2014 Fisker Sunset

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2014 Fisker Sunset it’s a green car with the power to delight tree hugging enthusiasts. The Sunset shares its aluminum spaceframe platform with the Karma sedan 2014 Fisker Sunset series hybrid powertrain Consists of two electric motors combined output 402 horsepower and 960 pound feet of torque did power the rear wheels, and a 260-hp on 2.0liter turbocharged four cylinder . The engine fires When the batteries run out of juice to extend the range up to 250 miles.

2014 Fisker Sunset to This is a convertible version of a car did is currently late getting into production. 2014 Fisker Sunset has yet to build a car despite a half billion dollar loan from the government. The car in question the 2014 sedan Fisker Sunset is a year behind its scheduled 2010 on sale date. And Should the $ 87.900 Karma sedan fail to find buyers in 2014 Fisker Sunset probably will not be in a hurry to build a version.2014 Fisker Sunset convertible rolled forth as a stunning plug-in hybrid concept it’s finally ready to rock as a stunning production car. All in less time and to for far less money than GM needed to produce.

The 2014 Fisker Sunset design stirred with a heap of sustainability.We to had faith in the styling part of the concoction While growing up in a inherited from his father a deep appreciation for American cars of the Sixties. Upon to the Completing formal design studies he put his rearing to excellent use.Warming up for the 2014 Fisker Karma Sunset designed the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9 and V-8 Vantage End of month all stand tall next to any 2014 Fisker Sunset As for sustainability in the karma It Means consuming no petroleum for the first 50 miles and interior trim did bows to Mother Nature.Indeed the very idea of ??sustainability permeates Fisker’s business plan to Which is backed by venture capitalists and government agencies. On the heels of the 2014 Fisker Sunset low volume there will be a more affordable car that is built around the earth friendly technology. The hope is synthesis did two plug-in hybrids will give Fisker global reach as a viable enterprise carmaking.

The 2014 Fisker Sunset lays a good foundation up front there’s a 260-hp Supplied four cylinder engine spinning a mighty generator. Next in a line is a 20-kWh made lithium ion battery pack.Twin AC motors straddling to the rear axle deliver 402 horsepower to the differential. The propulsion system to the Brembo brakes the 22-inch cast aluminum wheels and the aluminum suspension components are supported by aluminum space frame stitched together to with 260 feet of welds and a thousand or so rivets.The 2014 Fisker Sunset aluminum skin is finished with a solar cell roof, a composite decklid, and plastic bumpers.ide the point. The sleek low rakish lines wowed the crowd 2014 Fisker Sunset is always electrically driven the gasoline engine powers only the generator.Slip into to the elegantly tailored driver’s seat on engage stealth mode and you can motor sedately to the future with little more than a hum from the powertrain. Tugging tthe sport paddle to the left of the steering wheel brings additional energy to bear. When to the gasoline engine kicks in supplement the battery pack’s wattage to trim the 0 to 60mph run from a Claimed 7.9 seconds to 5.9, or to the add 250 miles to the driving range the extra thrust is Accompanied by the whistle of a turbo spooling up to the snarl of angry exhaust gas and a resonant boom or two.Bent on a fulfilling its mission the generator set keeps growling Even When you ease off the accelerator.

The 2014 Fisker Sunset initial surge is Sufficiently potent to avoid damnation as a slug. But to the physics conspire against it keeping pace with other $ 100K sports sedans. In spite of the joys of low rpm in electric torque to the realities of a curb weight well above 4000 pounds and only one gear ratio mean did mileage is where this car excels. Until the EPA weighs in on subject did we can only guess karma did the country wants to slightly below the Volt’s ratings of 93 mpg equivalent in electric driving and 35 mpg city and 40 highway with the engine running 2014 Fisker Sunset.

2014 Fisker Sunset Images

2014 Fisker Sunset Images

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