Fisker Nina 2014

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Fisker Nina 2014 to the Specifics on the basics of a finished confirmed but do not be surprised if the latest version of the aluminum spaceframe KarmaLess of a mystery thanks to spy photos is what the exterior of the car wants to look like.Seen here with a striking red color the more neatly proportioned Fisker Nina 2014 inherits the basic display: surface sculpted muscular fender flaresand a giant wheel.The front-end facial treatment is a good evolution of Karmaand mesh grille features vertical slats instead of a signature car.Fisker Nina 2014 mustache grille looks a lot less mustache on a back of the car looks a lot like Fisker Nina 2014 only narrow.

Fisker Nina 2014 extended range electric to with the code name Project is only Partially covered by a sheet.Fisker Nina in 2014 will be smaller Roughly mid in the size dimension to and probably cheaper than the Fisker Nina 2014.Fisker Nina 2014 to will utilize Both BMW turbocharged on 2.0liter four as a range extender for electric drive system Details about plug-in hybrids and battery electric motor tech scarcePresumably electric toothbrush would be smaller than the Karma Given the constraints of the packaging in the car Caused by stuffing Essentially two full electric powertrain and gas into the car.During a recent media event ahead of the Fisker Nina 2014 Frankfurt Motor Show Automotive’s chief operating officer Bernhard Koehler said that the company plans on introducing three new vehicles plug in hybrids based on its Project Fisker Nina 2014 platform by 2014.

Fisker Nina 2014 The first model to will be a mid sized luxury sedan thatwill be produced at the company’s Delaware plant at the end of Fisker Nina 2014.Two other models are Nina scheduled to come out in range Fisker Nina 2014 word on Whether theywill be coupes sedans or wagons to Koehler says but did want to start pricing around the $ 50,000.Fisker Nina 2014 One car per year for the next few years is the plan we need to keep dealers and customers happy with fresh products will see the release of a second model for Fisker Nina 2014 Automotive the will act as on entry level model for the American brand targeting customers in the $ 50,000 and $ 60,000 price bracketIt’s likely thatthis model will be make or break for the Californian-based company As They struggle with negative publicity.

Fisker Nina 2014 The pictures reveal a smaller model sharing the family style line.It sits more upright than the Fisker Nina 2014 HOWEVER it is does share Obvious style featuresWe suspect did Fisker will use a range Extending BMW sourced two liter four cylinder engine with electric motorUnderneath we expect to Fisker Nina in 2014 will want to make use of the Karma’s aluminum space frame.The Fisker Nina 2014 will be manufactured at a new plant in WilmingtonDelaware instead of the Valmet Finland site Fisker uses for the KarmaIt is an old General Motors site used to build Pontiac modelsFisker bought the site for £ 15.6 millionThe factory is not silent on the finishedmaking release date for the Fisker Nina 2014 uncertain.

Fisker Nina 2014 Hybrid

Fisker Nina 2014 Hybrid 

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