2018 BMW i8

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2018 BMW i8 is a hybrid sports plug is part of the electric fleet. 2018 BMW has an electronically limited top speed of 250 km / h has a low fuel efficiency with the carbon emissions of the combined fuel economy BMW i8.

2018 BMW i8 Interior

2018 BMW concept plug in a hybrid electric vehicle includes an electric motor located in front power feed of the front wheels rated 96 kW a turbo 1.5 liter 3-cylinder petrol with 164 kW and 300 Nm drive wheels of torque with combined output of 260 kW lithium-ion battery pack which allows an all-electric four-wheel range to provide regenerative braking. The location of the battery pack in the power tunnel gives the vehicle a low center of gravity that improves its dynamics. Its maximum speed is electronically limited and is expected to be formed in 4.6 seconds BMW.

2018 BMW i8 Performance

BMW i8 dynamic is a plug-in hybrid with a three-cylinder turbodiesel engine, in addition, there are two electric motors with 139-horsepower. It allows an acceleration of 100 km / h in 4.8-seconds and an electronically limited maximum speed of 250-km / h. 2018 BMW’s average fuel consumption in the test cycle and has a carbon dioxide emission index of 99 grams per kilometer the estimate of the entire electric range is 50-km and the 24-liter petrol tank extends the full range The lightweight chassis is mainly made of aluminum the top doors and windshield fenders are made of polycarbonate glass, with the body having a coefficient of friction from designers in charge of BMW’s efficient vision dynamics.

2018 BMW i8 Safety

2018 BMW i8 will produce an additional powerful electric motor in combination with the 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol unit will produce from 0 to 62-mph, the current BMW i8 runs in 4.4-seconds, but with the updated powertrain the facelifted is likely to be faster. is working to expand the overall range of through the adoption of a revised battery received a 50 percent increase in the range, so we expect a reasonable increase for as well. BMW has confirmed that the car safety formula avoids the 7.1-kWh drive of the production car for a larger battery of 10.0-kWh, possibly indicating that they come from the BMW facelifted version.

BMW i8 2018

BMW i8 2018

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