2015 Honda Crosstour

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2015 Honda Crosstour missed by many past generations and this is very bad it is a vehicle with crossover Tweener a way that is less practical hatchback wagon or a crusade replete with a style that does not share 2015 Honda Crosstour have sedan lines. Its main selling point plus a bit more cargo space AWD is offered while all 2015 Honda Crosstour four-door front wheel settle drive.When 2015 Honda Crosstour first hit showrooms it was actually called the Accord Crosstour. This made ​​sense since it is based on the Accord sedan sold at the time. Since then it has dropped the name Honda Crosstour 2015 while the agreement itself has moved to a new generation leaving behind the Crosstour as something of an orphan. So it’s no more than a hoarse Accord on with a 2015 Honda Crosstour slower handling.

2015 Honda Crosstour Interior

2015 Honda Crosstour very well at first sight mocks much more utility and versatility Although not a convert to pump-up hatch-style ethos provides some key elements of crossover appeal. One is mounted a few inches higher than the sedan and 2015 Honda Crosstour is about four inches high fully-making entering and exiting easier. In front there is plenty of space and headroom as you might expect but in the back of the downward slope of the roofline and the fact that curves inward ago the space of a potential problem for drivers higher. The load situation is disappointing too as the strut towers breach in the space behind the rear seats although it backs flip forward. A very useful feature is a large storage area under the cargo floor carpeting large enough for a laptop bag or briefcase. The cover can also reverse to a material easy to clean muddy gear for 2015 Honda Crosstour.

2015 Honda Crosstour Performance

2015 Honda Crosstour offers a choice of four-cylinder or V-6 engine. Most will be fine with the proper exercise of the base 192-horsepower four-and five-speed automatic transmission. V-6 models get the new Honda Earth Dreams 3.5-liter V-6 capable of 278 horsepower and 252 foot-pounds of torque connected to a six-speed automatic with shift paddles mounted on the steering wheel. While the Accord sedan has given way to a more tunable front-strut arrangement for driving and handling the 2015 Honda Crosstour holds dual fork design for a long time was a source of pride for enthusiasts of Honda. Handling is further helped by stabilizer bars front and rear strut bar along with a main tower and your help is hydro-standing part of the systems that have been introduced across the line 2015 Honda Crosstour and large most other electric-assist models of Honda. Those who want all-wheel will shell out for the V-6 model top-of-the-line. Fuel economy is also less than an Accord sedan but is decent compared to the real Boxi crossovers. Four-cylinder models are rated by the EPA at 22 mpg in city and 31 on the highway while front-drive V-6 now gets 20 30 mpg ratings. -Only V-6 all-wheel drive models are not far behind with scores of 19 28 mpg 2015 Honda Crosstour.

2015 Honda Crosstour Safety

2015 Honda Crosstour drives like a version especially heavy a little higher and less agile weighs about 300 to 500 kilos at all levels a comparable 2015 Honda Crosstour with or without this knowledge you will be amazed discovering that feeling is simply lack of flexibility here especially at low speeds. NHTSA described the Crosstour only rollover in his essays giving it four stars of five. The IIHS gives you a rating good on the available evidence – was not subject to the new test on a small overlap. Its feature set includes Lane Departure Warning safety available LDW and Forward Collision Warning FCW . It also offers screen LaneWatch blind spot for Honda which shows a wide-angle side view passenger side of the vehicle when activated right turn signal. 2015 Honda Crosstour comes standard with automatic climate control with filtration Bluetooth connectivity USB audio interface steering wheel-mounted controls and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. The top shelf 2015 Honda Crosstour models add automatic climate control dual zone seats leather upholstery heated steering wheel and shifter knob leather-wrapped with 2015 Honda Crosstour link capacity Aha Pandora radio and capacity Internet. The system also Pandora wheel interface and SMS text message function for voice-text Android and BlackBerry only with pre-programmed in responses. The V-6 is available in every trim level while the AWD can only be found in the six-cylinder 2015 Honda Crosstour models.

2015 Honda Crosstour Image

2015 Honda Crosstour Image

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