grille is surrounded by blue, one of the elements of the new design language. Others include the bonnet, roof and tailgate in glossy black, regardless of what color is the rest of the vehicle carries.There’s also a deep dive into the beltline to the rear doors windows higher, followed by an upward shift to a higher base for the third pillar to the rear window echoes a dip below the roofline that makes the last window shallow.

2014 BMW i3 is more successful from the front, three-quarter front and side views The flat nose and distinctive profile as tall and wide stance i3 wheels in the same corner of the car, give it a solid stance, a presence that belies its relatively large and small footprint.The beautiful 19-inch wheels help too (the same trick used in the Scion iQ), but narrow tires can be disconcerting when the car is shown with its front wheels favor – that is when they are too small for their openings.Big chunky door handles reinforce the robust image.2014 BMW i3 to all dissolves into a confused mixture of straight and curved lines on the back, though.The sides of the body extends slightly beyond the rear door below the window line, giving the 2014 BMW i3 is vestigial tail fins or perhaps the chin. The shield fascia and rear bumper sweep back and up to the base platform high load (which has the traction motor and drive under it).The taillights U-shaped, hidden under the black glass tailgate is described with a mixture of straight and curved outlines.Overall the back of the i3 just has too many design elements that collide other, and is less successful aspect of distinctive design 2014 BMW i3.

2014 BMW i3 Performance

2014 BMW i3 is faster, easier to beat the crowded streets, and smooth acceleration; stability can not read road as he is primarily an electric car battery, but buyers can choose to add a two-cylinder engine extended range option too. 2014 BMW i3 suggests that the ability of the car to offer its range will make the range extender unnecessary, but we suspect that in many customers want anyway.Like any car battery, 2014 BMW i3 is smooth and continuous torque from a Accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 7 seconds,” says 2014 BMW i3 to and from 0 to 35 mph in just 3.5 seconds. We observed a speed of 134 km / h (83 mph) the car still accelerating; the maximum speed is given as 93 mph.On the road, the i3 dumb brittle and its agile handling and small turning radius of 32.3 meters and a delight to navigate the crowded city streets.Even Amsterdam , where anyone can submit street trams, buses, commercial trucks, cars, taxis, motorcycles, scooters, cyclists to and pedestrians within inches of each other, the i3 was easy to put on and a pleasure drive.The 2014 BMW i3 is also a race car well within the limits of its range, but it seemed a bit sensitive to side winds and rides quite firmly.

The 2014 BMW i3 electric battery pack lithium ion 22 kilowatt-hours to assemble land and liquid cooling to It feeds 125 kilowatt (170 horsepower) electric motor that produces 184 foot-pounds of torque to move the rear wheels. This makes the 2014 BMW i3 electric car rear the only unit on the market besides the Tesla Model S.The engine is located under the cargo deck on the left side of the difference; to the right is an empty space where the package range extender generator and lit cars requested with it.The 2014 BMW i3 is unlike any other electric car, but in its approach to regenerative braking. The solution distinguishes chose 2014 BMW i3 experience drive electric cars that simply mimic the behavior of a gasoline car with automatic transmission. The powerful regenerative braking makes the i3 first production car we have reduced since the original Tesla Roadster that really allows driving a single pedal to and effort put into its control software really shows well-calibrated 2014 BMW i3.

2014 BMW i3 Safety

2014 BMW i3 plastic yet been rated for crash safety, but it offers many top electronic security systems boot.The 2014 BMW i3 is said to have a very solid body made ​​of fiber carbon reinforced and mounted on a platform of rolling aluminum structure that provides energy absorption front and rear shock and keeps the battery, electric motor and all the electronics of the car. Even after a collision at 40 mph, says 2014 BMW i3 the passenger compartment is kept intact, with the energy dissipated in the rest of the vehicle.

2014 BMW i3 stresses that the built-in battery in the engine is placed and reinforced for maximum crash safety with three separate systems to turn off all the electrical components in the case of a accident.Neither Administration National Security Traffic or the Insurance Institute for Highway has tested a even for crash safety. However, both companies are likely to do so in the short term, given the great interest in the use of lightweight and durable carbon fiber to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency in vehicles of all types.The 2014 BMW i3 has a normal ratio of six airbags, including front panel mounted bags for driver and front passenger, side bags for front seats and side curtains of the windows front and rear BMW i3 passengers.2014 observed the bags built into the front seats are a brand-new design that is small enough to fit in the slim, lightweight frames.The 2014 BMW i3 electric seat has all the required safety systems including anti-lock brakes on  electronic stability and traction control and tire pressure systems monitoring.Optional likely include radar adaptive cruise control, parking proximity sensors, automatic braking to prevent accidents, and other functions in 2014 BMW i3.

2014 BMW i3 Redesign

2014 BMW i3 Redesign

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