2014 Ford Fusion

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2014 Ford Fusion is an attractive design that meets the performance and security and first class fuel economy without skimping on all the interior space and ride comfort that truly means something to shoppers.The medium sedan 2014 Ford Fusion received an amazing transfor mative redesign last year and for 2015 remains one of the boldest statements in future design, suitable for families on the market. Even a year later, the 2014 Ford Fusion is probably the design most radical of any mid-size conventional sedan.The gorgeous good looks are now way down the road if something has grown even more athletic and is now one of the most models sized fuel technology forward as an overall package IT around almost any sized sedan buyer needs and this is part of the reason why we call our 2014 Ford Fusion best car to buy.

2014 Ford Fusion Design is an outstanding judging by his impressive collection of details or the way around all these elements together in context.A curved hexagonal grille and headlight bezels between fog lights and in a way that is medium to medium-Aston Hyundai. We see the roof line of the hindquarters, the rear lights with LED scoring point.But to take a look at the side view and Ford’s all the details somehow making more sense composite.Inside functional and sleep before taking the focus and center in the system MyFord Touch touchscreen driven and finish type of tablet-engine-stack controls.The level base 178-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder is not approach performed as well as the design suggests casual, but with proper six-speed automatic.If we wanted the performance of a V-6 in essence we would direct you directly to the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo four with its 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque.It’s quick rev and automatic updates quickly click through paddle controls.For 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbo 2014 last year has been replaced by a turbocharged 1.5-liter four.At the time of publication but numbers do not have power or fuel economy for the new fuel efficient selection of the alignment, but in 2014 Ford Fusion include stopping early Engine 1.5-liter automatic version, but would be more tempted by the large gearbox six-speed manual optional at no cost in most of the 2014 Ford Fusion lineup.

2014 Ford Fusion Interior

An athletic stance and beautifully sculpted sheet metal help make the 2014 Ford Fusion one of the most attractive mid-size sedan is one of the most attractive mid-size sedan the market.It ‘s an outstanding judging by his impressive collection details or the way around all these elements together in front context.At curves and bevels hexagonal grid between the headlights and fog lights in a way that is medium to medium-Aston Hyundai.We watch online December the roof hindquarters with LED tail lights punctuating that point. But take a look at the side view is even Ford with details somehow making more sense composite.Inside functional sleep and taking 2014 Ford Fusion front and center in the system MyFord Touch touchscreen driven and type of tablet controls.We finish center console and how it takes a step away from the more angular look super tweaked interior instead framing the center stack of controls on a simple metal ring leaves a strong imprint on the graphic cabin.Even lesser models there is a small LCD screens radio and SYNC, flanked by a small battalion sized buttons.It drive is insufficient space allocated but it does not seem completely out of the main complaint is the use of internal place.Our gloss black plastic panel on the armrest and door panel is prone to rise and swirl, and not so well after only a few thousand miles as it does a single front wheel versions use.On to Touch voice and touch monitors vital signs are reduced to a sleek LCD touch screen panel and a minimum of breaks in the surface of the dash . Controls Most here are capacitive controls almost grazing systems work climate control and some audio functions with just a couple of real knobs.It’s an amazing effect with obvious influences including the 2014 Ford Fusion storage compartment under commands open air sides.

2014 Ford Fusion Performance

2014 Ford Fusion With its turbocharged engine and a pulling handle is enthusiastic and rewarding, but not too strong for years has been one of the most midsize sedans that respond to driving the market, but the new model introduced last year took it to a point in terms of engine technology and behind the wheel driving this satisfaction.In tops and almost any other imaginable engine base level of a 178-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder does not come close to performing as well as the casual design is suitable suggests that the six-speed automatic, but you will lose more change than it seems because the engine does not make Its maximum torque at a relatively high level until 4500 rpm.If we wanted the performance of a V-6 2014 Ford Fusion would direct you straight to the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo four to with its 240 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque turns the top Titanium model.It’s rapid automatic rev and quickly click through paddle controls.It’s also silent installation, freer vibration of This propulsion system that we have yet experienced in Ford vehicles and the other automakers previously related.

2014 Ford Fusion 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbo has been replaced by a 1.5-liter turbo four to We have not driven this combination and even though numbers have power or fuel economy choice but promises the same performance as the 1.6 with better fuel economy.Also includes stop start engine 1.5 liter automatic version, but it would be more tempted by the large gearbox six-speed manual optional no cost largely manual of lineup.The launches get a bit long in the gears of the north side, but the quality of the changes have a mechanics soothing sweetness that is reassuringly familiar to anyone who grew up driving 2014 Ford Fusion cars.

2014 Ford Fusion even in its heaviest at nearly 3,700 pounds with all-wheel drive is offered in Titanium trims fusion is very light for this class and directed finely tuned and feel tense and very absorbent which has firm curves reassuring flat is not at the expense of ride quality combined with an agile feeling anxious lacks most sedans means, except for the last note 2014 Ford Fusion for 2014 is a new option only with summer performance tires rubber.Steering the Fusion isn ‘t perfect but consistent effect and feel that there is not much feedback to develop the wheel and the relationship could be faster, but it feels sportier than the You are going to find other affordable sedans means if you go with the 17-inch treads 50 in the SE series or 45 series 18-inch wheels based on ’16 inch wheels Titanium.The Optional 19-inch at the bottom and the top of the lineup will probably be more committed 2014 Ford Fusion.

2014 Ford Fusion Safety

2014 Ford Fusion for better safety ratings with adequate characteristics of the accident, avoiding available as blind spot monitors.The 2014 Ford Fusion vehicle was brand new last year and some of the latest features security, plus a new 2014 Ford Fusion architecture that reflects latest measures occupant protection is a very safe four-door sedan.Five global star ratings from the federal government more Top Safety Pick + state and safety features such as airbags and standard front knee Bluetooth handsfree combine to give a lot of classifications reassurance.Those ratings incidentally includes very respectable “acceptable” in the new small overlap frontal test is ‘is becoming part of the battery of the Institute for Health tests.That combined with ratings in front and back side of the roof strength tests along the test described separately in the federal 2014 Ford Fusion’ s has earned five stars, including five-star general in the test and four stars for front safety equipment includes side impact.Standard eight airbags as standard knee airbags and active front head restraints Dual Bluetooth hands free calling and interface audio-streaming over the phone and SYNC audio connectivity.A rear view camera is not offered on the base model, but it is a low cost option in 2014 Ford Fusion and the series Titanium increased 8-inch LCD touch screen that is part of the MyFord Touch display.Rear parking sensors are an option in the SE and standard on the Titanium too.And system for inflatable rear seatbelts has offered some of the crossovers of 2014 Ford Fusion is available.

2014 Ford Fusion Release Date

2014 Ford Fusion Release Date

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