2014 Honda CRZ

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2014 Honda CRZ car is the lowest sale through the alignment of the Japanese manufacturer, and never really found his niche.It may be the only hybrid car in the world that is a two-seat hatchback small enough to evaluate the designation of the small subcompact.Regrettably 2014 Honda CRZ is neither fast nor flexible enough to be sporty, but neither are the fuel economy numbers are nothing remarkable.In done before many other great seats 4 : 05 cars.Originally 2014 Honda CRZ was intended to marry the person of inline skating agility and handling of a much-loved modern hybrid fuel efficient powertrain used in the same Honda Insight five-door hatchback hybrid expected to sell in much higher volumes than has.But two cars are disappointed by their smooth and hybrid systems 2014 Honda CRZ in particular ends up being neither meat nor standards today fowl.By is a small car for two people with almost no load space.But your gas mileage and is rated by the EPA at 37 mpg combined fuel efficient model is not all that good. In fact that is walloped by 50 mpg combined rating of the largest, most spacious 2014 Honda CRZ engine is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit that is combined with a 15 kW electric motor 20 horsepower between engine and transmission. Update last year boosted output to 130 horsepower and six-speed manual version is rated at 140 lbs ft torque 2014 Honda CRZ.

2014 Honda CRZ Interior

The 2014 Honda CRZ style signals a new era complete with inside the game is all but unchanged in their room year.It ‘s still a distinctive form of a broad low of inline skates a vehicle with a tailgate in a very short wheelbase with seemingly half its length in front of the steep raked windshield and a high target tail.The was oddly truncated mixing influences from three very different cars Estimated 2014 Honda CRZ two-seat hatchback 1999 2006 Insight Hybrid Insight two-seater coupe and five-door today subcompacte hatchback.The distinctive result is a compromise that incorporates minimum aerodynamic drag and the dictates of modern structures shock of so a 2014 Honda CRZ never had to queue for over a vertical panel of glass to improve rear visibility was an issue both the first and Insight.2014 Honda CRZ has a nose slightly and co including updated headlights tinted blue and co lamps.but differences will not be visible unless you’re a aficionado.Overall presence conveys the car on the road, even if you’re not convinced we could attractive.Inside Call it the dashboard surround has design two level family drivers.Unlike Civic and Insight certain dismal 2014 Honda CRZ interior panel is covered with soft touch materials.As last year there are more storage in the door panels that of time models, but this is absolutely one pack light and leave the rest at home car.Gauges changing between normal driving efficiently and blue green Sport mode red light to re interior.They also be guided educational Drivers to use less fuel by working to keep the screens as green as possible is small enough that you might consider some sort of video game wheel 2014 Honda CRZ.

2014 Honda CRZ Performance

2014 Honda CRZ performs better than most hybrids with a way to rise to the acceleration prefer the six-speed manual is a small two-seat hatchback tossable not exactly a sports car.It ‘s also not completely efficient fuel economy champion is almost the abstract of their problems and trying to be successful in both the road neither.On 2014 Honda CRZ understeer like cornering traction difficult position of front be Hondas.The is low wheelbase is short and at least has more power than the Insight five-door hatchback, the undercarriage shares.So that is fun to drive especially when its brevity and agile nature allow great run heavier vehicles.But is and is not likely to be found testing the limits peri√≥dicamente.Mientras gearbox six-speed manual greatly increases the character of sports car in the price of fuel low efficiency.The version with transmission continuously variable also change palettes that offer simulated changes upstream and downstream of the engine to squeeze more power high speed. 2014 Honda CRZ has decent feedback from your electric assisted but found its firm ride at best and downright hard and Thumpy in rougher roads.The 2014 Honda CRZ powertrain is similar to that used in Honda Civic Hybrid 1.5-liter four single-cylinder engine and a 15 kilowatt electric motor 20 horsepower sandwiched between the engine and transmission.It’s rated at 130 horsepower combined with a torque of 140 lbs ft . Its most interesting feature may be the Sport Plus system, which allows the driver presses a button on the steering wheel S to provide additional torque electric shock for up to 5 seconds if the lithium ion battery has enough charge.Like all mild hybrid system using the 2014 Honda CRZ away from rest in only his power Integrated Motor Assist. The battery power instead turns the electric motor to supplement engine torque and restart the engine when the car is preparing to pass a drivers stop.Few be used voluntarily Also how slow and frustrating no joy once.It delayed to 2014 Honda CRZ acceleration and allows the car loses momentum quickly in the hills, which is somewhere between puzzling and also reduces air unsafe.It output.At the other end of the scale is Sport mode that takes 2014 Honda CRZ closer to sports car that looks like.

2014 Honda CRZ Safety

2014 Honda CRZ Rear visibility is atrocious and the results of crash safety tests are not the highest either The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded its 2014 Honda CRZ highest rating of Good for frontal offset and side impact crash tests, as well as institute strength.The ceiling qualified as the previous model only as acceptable to force rooftop Honda modified the car to improve its score.Due their few sales has not rated the 2014 Honda CRZ in his new small overlap crash test.The 2014 Honda CRZ gets a four-star overall safety rating from the National Road Safety Administration a star under most level.It has four stars for frontal impacts and five stars for rollover, but only three for the 2011 model next impact.Again models scored even lower and later, were increased and re tested.Perhaps obvious security flaw of the car is terrible lack of visibility to the outside in the small Honda rear.While can fit in the parking space or something to get in the process won ‘ t be any fun.The 2014 Honda CRZ roof pillars are thick its rear window is tiny and the bar that connects the double slit windows and the back door of one of the other splits long but almost horizontal and vertical short of scene in the rearview mirror rear vision means in half.That quarter is almost nonexistent and there is no good angle to show the driver what’s behind and beside the hill car.We do but appreciate the help feature. It keeps the brakes engaged in manual transmission cars when they stopped in a fit slope.Honda 6 airbags for dual side front of the car seats two curtain bags, in addition to active headrests seats.And has the usual suite of electronic security systems, including anti-lock brakes electronic stability control and tire pressure sensor warning 2014 Honda CRZ.

2014 Honda CR-Z EX Manual

2014 Honda CR-Z EX Manual

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