2014 Honda Crosstour

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2014 Honda Crosstour has a clear niche that promises more space than excellent, but not much clean space in his hatch and be.Instead is quite invisible in the market where its hatchback body style is not so on clean as it used to be based or as practical as a real wagon.There’s not much of anything in common between the 2014 Honda Crosstour and this is the loss.In add the Crosstour hatchback is a relative with husky handling.At slower at least at first glance, jokes much more versatility and usefulness Although not a convert to the bomb hatch style ethos that offers some key elements appeal.One crossover is mounted a couple of inches higher the sedan and is about four inches high at all-which makes entering and exiting before easier.In there is plenty of space and headroom as expected, but the subsequent downward slope of the roofline, and the fact that curves inward makes the space of possible problem for drivers higher 2014 Honda Crosstour.

2014 Honda Crosstour to the load situation is disappointing too as the strut towers violate the cargo space that there is not much space between them, although the backrests flip forward.One handy feature is that there is still a large area storage large enough for a laptop bag or briefcase under the cargo floor and the lid can be reversed to a material easy to wipe muddy gear in 2014 Honda Crosstour four-cylinder and V 6 preserves motor and probably will well with the proper exercise of the base 192-horsepower four-and five-speed automatic transmission. 6 V models get new Earth Dreams 3.5-liter V 6 rated at 278 horsepower to and 252 pounds feet of torque connected to a six-speed automatic with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.While sedan has given way to a molded more-tunable front for driving and handling Honda says 2014 Honda Crosstour maintains dual fork design for a long time was a moment of pride for 2014 Honda Crosstour enthusiasts.Handling is helped more by stabilizer bars front and rear, along with a strut tower bar front and your help is hydraulic foot part of electric assistance systems have been introduced by the new economy lineup.Fuel Accord are also generally better for four-cylinder models offer up to 22 mpg city and 31 highway, while the V now stands 6 20 29 wheel drive models mpg All fall 1 or 2 mpg compared to these numbers.

2014 Honda Crosstour Hybrid

2014 Honda Crosstour Hybrid

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