2014 Honda CRV

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2014 Honda CRV is not exactly happy, but the efficiency is stuck on a couple of levels and ultimately brings more features to the struggle of the family car has been one of the best selling compact crossover utility vehicles for many years and it is easy to see why. Is the only openly caters to families with a little more versatility and utility of the space that most models.Essentially’s unchanged for this year, 2014 Honda CRV attracts buyers who require reliability and safety space and put a priority on them through a dazzling style or Honda handling.With get a carefully edited trim levels and options and a single drivetrain with a choice of front or drive.It wheel makes the whole buying process quick and easy to least.With 2014 Honda CRV who was last completely redesigned to have one of the best selling compact crossovers but its interior volume ventures near territory size . That help meet the utility’s title offers more interior space and the ability to transport people and their goods Civic even Accord.It that’s the epitome of versatility and efficiency of compact crossover space 2014 Honda CRV. 2014 Honda CRV in the first place is distributed efficiently and provide the best fit with the folding rear seat of a vehicle in segment.And combined with the amazing comfort and good back seat general.Open ride comfort in one of the rear doors and an arm and slap a leash on a very fluid motion the lower cushion falls forward into the space of the footrest and headrest angles forward from the back seat back flips forward getting almost everything behind the front seat to a position completely flat cargo load is also a snap as the loading height is only 23.6 inches.And front there is a minivan as the selection of cubicles cupholders and cargo trays.That intelligence does not translate into exterior design or rendimiento.Las 2014 Honda CRV is good for a family vehicle, but has evolved exterior design pizazz.Its slightly last year the front and rear upgraded style a bit and the front did remarkably like a flat load car.The got off a few centimeters as the seats opened up more space.Still the net effect of these design changes from the inside out is likely to arise from the outside atmosphere with elegant entrances compromised freedom and space, such as the 2014 Honda CRV.

2014 Honda CRV Interior

2014 Honda CRV Simplicity rules inside, while outside some might find the style a bit too bland new car year after year, in all likelihood now 2014 Honda CRV closely resembles that of a couple of years or maybe five years ago has no profile casual and the arched roofline but has more than they need families because of it.With its last full redesign got what looked like a light evolution spruced up the exterior with front and rear styling.Only when it really comes to details is what you see with the latest round of changes to the roof pillar back slightly slimmed down and got some results steeper.What is a crossover that is the point, but not necessarily pretty.The silhouette is a bit scruffy and bulbous from some angles, but the practicality of it all seems to make sense out inside.In cabin layout that is both attractive and straightforward, yet close to some of the details are revealed well done on a budget or with children and spills in mind.We also appreciate the Honda 2014 Honda CRV continued its campaign to promote interior design in new directions ‘nervous’ do not always work.For example avoids the messy look thick and heavy rider higher and odd asymmetries of the Civic and you will not find the layout confusing models 2014 Honda CRV two levels of the screens here in most models there is a small five-inch trip computer screen and audio with audio controls and temperature controls just under 2014 Honda CRV.

2014 Honda CRV Performance

2014 Honda CRV is secure and hassle while enthusiasm is conspicuous by its absence is a performance that fits your mission.It largely’s perfectly suited for families who have no turbo or 6 V engine.But we noticed that the entire driving experience is a bit lacking in excitement.Nearly any other compact crossover is possible to cross either shop now includes a direct injection engine and six-speed automatic transmission or both but the 2014 Honda CRV is a bit behind the times with its older technology engine and five-speed automatically shouldn ‘t be barriers at all considering that the engine 2.4-liter four-cylinder line remains one of the four legs of this class with good smooth power delivery, even all the way up redline.Shifts are soft and transmission descendants make changes quickly when needed-which is quite common for ratios higher than Honda subbed for the current generation of better fuel economy make the engine a little less comfortable in his upper gears.Sportiness not really part of experience.Handling driving is safe, but a suspension soft tire flanks are high quality cold not to cut up cannon roads.The electric power steering is the only disappointment of expectations is just not as well weighted as other systems and requires little more frequent Adjustments . If you’re counting 2014 Honda CR-V to get you out of a trail or camping will probably be good for the job if the operation is really not too hard to roading.Models discount system called the Real Time AWD are very capable snow roads or even mud covered and the system does not require you to turn the front wheels before sending more power to the rear 2014 Honda CRV.

2014 Honda CRV Safety

2014 Honda CRV receives high marks mostly from the two main agencies small overlap test but leaves room for improvement has long been one of the most compact crossovers evaluated for safety and for 2014 Honda CRV remains so even though there is at least one score that prevents him from being on top of everything respects.The 2014 Honda CRV has obtained the best scores “good” in all tests the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick.But and is not earned Safety Pick award Plus as his score for “marginal” test the new front small overlap is an indication that there is definitely some room for improvement in the test results get better with the Civic as we think it is only time before 2014 Honda CRV see some structural changes to improve the National Traffic Safety Administration prove protection.In the results obtained in five-star general as well as in frontal and side airbags curtain side-impact tests front side airbags and electronic stability are standard across the line, with wide angle mirrors.And side to help you see obstacles or children There is a provision of multi-angle rear view camera that provides three different views 2014 Honda CRV.

2014 Honda CRV Release Date

2014 Honda CRV Release Date

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