2014 Dodge Journey

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2014 Dodge Journey offers three rows of seats in an easy to manage package all for an affordable car price Some never recover from a bad launch and 2014 Dodge Journey can be a better version them.Enormously which was launched in the teeth of the crisis is not noisy shade disappointing penalty box on wheels that was in the last days before bankruptcy.2014 Chrysler Dodge Journey is a viable competitor for the measure and considered it better 2014 Dodge Journey for all vehicles except the Edge is more recent than the trip but worth the try – but many buyers probably do not even give an intelligent thought.With packing a third row option for occasional use interior more grip on the road and much better than the original shipping today the 2014 Dodge Journey more flexible than competitors five seats and includes a lot of features to sell about price.While in the price range of compact crossovers is larger – so it gives you more car for the money. large families can find suits your needs without thirst fuel gross volume workshop over sized seven-seat crossovers like the 2014 Dodge Journey Pathfinder or more.

2014 Dodge Journey still divides the difference between a tall wagon with all-wheel drive and sport utility vehicle.We 2014 square thank Dodge Journey has recovered from the same-as-the-other-type sheet that clothes other lines of Journey crossovers giving are refreshingly different, although not necessarily look fresh.The not so different that it is crazy, but different enough to avoid the same old style, family and vehicle rut.Inside trip follows a swoopy look smooth and simple design, with large dials and buttons and a LCD touch screen framed by high quality materials 2014 Dodge Journey.

2014 Dodge Journey Interior

2014 Dodge Journey for further optimistic about the position and details of the trip – especially its newly renovated cabin.The 2014 Dodge Journey and this is due to the fact that finding a balance between cars and SUVs familiar square of height without looking like any other crossover on the market. it is quite different from the unique look, but it is common enough to not look out of place in segment.Its cross grid square shoulders and defenses raised stylish look at least somewhat athletic, especially considering its compact size . their profile While it may seem a slab-side of the plate was engraved and wheelwells Lipped feel different and refreshing in an era of crossovers tend to skew to extremes, either very boxy or too curved in this spectrum.Inside trip follows a swoopy look soft and simple design with large dials and controls and an LCD touch screen framed by high quality materials.Open door trip and a metal stud ornaments that goes quickly through a panel carved with finished lower voice soft and tight fits.The mixed with contoured center stack gauges cut round tubes and flying blocks and all held together with a large LCD screen in some versions and temperature control without complications moving chair woman strip adjustment shiny 2014 Dodge Journey.

2014 Dodge Journey Performance

2014 Dodge Journey The Journey to the V-6 offers a reasonably good acceleration and good handling that jump all four cylinders of the correct answer if you are looking for fuel top shelf or four cylinders engine.It ‘ Rough is a 173-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder to with a four-speed automatic, which disappoints in almost every way possible.With provide V-6 model is both refined and powerful 3.6 liter with ‘ Pentastar ‘V-6 that produces 283 horsepower transmission.That pushed through a six-speed automatic six-speed works well when you’re really pushing the trip but we experienced a setback in stop-and-go traffic.The direction is very fast for a family car and doesn t give feedback needs.Ride that quality remains a strong point, but with the proper damping and roll control for a family vehicle, even if note that now the wheel sizes ranging from 17 inches to 19 inchers and big wheels absorb impact not quite as well.In any case braking is strong though.The 2014 Dodge Journey handling charges is reasonably responsive suspension. The Journey download with confidence and as a vehicle lower and thinner than it is and there is no delineation or excessive wallow when you take a bump mid-corner a little higher ride quality remains crossovers.The a strong point, with the proper damping and roll control for a family vehicle.And, while the hydraulic-assisted steering system does well with weighting compared quicker steering feels a bit out of place in 2014 Dodge Journey.

2014 Dodge Journey Safety

The 2014 Dodge Journey crash test ratings have been good and offers some security options that we like to see fares decently with both agencies rate shock safety.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA gives an overall rating of four travel stars, with four stars for frontal impact protection and roll and top individual score of five stars for side impact Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS gives protecci√≥n.La 2014 Trip to the 2014 Dodge Journey highest rating in all four tests conducted : moderate overlap frontal crash crash resistance side of the roof and seats and head restraints.But not been tested under the new, tougher crash test front small overlap that is not a Top Safety Pick and has been in the previous trip years.Every comes standard with dual front and side control curtain airbags and stability and traction active headrests disc brakes with antilock four-wheel control.Integrated booster seats also children ‘s offer for the second row.And recommend cameras and parking sensors reversing optional 2014 Dodge Journey.

2014 Dodge Journey Blacktop Edition

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