2014 Ford Mustang

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2014 Ford Mustang offers some of the best bang for the buck performance car all with a level of sophistication which is surprising considering the sound cheeky and classic look evokes memories or associations nostalgia.Whether care about cars or not Healthy Americans known quantity and a reference pop culture point.And while the Mustang has a continuous lineage during the almost 50 years it was on the market like other reincarnations muscle cars like the Ford Mustang takes 2014 borrow something from the past pony-car through its look and sound.The 2014 Ford Mustang is certainly in these special editions though.Powerful V-8 and a quarter mile sprints are definitely still a lot of their identity and their existence, but in 2014 Ford Mustang has a surprisingly cozy cabin confident handling and a little closer to the true delicacy sports car you probably never expected to find here.

2014 Ford Mustang S everything is a bit surprising, since the Mustang still has a live axle design back.But thanks to a great chassis engineering that you could fool most of the time.As and V models -6 commitment aren t used to be the base model now has a 305-horsepower V-6 that can be converted into 0-60 mph times of about 6.0 seconds, more fuel savings of up to 31 mpg on the highway, if you have the six-speed automatic with SelectShift control.2014 Ford Mustang V-8 Choosing and remove door Mustang in another area entirely.With the 420 horsepower 5.0-liter V-8 has the time clock and the responsiveness overall fit of actions High performance much more expensive and exhaust the appeal to the world with a rich exotic compte.L almost 2014 Ford Mustang precise electric power steering last year reached a multi-mode setting that lets you choose the weighting and For the most part healthy gored to drive on roads with many bends too. You can get versions 2014 Ford Mustang with either powertrain.If want to enjoy the dynamics of the s Mustang coupes are the way to go and you can panoramic glass roof, even geta, but if you want a convertible a useful rear seat usable menu top Mustang has plenty of appeal.Missing alignment this year is competition-ready Boss 302 and higher output 444 horsepower V-8 that has seen her career special two years of coming and going 2014 Ford Mustang.

2014 Ford Mustang Interior

The profile of pony-car classic and retro signs the 2014 Ford Mustang are unmistakable, but there are also modern signal is strong suggestions that lives in the past, but up close it is entirely present.Ford has managed to translate 01:00 classic design for the modern world and throughout models like the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen Beetle that is very cohesive with plenty of modern features that don t hold its appeal back.The 2014 Ford Mustang is instantly recognizable from any angle on the outside to with its unmistakable silhouette and classic coupe stance.The fundamental design dates back to 2005 and later model year gave an extensive renovation recast as something a little thinner more organized and more aggressive in its details.

There are plenty of retro signs and you don t see from 2014 Ford Mustang spent almost all can be added at extra cost all but a fastback body style of the various customization options available you can course.Through easily re-create the look of the Mustang could have led to the high school or university with side vents, side scoops and spoilers tablespoons bell among many others possibilities.Last years the Mustang has a more sloping forward on the grid, while the lower air deflector is a bit thinner and not so awestruck 2014 Ford Mustang models are also distinguished by their large round fog lights in the grill and have functional heat extractors on the hood . Headlamp is a smaller design HID closer detail across the line and two strips of flank lighting and LED headlights are a particularly distinctive note.Taillamps get a look with dark tinted LEDs surrounding the whole affair there is an exit in the dark instead of body color panel taillamps.And between the side panels are now body color.and one new option of night lighting called smart pony projection light you make a horse emblem on the floor next door 2014 Ford Mustang.

2014 Ford Mustang Performance

2014 Ford Mustang is a charming artist with very strong drive train and a surprising level of handling finesse sure looks and sounds like a muscle car or classic Mustang pony car.The certainly lives up to its legacy in the pony-car appearance and design of the V-6 and V-8 engines and rear-wheel drive subsequent design a simple but solid axle is about where the comparisons retro end.There are two main flavors of the 2014 Ford Mustang two back modern overhead-cam engine with variable valve timing and high speed and surprisingly willing to although the V-8 is especially true of the muscle cars sou8nd.2014 Ford Mustang V-6 have a 3.7 liter V-6 making 305 horsepower and 280 foot-pounds of torque.And if you are comparing have the power and torque output 4.6-liter V-8 from not too long ago that you’re right that makes the Mustang feel almost as fast.

The 5.0-liter V-8 2014 Ford Mustang is the way to go for those who crave the most is horsepower.V 420-8 models emit a throaty exhaust note and feels a little abrupt and online exotics.Compared straight V-6 models that re different beast altogether and require more moderation because of the sharp throttle response and the V-8 here right now the weight is transferred pair tend to be a little less fluid also not careful with it. Since both engines make their peak power at 6,500 rpm and its maximum torque at 4,250 rpm high place we recommend strongly that you get the manual transmission although now include a fully manual control with a button + – really shifter to easily thumb through them and no changes or changes descendants forced up into manual mode and manual gear cars, get a two second retention feature sloping boot suitable for 2014 Ford Mustang when uphill.

2014 Ford Mustang Safety

The good crash test ratings continue to 2014 Ford Mustang Convertible one of the safest soft drink market.Muscle pony car affordable cars and sports cars usually don t usually have very good records for safety, but it is also because of the types of issues that attract drivers with cars themselves.The 2014 Ford Mustang is an quite sure whether to drive responsibly and get winter tires first level, if you intend to drive round.In federal-year-NCAP test 2013 Mustang won four-star ratings in general, as well as front and side impact.2014 Ford Mustang Convertible models have scored a good rating from the top of the Insurance Institute Highway Safety for front and rear impact.Coupes next acceptable winning site impact.The next set of security feature is too.Front solid lateral stability control and antilock brakes are included.Option Mustang Bluetooth ready blind controls a rearview camera and rear parking sensors and get more security features a number of mid-size sedans that cost almost as much in 2014 Ford Mustang.


2014 Ford Mustang GT

2014 Ford Mustang GT

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