Dodge Durango 2014

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Dodge Durango 2014 With its dazzling eyes narrowed cross protruding nose and wide stance of the muscle Dodge Durango 2014 hit the market in 2014 years Dodge Durango model is no longer shy. Now updated for the Dodge Durango 2014 and further before. Designers police attitude shaved by the height of the grid did squintier active LED headlights and added lights. On the back in 14 Durango inherits process circuit ringed tail lights charger hard to ignore a 192-LED Parting Shot accentuates the car’s wide stance.

Dodge Durango 2014 rides a stretched version of the platform to the body of the device is based on a tune that is larger and heavier than the base unit’s front three rows to mid sizes and the Toyota Highlander and the smallest of more fuel efficient and a little smoother than the rear-wheel drive based full meter as Dodge Durango 2014 more comfort food for the Pentastar fans interested generous towing capacity of up to 7,400 pounds and torque at an accessible V-8. With its dazzling cross squint prominent nose and broad muscular stance current Dodge Durango 2014 hit the market for the 2014 model Dodge Durango no longer shy. Now updated for 2014 and that the police even more attitude than before. The designers shaved down the height of the grid did squintier headlights and LED daytime running lights added. On the back of the Dodge Durango 2014 inherits circuit ringed tail light treatment of hard to ignore a Parting Shot of 192 LEDs accentuate the truck ‘s wide stance.

Dodge Durango 2014, despite increasingly stringent fuel economy standards. The 5.7 V-8 continues with its cylinder deactivation to save fuel four-cylinder idling when driving under light load. It also helps in that department is a new eight-speed automatic transmission complete with a rotating shifter as Ram truck and steering wheel-mounted paddle controls full control of manual transmission. Provides automatic connection from a wider spread than six Autobox Dodge Durango 2014 featured on power and improve estimates of road-function pipeline.

Dodge Charger 2014 eight speed makes an even greater difference behind the rule which is coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission with a previous year. Combined shorter and smaller end first version gear V 2014-6 moves gracefully from rest and the small steps in eight-speed allows the engine to remain in the fat part of the torque curve is often what drives the quality nice and good response, even at half throttle. Since V-6, and not having to work with so much foam do not need to enter the accelerator so deep. Dodge Durango 2014 exempted on the crossover SUV fundamental rule. Sharing sophisticated and top notch experience with the Jeep Grand Cherokee drives his grabby front is still clearly different in this class full of imitations look.

Dodge Durango 2014 and beyond projector beam becomes more hockey stick-shaped LED daytime running lights on all but the top and model’s base gets HID headlights, while the projector fog lights and new grille thinner cross texture combined with a hood and lower front fascia reesculpida makes brawnier Durango. New rims, including a Hyper Black finish helps to accentuate the look, but it’s in the back, where the sight of Durango changes more. LED lighting track, as in the Dodge Charger 2014 forms a band of light through the tail with a total of 192 individual lights.Dodge Durango 2014, and receive the same excellent new eight-speed automatic transmission used in 1500 it becomes a stylish rotary control shifter paddle for all models. The engines are made via a standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 of 290 horsepower and 260 foot pounds does or 5.7-liter HEMI V-8, making 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of increasing the fuel economy of the new transmission alone total up to nine percent.Dodge Durango 2014 models continue its fuel cylinder deactivation technology, while the Dodge Durango 2014 with changes ECO mode, throttle response and the shift points of the transmission.

Dodge Durango 2014 continues his choice between rear-wheel drive, depending on the model. We use two different AWD system, with V-8 models to get a transfer case low gear and V-6 models have a single speed unit. Towing capacity up to 7400 pounds ranger with V-8, which Dodge says there is more than enough for a 24 foot boat and trailer.Unlike many of its competitors of Durango is still a rear-wheel drive with two available four-wheel drive system. AWD system designed V8 offers a transfer case low range light useful for off-road or invest towing a trailer. Properly equipped with a V6 Dodge Durango 2014 can tow up to 6.200 pounds. The V8 increases to £ 7400th All Durangos come standard with trailer sway control.

The Dodge Durango 2014 models receive body-color fascias and side moldings for a more subdued appearance model also ride slightly lower. Auto-leveling headlights are standard on models and Citadel. Wheels are available in sizes 18 and 20 inches in 11 different styles.A 7-inch customizable display shows the indicators and trip information crucial while the center console houses or touch screen 5-inch or 8.4-inch multimedia HVAC and Smartphone integration. A new navigation with system recognizes voice commands and displays 3D maps, while the hotspot feature is available to keep passengers connected on the move. If Internet meets fussy passenger entertainment system, Blu Ray back seat with two 9-inch screens Dodge Durango 2014.

Dodge Durango 2014 Release Date

Dodge Durango 2014 Release Date

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