2013 Ford C-Max

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2013 Ford C-Max represents the first direct competitor to the legendary-hybrid to and is grown and assembled in This 2013 Ford C-Max is the first dedicated hybrid, which means that there is no petrol version only 2013 Ford C-Max is sold to the A pool size and internal capacity, the high and compact five-door hatchback clearly divides the difference between the standard Prius Liftback and the new-for-2013 Ford C-Max will be followed within months by the plug-in hybrid has offered for the first time. Face against that promises even greater all-electric range. But we have not driven the car offers, and this review only the hybrid model, which will be the volume seller in the range 2013 Ford C-Max.

2013 Ford C-Max Performance

2013 Ford C-Max begins with the large trapezoidal grille and then add accent lines and angles of the window of Ford kinetic design is actually a small minivan or perhaps a five-door hatchback and tall upright. Inside, however, the 2013 Ford C-Max has a rich and elegant dashboard and a number of high-end options that make the interior a comfortable place to spend time luxury. 2013 Ford C-Max is rated at 47 mpg on the EPA combined cycle test, just marginally worse than the 50-mpg Liftback but better than 42 mpg Prius V combined. Along the way, the four-cylinder engine of 2.0 liters and an electric engine delivered 54 hp more than to powertrain. In practice, this means that the 2013 Ford C-Max is much less stressed and desperate-sounding when accelerating hard the engine is turbine-like howl that desperate  Handling, unfortunately, is far from feeling agile and flexible compact 2013 Ford C-Max is based on the heavy C-Max tends toward the heavy road. Our test 2013 Ford C-Max was well built and offers more interior space than the Liftback, plus a group of handy features that make it a useful vehicle for bringing about the families of four and five your machine for 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid for maximum safety rating, although it has not been tested either by accident in 2013 Ford C-Max.

2013 Ford C-Max Interior

2013 Ford C-Max at the same time in the United States, where gasoline is sold just any version, is a five-door dedicated hybrid hatchback. 2013 Ford C-Max multi-activity vehicle so, but we will not be absorbed by another acronym, so let’s solve five doors or tailgate, if you will, wagon. 2013 Ford C-Max is higher than the Focus compact is based on but hints shares of Ford common design, including a grand opening for the front grille allocated to the development of electricity, only fully electric vehicle the company. For high Hatchback, stylists have done everything possible to give flowing lines, including wheel arches and a slight hip highlighted on the rear wheel. The external lines are for nothing as bold as the 2013 Ford C-Max five-door, but used car buyers to different audiences who want the best gas mileage and style says a car is a hybrid. We’re not sure how successful this last message, as the 2013 Ford C-Max is not as distinctive as flagship ultra-aerodynamic profile Prius. Maybe with time, observers will link the way the 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid, but we’re not betting on it until the shirt. The interior of the 2013 Ford C-Max is much more elegant and comfortable than the bland exterior. Shares many stylistic features with the Focus hatchback and sedan is not surprising, since the cars are built on the same assembly line and use the same structure less compact. The modern style of the dashboard, soft-touch surfaces and chrome accents give the 2013 Ford C-Max a more stylish hard plastic inside the Prius, with its space-age design and Console flying buttress. The information display full color 2013 Ford C-Max behind the wheel of a panel on each side of the central speedometer can be configured to show performance data of the car in a variety of ways, depending on what the driver would see 2013 Ford C-Max.

2013 Ford C-Max Safety

2013 Ford C-Max at the National Road Safety Management for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has rated the 2013 Ford C-Max for crash safety moment, but Ford is confident its five-door hatchback will achieve high ratings. 2013 Ford C-Max includes front and side airbags for front seat occupants, airbags, side air curtain for the first and second rows, and knee airbags for the driver. It has the usual range of electronic security systems, including stability control, traction control, antilock brakes with brake assist to and a system for monitoring tire pressure. As befits a family vehicle, its front shoulder belt anchors are adjustable to ensure they meet the widest range of occupants, the growth of teenage parents-size 2013 Ford C-Max.

2013 Ford C-Max Image

2013 Ford C-Max Image

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