2014 Kia ​​Rio

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2014 Kia ​​Rio has its difficult in a class of efficient subcompact Smart and pulls ahead of the rest if the value and style are top priorities.The 2014 Kia ​​Rio might be another face in a sea of ​​small cars, but it has some qualities that elevate above the fray-goodness outside powertrain.If a perfect spot inside a nice clean and efficient we had to choose one reason why we are willing going to the river compared to other economically priced small cars that style is agile insurance outside.For the five-door hatchback has more swagger than the four-door sedan, but sedan family in their space and sub compacte something.As saying that good as it gets outside of 2014 Kia ​​Rio s interior looks even better: some details of the best looking backward to their econoboxes toggle switches for temperature control, but it is all but the best in form and function with some versions, including a large touchscreen LCD.

2014 Kia ​​Rio for the 1.6-liter 138-horsepower in-line four-cylinder direct injection which actually is the same engine that powers the similar barely enough revolutions gusto.It gently its power band and is mostly mute and find either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic also be a good way to control the power reaches the river is very integrated wheels.Overall when handled well maintained or the engine may be deliver.2014 Kia ​​Rio handles very well for a small hatchback with a low cost basic pillar and torsion bar suspension and a short wheelbase.The interior is a little stronger in the space other subcompact, but the settings and materials nice and reasonably good refinement of the cabin to keep happier than the other choices.2014 Kia ​​Rio For numbers River sports a 101.2-inch wheelbase has a total length of about 160 inches and offers a cargo area of ​​15 cubic feet or 13.7 cubic feet in the trunk of the sedan models. Good front seats with relatively long lower cushions and pillows to class travel seat long enough should help bring comfort to sport commute.The Rio SX models get more strengthening seat and is mild enough here, where no one is really going to oppose the addition. At the rear is definitely more confining than the Honda Fit and the Versa Note even with the front seats near the back of your journey to a medium-to-high driver won t have any back knee or foot space with space in the back and the head is narrow in the 2014 Kia ​​Rio.

2014 Kia ​​Rio Interior

2014 Kia ​​Rio will hook to your outdoor theme then remained satisfied with a well coordinated cabin.The Rio 2014 clearly draws its design inspiration from the arrival of design director Peter Schreyer’s trademark ago years Kia has pulled the forms bubbles bland and generic look of previous models and move the car very sharp provided that collectively are influenced by everything that is good in Continent.The Rio is a great example of that still the five-door hatchback stands out as a pure best design that well designed body style five door.For contrasting polished grill headlights and swept back completely rounded lines called hot-hatch classic without being carried away also. In a change of attitude of the brand s recent history is clean and very happy interesting.As visual sedan that sa bit high and proportionally challenged as you can imagine for a subcompacte, but does a job of work to do so in such a short space.Inside 2014 Kia ​​Rio does well in most ways.The cabin is well finished script hashes together with Econobox chic toggle switches type aircraft, but is refreshing and honest sports distinctive in contrast interiors of small cars that are carefully mimic panels or large sedan soft touch LCD midsize luxury cabins.A in most settings and easily add a contrasting finish look which combines 2014 Kia ​​Rio.

2014 Kia ​​Rio Performance

P2014 Kia ​​Rio but the engine and transmission are smooth and refined is by no means slow or desmenjat but doesn t push the envelope as far as performance outside suggests.The 138-horsepower 1.6-liter Euro- Subject in direct line-injection four-cylinder engine that is actually the same engine that powers similar Hyundai Accent River with lots of revolutions gusto.It smoothly to its power band and is mostly silenced and find either six-speed manual or six-speed automatic was also a good way to control the power reaches ruedas.Las no automatic ways to change gears but their performance is well spaced.However a transmission ll contended with relatively slow acceleration time of about ten seconds at 60 mph. Overall, the 2014 Kia ​​Rio is integrated very well when handled or maintained by the engine can be deliver.There s nothing gay Scrabble Sonic isn t if the steering well weighted and communicative than the but the handles very well for a small hatchback with a low cost basic strut suspension and torsion bar and a short wheelbase.Sportier mainly on appearance models 2014 Kia ​​Rio does not add a little more weight direction and are perhaps a little more difficult to ride because of the tires and wheels.For for the most part otherwise 2014 Kia ​​Rio rides comfortably without swinging aspects rough bouncy ride quality small car.

2014 Kia ​​Rio Safety

2014 Kia ​​Rio reasonably good safety ratings and a  camera and Bluetooth are among the options in the eyes of half-full-of-the-road safety compared to other models in this class considering the qualifications of crash tests that are given and their level dual front and side curtain airbags are standard equipment.The common standards such as anti lock brakes and stability control, as well as the assist.Bluetooth boot earrings feature that is available and recommended for safer rear view camera option driving.A is also recommended as the five-door Rio has some notable blind spots in the rear Administration National Security Traffic pillars.In tests River has earned a four-star rating for overall with four and five star front and side impact tests, respectively. And while the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety delivered results in most of the categories of evidence, including the small overlap frontal impact new ordeal that given its good rating higher the for frontal impact test included some caution notes.During federal side-impact tests indicate intrusion left the back door when the inner door panel struck the torso of the rear passenger dummy a level which could have resulted in injuries to chest 2014 Kia ​​Rio.

2014 Kia Rio Hatchback

2014 Kia Rio Hatchback

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