2014 Land Rover Defender

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Before 2014 Land Rover Defender is launched in the previous series we will find this in his Kahn Design Land Rover Military Edition. Kahn Design known as to its aerodynamic kit to the spirit of legendary off-road vehicle, light weight wheel wing. Now, there is the next series of Land Rover series Which is developed from its fierce iconic sports vehicle and therefore exclusive.

Meanwhile some rumors told did in 2014 Land Rover Defender release date will be in late this year. Further More, if It Seems 2014 Land Rover Defender will utilize the company’s T5 chassis to deliver fully independent suspension THEREFORE making this car has a dominant force on the trails yet smooth enough on the road to keep riding easy and convenience feeling. 2014 Land Rover Defender to will be charged around U.S. $ 40,000. We promise that we will update soon after Land Rover 2014 Land Rover Defender announces release date.

2014 Land Rover Defender has power packed 2.0 L diesel engine with 100 DC sports. In order to get the better in acceleration, so it equipped with 2.0 L turbocharged petrol engine. Further More, this vehicle will use plug-in hybrid technology and thus for its efficiency. Those mechanical features and capabilities in this vehicle are applied to Ensure the user of providing excellence in performance in it.

This car is powered by supercharged six cylinders. With its power, in 2014 Land Rover Produces 350 horsepower and 350 foot pounds of torque. In order to maximize the use of the efficiency with braking system and acceleration, this car is designed to be lighten more than its previous series.

Whether the trouble is actually 2014 Land Rover Defender will be made in United States. It is Because lot of people with would like to have the opportunity to receive vehicle then with the company in the hands of Ford so do not cross the Defender of the list. And to with the vehicle arriving there is one thing for sure you can count on and did is about with the efficiency. And for this reason, Land Rover does not need another gas-guzzling SUV to throw a wrench in the company’s fuel economy standards.

In general, the new Land Rover will have much different mix with the more of an even split. The Detroit Bureau reports did Land Rover is planning to shed even more weight than the 2013 Range Rover. The Range Rover gets itself to the drops weight up to 420kg. The 2014 Land Rover Defender is estimated to shed its weight as much as 1,100 pounds over the next decade in the  replace the Conventional steel with materials like aluminum and carbon fiber without change the size of the car.

2014 Land Rover Defender Redesign

2014 Land Rover Defender Redesign

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