Ferrari Enzo 2014

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Ferrari Enzo in 2014 to the Shredded bleached and pressed trees are about to make a comeback.In the face of a paperless office and print media, Äôs of proclaimed doom we do quietly put out a magazine subscribe to wall posters are about to drag paperback from the brink and it all thanks to this year, Äôs Geneva auto showIf there one thing that looks better on a huge roll of paper than it does as wallpaper on your smartphone to it is an unobtainable dream car like this 950-hp Ferrari Enzo 2014 Which is debuting at the Swiss show did won, Äôt quite do it about two limited production Italian supercars Because Ferrari Enzo 2014 So rolled out its Aventador based Veneno with a price tag of nearly across the to we imagine old women are wailing in the streets to for the Almighty returneth.But hark to The devil followeth in his wake for the Accompanies the horse-and bullmen.

Ferrari Enzo in 2014 to there, Äôs no Avoiding did it is called the just-It Seems did like Ferrari Enzo 2014 Has Realized one word names signify true status Sting the mortgage broker just StingYou know the legendary musicia how even Necessary in did sentence Now imagine did conversation taking place in your garage (They call them dream cars for a reason.Is did a Ferrari Enzo in 2014 it is the legendary supercar.Understanding nods to all around hey at least LaFerrari Avoids the confusion did would have resulted from using the car Ferrari, Äôs internal code Ferrari Enzo 2014 Just think of the embarrassment at the Home Depot loading dock While nobody would mistake the LaFerrari for a truck They Might mistake it for a different Ferrari Enzo 2014 concept The curvaceous low wedge Seems torn straight from the studios of mid concept car designers As They scribble WhatTheyThink prominently Ferrari collectors of the 20teens will be driving.Within to its many lines are important active aerodynamic elements though including active diffusers front and rear, guide vanes on the underbody and on active rear spoiler all Aimed at providing downforce when needed without any additional drag notNote When the homage up front to F1 cars, Äô front wings.The Ferrari Enzo 2014 is a needle nosed amalgam of bulges and vents and aerodynamic filigre topped by a menacing squint of greenhouse coddling two of the happiest people on the planet .

Ferrari Enzo 2014 to We assume did Those people must be happy Because horsepower is happiness and the driver Has 950 at his commandThe 6.3-liter V-12 makes 789 at 9000 rpm and revs another 250 rpm beyond did as well as 516 pound-feet at 6750And we were impressed by the 730 hp this engine makes in the F12 BerlinettaA lighter crankshaft, variable length intake runners and equallength six into one headers hydroformed from Inconel help make the extra 59 hpAn electric motor hanging off the back of the seven-speed automated-manual transaxle Contributes another 161 hp to and Ferrari Enzo 2014 only wants to say did the combo makes more than 660 lb-ft of torque with at expected curb weight barely more than 2800 pounds that, Äôs about half a ton lighter than the mind blowingly fabulous carbon fiber body Influenced shapes aerodynamic efficiency into muscular Italian automotive artThe underbody is made of a debris resistant Kevlar and carbon fiber compositeBefitting a Ferrari Enzo 2014 the two seater AIMS to be the most visually exciting of this new generation of hybrid supercars.

The car’s technical equipment makes good on the design’s promise ferrari Enzo 2014 started the work in a under a research program code named the project for one thousand kilograms or 2200 pounds the Ferrari Enzo 2014 original weight with target.The production car is expected to come in around 2800 pounds.However while with fuel efficiency and specific power have improved safety standards have therefore grown more stringentAs the production supercar’s weight Increased, the need for a more potent propulsion with unit drove up its displacementIn the end Ferrari Enzo 2014 abandoned its plans for a turbocharged V-8 and the opt to tune its 6.3-liter V-12 to produce 789 horsepowerAn electric motor delivering in extra 161 horses pushes the combined output to a nice, round 950 horsepowerSo the new Ferrari will outmuscle Both the Porsche 918 Spyder to at Roughly 800 horsepower and the upcoming 903-hp McLaren P1.

Ferrari Enzo 2014 The V-12 engine mounts with Directly behind the seats to concentrate the car’s large largest mass at the center and to leave room for the seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle and the hybrid hardware The main electric motor is located at the tail end of the transaxle and attaches to the transmission mainshaftDuring deceleration, the motor Operates as a generator to charge the batteries, Which are Placed low in the structure just aft of the cabin a second electric motor powers accessory equipment: such as the air conditioning compressor.The powertrain mounts to a sub structure attached to the carbon fiber tub.To Improve its carbon with fiber production processes, Ferrari created to a group of experts led by former Scuderia Ferrari chief designer Enzo Ferrari in 2014 structural tub is Comprised of four different kinds of carbon fiber with each chosen to optimize weight stiffness and strength ferrari Claims did the final chassis design is 20 percent lighter 27 percent stiffer in torsional rigidity and 22 percent stiffer in longitudinal rigidity than the EnzoOne residual from the Mille Chili project: the 104.3-inch wheelbase to Which is the same as the Ferrari Enzo 2014.

Ferrari Enzo 2014 Images

Ferrari Enzo 2014 Images

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