2015 BMW i8

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2015 BMW i8 is a new concept of the two-seat sports coupe features a design that combines two classics doors that open from the windshield pillars like the wings of birds and cutting-edge technology with a twist very green. When was the last time a 2015 BMW i8 sports coupe came standard with a three-cylinder engine – and a charging cable for connecting electrical components on the wall? Maybe never so the second 2015 BMW i8 is truly revolutionary car from 2015 BMW i8 sub-brand represents a new era of sustainable according to the first vehicle to sport a sub-brand’s goal is nothing less than reinvent the automobile world for new and more energy-efficient. As with the square BMW i3 urban electric car the i8 body shell is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic CFRP made on an aluminum chassis that absorbs the energy of the collision and keeps the drive system 2015 BMW i8.

2015 BMW i8 Performance

2015 BMW i8 two engines an electric motor that drives the front wheels plus a high-performance three-cylinder turbo that drives the rear wheels giving the 2015 BMW i8 ability to run solely on electricity a hybrid sports or with both synchronous propulsion systems for maximum performance. 2015 BMW i8 style has traditional elements including the double kidney grilles at the front but also introduces unique features include a slot toThese between the upper and lower body back wing-like fins on the back over and blue accents. The I cars also have unusually high wheels and tires 20-inch wheels are standard on e8 to cut aerodynamic drag by reducing the area of ​​the rim between the underside of the car and the BMW i8 in 2015 land. The pair of independently operable powertrain makes the 2015 BMW i8 hybrid engineers call the through-the-road with each mode of propulsion power from a separate axis. Both are coordinated through the programming software strictly control when used together to provide the best performance and AWD. 2015 BMW i8 cites a number of mixed fuel efficiency well above 50 mpg on the European test cycle but will wait to see how the EPA rates both in the range of i8 electric mode and its performance when running on gasoline gasoline engine alone. Whether buyers six-figure sports coupes really prioritize fuel efficiency and sustainability is questionable. It is clear that the 2015 BMW i8 light weight advanced in powertrain and innovative materials make it an icon of technology. But after driving a prototype in which they are more inclined to see a sports car that is comfortable in the role of a tourist and not a track racer BMW i8 in 2015.

2015 BMW i8 Interior

2015 BMW i8 inside the instrument panel and floating very modern – almost Scandinavian – design is simple but because of unusual materials such as wood veneer and woven using recycled fiber reclaimed wood. The driver and passenger sit low as in any sports car the high tunnel for each battery. Highly lightweight contoured seats be comfortable for most occupants but will be curious to know if this is the case on longer trips. The electric motor in the front has a power of 96 kilowatts 131 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque used for all electrical running at speeds up to 75 mph. The energy comes from a lithium ion battery with a capacity liquid cooling usable energy of about 5 kilowatt-hour mounted in the tunnel between the seats giving the whole car a low profile and elegant.

2015 BMW i8 Safety

The first models of the BMW i8 in 2015 were delivered in August 2014 and 2015 models will arrive at dealerships BMW after an initial truncated model year. The price is including delivery fee and required options can be added or more depending on how tough the buyer is in the spec sheet. Among the features offered on BMW i8 cars in some markets laser headlights are the first in the world – where they are legally allowed with LED lights installed on 2015 BMW i8.

2015 BMW i8 Spy

2015 BMW i8 Spy

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