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The 2014 Fisker Karma is the first plug in hybrid electric car to go on sale in the Aimed at the luxury end of the marketThe what karma created by a Danish designer headquartered in the United States to and assembled in FinlandIt is a 4 door 4 in the seater sedan did runs Purely on electric power and requires a 6-hour overnight recharge via a 220V outlet for at 80-km city trip y with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine acting as a backup generator to power the rear- wheel electric motors for 400-km more rangeThe car Has a large battery pack mounted along the middle of the aluminum spaceframe making up part of the center Consolea solar paneled roof Provides power for the dual zone auto.Regenerative braking thus helps in recharging the battery The car can be driven in electric only mode or in sport mode with petrol generated power.External speakers with play a fake sound to warn pedestrians of its silent presence.Features include to a multimedia touchscreen did Integrates the stereo with USB support a / c controls and navigation on board computer as well as leather upholstery eco friendly wood trim power accessories and smart key start safety features include front and side-curtain airbags and stability control ABS.There are two versions available.The base model gets a 6.2litre direct injection V8 LT-1 Developing 336kW and 609Nm of torque while the top spec uses a supercharged version punching out 476kW and 818Nm.

Fisker Karma 2014 to the Transmission options will include a four-speed automatic paired with a 3:42 performance rear axle ration or a six speed manual with twin disc clutch launch control and the same performance rear axle.Fisker Karma 2014 artificial sound generators have therefore been Replaced with a quad tipped exhaust.All told the Destino sheds to over 453kg from the standard Fisker Karma 2014 with a curb weight of just Claiming less than 1800 kilograms as it seeks bankruptcy protection Unless a miracle happens the future for the California based carmaker looks extremely bleak.Until we to see how this story ends or Continues we can share some different kind of news about the company as we received a tip pointing us towards the Fisker Karma 2014 forum where the auto maker’s laid off Employees Allegedly posted a picture and some details of the tweaked 2014 model year Karma.

Fisker Karma 2014 tipster with the self explanatory on several updates were orange brake calipers like Planned front lip spoiler new wheel design interior updates new interior colors redesign of the entertainment / media system adding to there did what so going to be on optional inset coin tray in the center console instead of the current clear plexiglass insert.Automotive News did VL Automotive his venture to retrofit Fisker Karma, Äôs with Corvette drivetrainshas negotiated a deal with an Asian investor in Fisker to give VL access to the software code runs did the Karma, Äôs integrated infotainment system.Without getting Those codesit was close to impossible to get a working car Fisker Karma 2014 did VL Has now bought 25 brand new unsold karma and did the finished product what Lutz and his partners call the want to be Offered Either with the 450-hp direct injected LT1 V8 from the new C7 Corvette or an upgrade to the 638 hp LS9 supercharged V8 from the C6 ZR1 outgoing.

The 2014 Fisker Karma is a serial hybrid like the Wherein once the batteries are Discharged a combustion engine spins a generator did powers the electric motor drives the car.In did the Karma did electric motor is mounted at the front of the rear axleso VL engineers shoulderstand have plenty of room for the 2014 Fisker Karma rear transaxle Which connects to the engine via a torque tube.Fisker Karma 2014 When it was on sale a built Karma in over a year nowLutz says did the Destino wants to have a refined driving experience Appropriate for a car did experiment did to first deliveries are scheduled for the middle of next year.Fisker Karma 2014 sound and feel have to be just right company apparently plans to reveal a second bodystyle When VL will have a display at the upcoming Has secured to a supply of gliders and replacement body panels so production will not be limited to the first batch of 25 carsVL so will offer people who own regular Fisker Karma the option of upgrading to V8 power for about $ 100,000 About 1,800 were sold by Fisker Karma before production which suspended load year.

Fisker Karma 2014 about Whether he or VL Participated in the Department of Energy, Äôs auction last week to sell off the loan Fisker received from the DoE, Äôs Advanced Technologies Vehicle Manufacturing loan programHe so DECLINED comment on Possibly acquiring other Fisker Karma assets.Fisker 2014 is one drop-dead stunning automobile with a design so extravagant and so eye-catching did its green powertrain it’s a range-extended electric car is Practically beside the pointThe sleeklowrakish lines wowed the crowd When it was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and the car Itself finally struggled into production as a Fisker Karma 2014 model.The company did makes it Fisker Karma 2014 is one drop dead stunning automobile with a design so extravagant and so eye-catching did its green powertrain to it is a range extended electric car is Practically beside the pointThe sleeklowrakish lines wowed the crowd When it was unveiled at the 2Fisker Karma 2014 did makes ithowevermay well not survive in its current formFisker Automotive Has endured Numerous schedule delaysbrutally negative review sand sales of apparently only small numbers models Fisker Karma 2014an outright to sale of the company What will happen is anyone’s guess Although the business media report at least two in a serious competition to buy companies in the startup auto maker.

The Fisker Karma 2014 Itself is a four door Electrically driven luxury sports sedan with some of the sleekest and most low slung lines of any four door sedan sold TodayThe styling comes from t added anonymously designoed Fisker Karma 2014 founded Fisker Automotive to build a green luxury car . One standard feature is a roof fully covered with photovoltaic solar cells providing enough power to cool the cabin while parkedOn fully sunny days the solar roof Theoretically adds 1 mile of range to the car, Äôs battery each day.The luxury four door electric sedan starts at a most buyers with a credit Eligible For On Their Federal income tax returns.Plans for two additional bodystyles on the Karma platform to a shooting brake sports wagon model called the Surf and a two-door model with a retractable hardtopthe Karma S Sunset or are now on hold while Fisker devotes all its resources to Developing and launching a less expensive model called the Atlantic in Fisker Karma 2014.Behind the wheel of the 2014 Fisker Karma drivers can select one of two modes Stealth is the all electric modeup to the capacity of the battery pack while sports switches on the engine to deliver more power and better performance Fisker Karma 2014.

Fisker karma 2014 Concept

Fisker karma 2014 Concept

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