2014 Ford Escape

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2014 Ford Escape to balancing performance with good looks and versatility of passenger and cargo space, plenty of high-tech has the athletic authenticity is attractive to a wide range of buyers fled his SUV last square of influence and became a casual sporty crossover type car with more powerful engines and crisp handling even a bit more passenger space.The 2014 Ford Escape latches to lead this transformation welcomed 2014 virtually unchanged, although the adjustment has fallen SEL the lineup.And there is certainly no need for any change to this model yet. Americans are simply noticing and getting used to the look of the new 2014 Ford Escape your best impression Explorer first generation to the grid and window shapes and even graining of outdated Its interior plastics.This current 2014 Escape is anything but that: a profile and aggressive stance relaxed road to pass almost sporty exterior design cabin-like interior 2014 Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape is authenticated in their ways down the road on the outskirts of which we can not think of a compact crossover in this class that handles most well.And there are plenty of options in what they want under the hood: Ford becomes a trio of four-cylinder to replace their old four-and six-cylinder and the beloved but discontinued in 2014 Ford Escape Hybrid.The base engine is a 2.5-liter four remaining significance for fleets while Choosing the mainstream is a 178-horsepower 1.6-liter turbo four to with straight line acceleration competitive with its rivals to Honda CR-V and Ford Escape four-cylinder 240-hp 2014 strength 2.0-liter Eco Boost four-cylinder carries the burden and can throw up to 60 mph in under eight seconds making the most of the excellent handling too.All versions come with a six-speed automatic.You might think The sleeker could mean less space for passengers, but this is not case.Front seats are scarce and very firm and there is enough space for adults-only two of them due to the wide sit fold the seats and back back.The biggest load of wineries and their own headrests flip down for better storage space.And simply rotate your foot under the bumper and tailgate hands free choice, the gate opens and closes 2014 Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape Interior

2014 Ford Escape nodding to the past that you miss the old SUV and scripts look for a more dynamic look used to look so this is nothing like last year gave it.Ford Escape from scratch with a new casual athletic exterior design and an interior that is sporty and maybe a little daring busy.The 2014 Ford Escape is now part of a modern crossover from the outside – spend a lot of similarities with the new size until 2014 Ford Escape and its pert outside and you might see your way fit firmly as part shoe.With part hatchback running nose already see signs of a great sports sedan or sport wagon, as well as sufficient pillar back up again to see family some of the influences of the Ford Focus which is based here intact.From left side that is kicky and dynamic but before the mail slot size grill but it is not working for us.

The modern kind of look you enter 2014 Ford Escape is less family-bolder and stands out as unique in this class.The overall theme instrument panel is upright but chiseled and contoured stylish and s’ wraps around the front occupants 01:00 swoopy in a very detailed way that makes other internal compact crossover being turned boring.In lose the feeling of open space of the first-generation Escape and casual look has some exposure compensation agreed as-thick pillars and roof-but this is the price modernity.For 2014 Ford Escape with the suspension of the midrange SEL model Titanium top gets a little more visual differentiation outdoor blinds radiator aluminum wheels Machining 18-inch grill and silver roof rails.2014 Ford Escape at the center of a wide ribbon of gray high gloss plastic with some climate functions and audio loops around one of these set of controls on the center console design with a piano buttons and air tall skinny vents.At the top of the Matterhorn modernity, ironically, is a CD slot – a relic of the past decade, we can see inside the new Escape a dozen feet away.Oddly there is another horizontal air below the LCD screen that seems to exist to cool climate control and ball joints in 2014 Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape Performance

2014 Ford Escape is one of the best handling crossovers in its class and the 240-hp turbo four helps you make the most of it.â quick glance at the list of propulsion systems for the 2014 Ford Escape will can lead to confusion, but we will help you here: While there is almost an extension of 75 horsepower from the base versions and the turbo models than the difference is not as large as it might seem, and much of controls alignment with fuel in the same ball park.When was redesigned for the final years Escape is offered in four trim levels, but by 2014 it was reduced to three, with the loss the base SEL 2.5l drag model.The four-cylinder mated to the same six-speed automatic that is in all other 2014 Ford Escape comes equipped with front wheel drive only has 168 horsepower and 170 foot-pounds torque and an EPA estimate of 22 mpg and 31 is a perfectly pleasant ten percent combination.Only 2014 Ford Escape will come with this engine – mostly fleet vehicles – Ford estimates the automaker has not yet provided with a unit of this extended version.

2014 Ford Escape four-cylinder engine includes a 1.6-liter turbocharged EcoBoost with direct roller injection.It to 178 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque.Performance is similar to the database engine efficiency but fuel is better EPA rates the 1.6 get 24 mpg 33 defeating non-turbo four.At top of the line performance exhaust is the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo four putting out 240 hp and 270 lb -ft torque.Performance here is much stronger than it is in large part the whole compact crossover would compare Kia Sportage SX or the Range Rover evoke everything with a little more refinement than any of those that models.And 22 30 Ford Escape delivers mpg.2014 shift to the front or all four wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.It’s well assembled engines and turbo points exchange for a good balance between ‘linear acceleration and gas mileage.Shift palettes are something that is conspicuous by its absence instead get a rocker switch on the shifter and a sport-shift mode that fails to live up to its name. The 2014 Ford Escape comes with front-wheel drive in almost all its forms, but if you’re not in the snow belt should not think of AWD as necessary.A new layer of sophistication curves vectorization pair comes with antilock brakes used to hold an inside front wheel to tighten the corners when slippage is detected.With AWD AWD you get some added heft.In 2014 Ford Escape AWD relatively simple case configuration divides the power between the front and rear wheels until power to change 100 percent so it still has a grip.

2014 Ford Escape Safety

2014 Ford Escape safety ratings of good and plenty of safety features – including a new camera system rear view standard – making great family pick.The 2014 Ford Escape he was new last year model and its classifications reflect the best security protection that is inherent in its modern structure.And body 2014 Ford Escape gets better with a standard camera system rear view through the standard features include dual airbags and side front curtain Anti-lock brakes and traction and stability control 2014 Ford Escape MyKey system that allows drivers to place limits on the amount of speed and other features to lower control limits of the power curve drivers.Standard four Wheels for 2014 Ford Escape help stay in a safe way if the driver is approaching a curve too fast and a camera system backup is included.Additionally Titanium models now include rear parking sensors as standard.2014 Ford Escape Elsewhere alignment of the front and rear parking sensors and rear view camera are available, as well as blind spot monitors traffic crossover steering power assistance alerts.The exhaust also makes parking possible.As active in some other Fords system judges parking places alongside the Escape and directs them fitted when the driver is operating the pedals.Then AWD is optional across the lineup. And with the towing package comes with HID headlights and Trailer Stability Control stability control used to compensate for the wobble induced by a trailer.As for those crash test ratings are top-notch or nearly ‘earned mostly down to being good all around.It’ the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and four star ratings for overall five-star side impact from the federal government in 2014 Ford Escape.

2014 Ford Escape Release Date

2014 Ford Escape Release Date

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