2014 Ford C-Max

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2014 Ford C-Max to provide a greater driving pleasure as well as a stylish interior more comfortable, but do not reach the height of the fuel efficient real world The first dedicated hybrid means you will not find a simpler version Hybrid here They ‘re the challengers and two inputs are strong that offer greater driving pleasure that the iconic 2014 Ford C-Max hybrid.In size and shape almost splits the difference between the Prius Liftback and more targeted Prius V wagon.At the same time that family is built on the foundations for what is essentially a tall wagon version of the Ford subcompact.From the front gets a version of the large trapezoidal grille that is now used in Most of the Ford lineup along the lines accent the corners of the window and add what is really a small minivan or perhaps a five-door hatchback.Inside tall and upright, but by 2014 Ford C-Max is based on the interior of the Focus with a rich and elegant dashboard and a number of high-end options in general look is a premium.

2014 Ford C-Max up with a four-cylinder engine of 2.0 liters and system electric motor powertrain offers 195 horsepower combined 54 hp more than the powertrain.While 2014 Ford C-Max is several hundred pounds more than last practice still result in a sensation of driving is much more lively and less stressful that is rated at 47 mpg on the EPA test cycle combined only marginally worse than 50 mpg Prius Liftback but better than 42 mpg Prius V combined.In general, it is very difficult to find fault in anything about 2014 Ford C-Max drives especially if using the Toyota Prius as benchmark.Steering is very precise and well weighted almost as good as you will find in Ford focus.with 1 curb weight of nearly 3700 in the form of base and about 3,900 pounds to plug energy form is not as agile and flexible as the Focus, but eith. That heavy 2014 Ford C-Max, first Ford hybrid plug has offered a compelling alternative to Prius Plug In Hybrid.With time all electric range of 21 miles easy to do in the real world that allows driving distance commuter even half a chance to go electric if fully charged at home and work.The key to 2014 Ford C-Max helpful full range of electrical conduction is much higher versus its 7.6 kWh battery 1 4 kWh Standard C Max hybrid.But the battery has some valuable cargo space turning what would be a flat load floor in a matter committed multiple critically deficient level seems thrown forward when the rear seats 2014 Ford C-Max.

2014 Ford C-Max Interior

2014 Ford C-Max hybrid is not as distinctive as the iconic but elegant, especially inside a tall hatchback wagon or van will leave that up to your eyes and prejudice, but the reality is the 2014 Ford C-Max is divided more or less the difference between the Prius Liftback and the Prius V wagon more targeted if you go by body shape and outside the family dimensions.The another fundamental truth is that it is built on foundations for what is essentially a tall wagon version of the Ford subcompacte and this is for good or ill really.The external lines are not nearly as spicy as the Focus five-door hatchback, but used car different audiences: buyers who want maximum gas mileage and style says a car is until hybrid.The how the units of the other part is clear is that it manages to preserve some under the rear window of focus on the interface of business and its pert tail.The trouble is that what is in the medium-to our eyes at least, may appear somewhat bulbous from some angles before . In 2014 Ford C-Max gets a version of the large trapezoidal grille that is now used in much of lineup.Otherwise stylists have done everything possible to give flowing lines including wheel arches and highlights of a light on the back hips wheel.We not know how Ford is successful in transmitting the message of the hybrid design as the C Max is not as distinctive as flagship ultra aerodynamic profile . Perhaps Prius-time observers link the 2014 Ford C-Max is a “hybrid” but we opted to it.Inside shirt on, but in 2014 Ford C-Max is based inside the box with a Focus rich and elegant control screens including a series of colorful and configurable high-end options in general is a ‘premium’ for DASH look.With modern soft-touch surfaces and chrome accents that is undoubtedly more elegant the plastic ‘arcbotant interior takes the Prius 2014 Ford C-Max.

2014 Ford C-Max Performance

2014 Ford C-Max hybrid is surprisingly lively and fun to drive compared to other hybrid models with or without a charging plug, but either way it has is a full hybrid capable under all of thousands of kilometers to go on a long road trip distance or slow traffic crawling along in its quiet electric motor only mode.With a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and electrical system powertrain offers 195 C Max Combined horsepower 54 hp more than the Toyota Prius powertrain.While 2014 Ford C-Max is several hundred pounds heavier resulting in a feeling of driving is much more lively and less stressed as the Toyota.Just Prius works only in the system of electric motor when driving smoothly at low speed and then starts the gasoline engine smoothly and blends of the two power sources in most conditions, then the recovery most of the energy of inertia and braking.

2014 versions of the Ford C-Max tne electric motor can drive the car alone at speeds up to 62 mph in certain circumstances light load or add torque to the engine power and the other recharges the battery through braking Regenerative and Motor overrun.The 1.4 kWh lithium-ion battery is located under the cargo floor behind the rear seat.2014 Ford C-Max put much effort in reducing engine noise and harshness and power here means that the extra C Max does not fight as much as a Prius under heavy engine sound loads.The sounds less shrill and desperate in full acceleration giving drivers greater confidence in the power tight or steep situations.For more the driver can relocate in “L” and C Max and Hill Descent Control also features to help keep you safe slippery driveways.Where low standard 2014 Ford C-Max Energi difference is that Ford Energi plug first hybrid offers Realistic all-electric range of 21 miles almost double the official rank Prius Plug In 11 km and is now more useful for a ride with the advantages of an electric vehicle gasoline weekend key trips.The 2014 Ford C-Max helpful full range of electrical conduction is much higher versus its 7.6 kWh 1.4 kWh battery in the standard¬†2014 Ford C-Max hybrid that sacrificing precious cargo space however.

2014 Ford C-Max Safety

2014 Ford C-Max for a good list of safety systems and crash test ratings some respectable fan C Max protective means at least one package has not yet been rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS but the federal government has given the 2014 Ford C-Max Energi model an overall rating of four stars four stars for front and side impact.The five for 2014 Ford C-Max hybrid models include front and side airbags for both front passengers seat side bags Air curtain for the first and second rows and airbag.As knee corresponds to a driver of a shoulder harness front family vehicle anchorages are adjustable to ensure they meet the widest range of occupants adolescents who grow parents.It full size selection is usual electronic security systems as well, including stability control traction control and antilock brakes with brake assist 2014 Ford C-Max.

2014 Ford C-Max

2014 Ford C-Max

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