2014 Infiniti FX

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The 2014 Infiniti FX has seen very few major changes over the years to and while there is definitely talk about in upcoming redesign, the upgrades are the likely to be minor in scope. At the Motor Werks Infiniti, your Chicagoland Infiniti dealerwith to  we’ve been keeping tabs on all of the upcoming changes to the Infiniti line-up, and  to while the news on the new FX is sketchy to there are a few things we feel are fairly Certain we can look forward to in the 2014 model.

All of its unique styling, snappy performance to and cutting edge technology are expected to carry over into the 2014 edition of Infiniti FX. This sporty crossover is the reportedly due to receive a refresh to the Although at this point no earth-shaking changes have been announced.

One change we’re Certain of right off the top is a new name. Infiniti to has announced a new naming scheme for Their Entire line of vehicles to with the Q designation being applied to all of Their coupes and sedans to and QX for crossovers and SUVs. The 2014 FX will then be known as the QX70.

A top-selling luxury performance crossover, the 2014 Infiniti QX70 has a very distinctive to rugged yet sporty exterior design. As it is immediately recognizable we do not expect there to be a total makeover. Should there be some tweaks here and there with most likely to the grille to along with the addition of standard adaptive headlights.

Vast array of convenience and high-tech features, Which include standard Bluetooth hands-free audio and a USB port, may include features thatwere previous only available as optional equipment. All in all, the 2014 Infiniti QX70 will retain its iconic style and luxurious interior, while the two available engines: a 3.7L V6 and 5.0L V8 are expected to be refined and enhanced with Further expected to boost in output for the V6 .

Fuel economy for the 2014 Infiniti FX is rated at a rather weak 17 mpg city/24 mpg highway to the AWD model is rated even lower at 16/22 mpg. The V8-powered FX50 AWD earns 14/20 mpg. Both to the models recommend but do not require premium fuel.

If you’re lucky enough to test drive on 2014 Infiniti FXon a winding mountain road with you’ll learn all you need to know about why this is the driving enthusiast’s luxury SUV. The FX’s well of the balanced chassis to the tight turning radius and wide stance allow it to round curves did would have other SUVs teetering on Their sidewalls. The 7-speed automatic is paddle shifters and rev matching automated work wonders, Allowing us to circumvent with the automatic is computer-controlled modules did Seems sometimes slow to downshift.

2014 Infiniti FX Redesign

2014 Infiniti FX Redesign

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