2014 Lexus CT 200h

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2014 Lexus CT 200h is still the only hybrid luxury compact hatchback that sa lot more fun to drive than you might imagine.The CT 200h 2014 Lexus continues in its fourth year as the less expensive model and model small offers luxury brand of Toyota s. It is both his and his only hachback only compact car also remains the only luxury hybrid compact hatchback offered for sale as it was in 2014 Lexus CT 200h has a handful of minor changes this year, including a new grid and some interior tweaks and while never sold in large volume that is considered fairly successful in the mission lineup.Its Lexus is offering a fun car to drive with a nice character to younger buyers who haven t considered before a Lexus . They may be buyers of Prius seeking a little more luxury or traditional luxury buyers who have decided they can downsize.Either way crossover that not only dominates the segment of mid-size luxury crossover, but it serves as pillars of the brand is the 2014 Lexus CT 200h is small in supported by a long list of standard features and available new grille and front fascia give the 2014 Lexus CT 200h is in a front aspect more closely aligned with the latest models in Lexus lineup.The design begins with the way the spindle grille and includes redesigned front and rear fascias and a new design 17-inch alloy wheels.There are a series of small changes in the details, including a fin Shark ceiling mounted LED bulbs to replace the older style aerial license lamps.Otherwise the form of the compact hatchback remains the same: a body down a bit aggressive and slab face with a long flat roof ending in a spoiler alloy wheels standard and the right amount of chrome to shine and stand out from the drab economy cars of the same size and style 2014 Lexus CT 200h body.

2014 Lexus CT 200h Interior

2014 Lexus CT 200h is no longer attractive if that surprisingly thick and luxurious interior has new style front grille with the latest spindle-shaped opening to replace a fairly simple model biochemistry or ultrasound before most 2014 Lexus CT 200h improvements made has to do with both exterior and interior design, recently added features.In In addition to the grid, both covered with plastic bumpers and front and rear fascias have been redesigned and 17-inch alloy wheels are a new design as well.The trailing edge of the roof now has a radio shark fin aerial and light bulbs are now LED license notice anyone The updates have been applied to the same low-lying slab hatchback with thick pillars on one side of the roof that was on sale for the 2014 Lexus CT 200h model is shaped design combines flowing gently curved lines language, including L-finesse gently arched pillars and a rear window with rear door upturned almost aggressive looks unusual shape.The surround that extends to the rear pillars and a large roof spoiler extends from the tailgate.The on short conical taillights give a thin form completely and you have been good, but doesn t seem so sporty today as it did when it was launched.Inside digital displays on the screen of the control panel is ‘have not updated his new wheel and several minor details have changed.Two examples: the wear plates are now metal rather than plastic, along with several new treatments for color trim and two-tone combinations in upholstery.Stylish interior equipment are more adventurous than any other Lexus model triggered by bamboo or ash burl wood trim in black or silver metal decorated 2014 Lexus CT 200h.

2014 Lexus CT 200h Performance

Although not as sporty as its looks 2014 Lexus CT 200h is fun to drive and offers a high fuel economy.The 2014 Lexus CT 200h real world haven t yet changed.The luxury hybrid hatchback takes its power train Toyota Prius, but around a completely different type of vehicle and melodies that much more rewarding than any Prius 2014 Lexus CT 200h combines model.The 2014 notes sporty with fuel efficiency and while it could be a mixture frustrating thinking actually works better than you might expect 98 horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder hybrid system is mated two engines Synergy Drive for a total power of 134 horsepower.Under cover behind a nickel-metal-hydride battery stores 1.4 kilowatt-hours of energy from regenerative braking and engine and returns when necessary add the twist engine.Under light loads and lower speeds to the electric motor can propel the car alone until about 25 mph a change so that the car stays in electric-only up until the battery gently depleted.Driven 2014 Lexus CT 200h is neither energy nor sporty.But if you can ignore the roar of the engine when delivering maximum power and little disapproval Eco gauge in the car has significantly peppier.Switch Sport mode which reprograms the acceleration power delivery performance and other hybrid control systems for power delivery and more aggressive becomes more fun yet.Even down only part throttle in Sport mode gives full support and best of all electrical indicator lit blue wing becomes a red handle and mount tachometer.The retune together make 2014 Lexus CT 200h feels more fun than its 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds would indicate.

2014 Lexus CT 200h Safety

With a good score on your side security 2014 Lexus CT 200h also offers a long list of standard and optional safety systems.The 2014 Lexus CT 200h does well in safety with a comprehensive list of active and passive safety features and high scores in crash tests. Standard safety features include stability control anti-lock brakes and Brake Assist standard eight airbags, including knee bags for both front occupants. A security system pre-collision is an option.The 2014 Lexus CT 200h has never rated for crash safety by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probably due to their low sales volume.So qualifications ‘Insurance Institute for Highway Safety are the only ones who have to go on.For 2014 Lexus CT 200h is no longer considered a Top Safety Pick as it had been for several years before, because the Tried the new and tougher front small overlap test.It Shock wins the s highest rating of Good in all four categories Moderate Overlap front-side impact and roof strength headrest and 2014 Lexus CT 200h Seats.The offers good view from the front, even for shorter drivers.To view our surprise back was good despite the thick roof pillars and back lens very shallow almost slit at the back door.

2014 Lexus CT 200H Hybrid

2014 Lexus CT 200H Hybrid

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