2014 Fiat 500I

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2014 Fiat 500I five door if you want to believe the company on sale in debuting at the upcoming 2014 Fiat 500I auto show to had confirmed Already did a search model that coming  but now it has released sales of the 500 hatch and convertible have been disappointing as the bigger more practical 500L is a critical addition to the Italian automaker ‘s lineup.The in its name stands for large and the 2014 Fiat 500I lives up to its moniker by offering two more doors than the regular 500 hardtop as well as seating for a fifth passenger spec dimensions have not been released but the 2014 Fiat 500I is 163.0 inches long , 70.1 inches wide to and 65.4 inches tall that’s a little longer and taller than and Roughly the same width as a Mini Countryman . Our version ‘s measurements will be Essentially unchanged . We will go out on a limb here and assume its back seat will be more tolerable for humans with legs than the rear quarters of the three door 500.2014 Fiat 500I room to is sure to increase enlarge beyond the pitiful 10 cubic feet available behind the smaller 500 ‘s rear seats.Styling wise the transition from reminds us of the relationship between the Mini Countryman and the hatch the 500L looks like a 500 did stuck its thumb in its mouth and at air hose in its tail.That said it ‘s not totally unattractive and details like the bulging fenders and the wraparound windshield add some zest . The enormous front quarter -windows are somewhat debatable , however. 2014 Fiat 500I front end ‘s big black bumper and chunky plastic trim on the doors and rear end add some lightness to the crossover appearance.

2014 Fiat crossover pretensions 500I want to be front- wheel drive but we expect to optional all wheel drive system from the architecturally related angepasst 2014 Fiat 500I to be worked into the mix Eventually . No word yet on what willpower in the large but we’re hoping the 101 -hp 1.4liter four from the standard 500 Is not in the running , the 160hp turbocharged four from the 500 Abarth would be a nice alternative . The Euro spec model gets 500I 2014 Fiat TwinAir two cylinder and a 1.3 liter turbodiesel among its options.The 2014 Fiat Fiat 500I arrive on dealer lots in the Quickly enough we’ll be interested to see how the auto maker can Closely hit its targeted on sale date . While we knowthat the 2014 Fiat 500 will be mostly carryover we’ll update this review with exact model details as They are announced . The 2014 Fiat 500I is again expected to be Offered in three major variants , each with Their Own flavors and the base 2014 Fiat 500I models include a five speed manual transmission , 15 – inch wheels air conditioning  a CD player and auxiliary audio jack to  power windows locks  mirrors  and cruise control.Sport models with larger 16inch wheels you get a fixed glass roof  and a sport tuned suspension and sport bolstered seats . There’s so special side cladding and painted brake calipers.2014 Fiat 500I Sport models revert to 15inch wheels and hang on to the glass roof but add a six -speed automatic and rear park assist, satellite radio alongwith premium speakers and a leather wrapped steering wheel.

There are so many choices for customization and we expect to get even more extensive thesis for 2014 Fiat 500I With a long list of exterior colors different seat color and material options as well as accessories the chances of seeing the same 500 as yours out on the street are very low.entry -level pop comes with a manual transmission and 16inch steel wheels shod with Continental or Goodyear all-season tires . It’s Offered in five of the 2014 Fiat 500I and forgoes the two-tone paint treatment black white roof that’s optional on all other 500LS . Dark window tinting is therefore not available on the Pop . But aside from the more limited the options pop appearance is Mechanically well equipped , enjoying the same 4 wheel disc brakes turbocharged engine tilt steering and connectivity . Inside the Pop offers only the gray color treatment in cloth , and while air conditioning is standard automated temperature control is not available.Those finding the Fiat 2014 500I lacking in features undoubtedly want to see the Easy Step up to the trim as money well spent.Nicely equipped stock  and offering almost all other features 500L as options the Easy is where premium cloth upholstery is standard , along with leather touchpoints : such as the steering wheel and shift knob.A huge sunroof is available as is a bi-color roof option and choice of nine exterior colors.We expect this to be the most popular variant 2014 Fiat 500I.

2014 Fiat 500I so much a feature vertical move up the ladder as a lateral nod to Those with active lifestyles the trekking trim Employs the content and options , but fashions itself for the kayaking and mountain bike crowd . Most of this is done with unique fascias and styling cues plus a few key interior trim items . The idea behind the trekking is a more aggressive premium look.2014 Fiat 500I line is the all out Lounge.Luxury is the game here chromed Heated leather seats heated exterior mirrors automatic 2014 Fiat 500I.

2014 Fiat 500I Concept

2014 Fiat 500I Concept

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