2014 Ford Taurus

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2014 Ford Taurus continues in his role of luxury and technology flagship of the brand, but remains committed to the lack of headroom in the back seat and legroom.2014 Ford Taurus continues to resonate with buyers who want a comfortable four unserious The heavy doors used to be quite rare and radical design, but it is useful to note that today all 2014 Ford Taurus received a minor update last year and has remained largely to the day with a renewed style infotainment features and some modern updates engine.Those more fuel-efficient base also includes a new design for the front and rear of the car, along with a series changes that improve driving dynamics and fuel boost efficiency.Inside car Ford provided a neat cabin adding MyFord Touch system control panel and some of the technological and safety features usually found in high range of luxury sedan.

2014 Ford Taurus for improved handling and make up the suspension more progressive and reduce the hardness of bumps.The electric power steering is still necessary and provides more direct information systems of many other smaller engine 2014 Ford makers.The Taurus is now 237 horsepower 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder additions last year, but most buyers can still go for the 290-hp 3.5-liter V-6.In both cases engine powers the car through transmission.The standard six-speed automatic Ford low-volume high-performance Taurus  is back for 2014 and Is driven by higher EcoBoost engine a 365-hp turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 comes engine.It series with the optional AWD Taurus SEL and Limited trim with the regular V-6 is not offered in all the four.The is a car that connects viscerally with the driver, but it is capable in corners and remains calm Taurus cabin even when shoved hard.As the flagship model of the Ford line for both technology and luxury features and options list is long and impressive.From contour seats with variable active movement of a heated steering wheel, there are elements of both conventional and comfort surprising.Then list of technology, including high beams automatic rain-sensing wiper system rear view camera and parking feature to help better conclusive similar system offered by the 2014 Ford Taurus.

2014 Ford Taurus Interior

2014 Ford Taurus is clearly a member of the family despite their bluff lines are not as elegant as the most recent has been with us now and is a family profile in the wheelbase is long roads.The the car is wide and has significant overhangs that add up to 203 centimeters in length reinforcing the powerful sedan look.The sculpted character lines and low shoulders strong side and rear profiles are some of the most interesting facets of the five-year-old design.Most find the Taurus and an elegant upgrade to the front fascia grille and the rear brought closer to the current Taurus design themes.The Ford Taurus update makes it look a bit more sporty with the help of lights LED tail and described with some amazing new alloy wheel designs.The Taurus SHO model hot-rod replaces the horizontal bar grille with black mesh durable molded body with a more aggressive lower front air dam which includes substantial.

2014 Ford Taurus to the inside of the front seats comfortable and finishes and high quality materials make the Taurus feels like a luxury coupe more than one passenger sedan.Driver and each has its own defined space separated a wide console.Fit and finish is excellent and even the base model has a look that suggests the quality and attention to detail that justifies price tags that soar above $ 40,000 in high end.Unusually for national carmaker Ford Taurus 2014, told reporters that he had compared the Audi A6 for internal quality setting and new finish.All-pillars wrapped canvas switchgear and other interior touches take the Taurus large sedan well above the price value for money nameplate had collapsed prior to the current generation.The latest updates and keep current while they are actually just nips and the alforzas basic design of the addition of MyFord Touch like it or not remains Taurus 2014 to date information and entertainment as well.

2014 Ford Taurus Performance

2014 Ford Taurus performs competently although a car is not that big and heavy that participation WHEEL.THE behind the 2014 Ford Taurus offers three different engines between the models.The engine is the default 288-hp strength 3.5-liter V-6 combined with high-volume Ford six-speed automatic transmission only option with any engine camshaft engine fact.Variable add to last year increased levels of fuel efficiency and makes the engine more responsive to a wide range of engines speeds.The moves quickly enough and large Taurus is tuned well, so it is rarely far more of an art which need.The accelerator is calibrated sharply and first gear is low, even giving a hint particularly strong in low and medium changers revs.Paddle included in the SEL and Limited version levels are really superfluous in a car that is not likely to turn around the mountain passes this often.From mid last year, Ford offered a turbocharged EcoBoost engine optional 2.0-liter four-cylinder as its champ.This gas mileage rates increases from 23 to 26 EPA combined mpg and offers performance almost as good as the V-6 and less weight boot.The price bump for a four reasonable.At the other end is the 365-hp 3.5-liter V-6 installed in Taurus full with turbocharger and the engine and transmission controllers direct injection.The work in close collaboration to maintain constant power delivery for changes upstream, avoiding the old style turbo lag and the engine surge.The offers a substantial 350 pounds -ft of torque from 1500 rpm all the way up to 5,000 rpm giving acceleration time to 60 mph in the other as fast as five seconds under-range.That is actually better than the hot-rod Chrysler 300C with its V-8 but not as fast as 2014 Ford Taurus.

2014 Ford Taurus Safety

2014 Ford Taurus offers an impressive variety of security options and does well in crash tests it has always had a reputation for safety and good scores in crash tests and the 2014 model continues largely model extension of tradition.It down but Ford added a number of new electronic security systems for the Taurus last year to keep the front of the pack.Software control system called Curve Control monitors vehicle if a driver has entered a curve too quickly or ramp acceleration and back if necessary to keep the car on cruise control line.Adaptive is still mostly in high-end sedans, along with collision warning and brake warning support.Blind-point are proliferating rapidly, but cross traffic alert is less common and monitoring system remains unique MyKey Ford.Both parents and fleet managers value the ability to know what a driver is doing and the case of new drivers the ability to limit radio volume and otherwise placing letters safer driving.The Taurus also has a post-crash alert system called SOS that opens all doors turn the emergency flashers and sounds the horn after any event in which airbags deploy.The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has not yet put the Taurus through its new small overlap frontal crash test that stumble some cars rated well since it was instituted in 2014 Ford Taurus, but it gets the highest rating in all other respects.As by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was rated five out of five stars for frontal General safety and side crash tests and four stars for rollover safety.There’s no reason to think that 2014 would be any guest driver seat different.From the Taurus security loses points for its poor visibility behind Due to the high waistline and low roofline crack as window.The optional rearview rear camera system help in this cost.2014 Ford Taurus

2014 Ford Taurus SEL

2014 Ford Taurus SEL

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