2014 Lincoln MKT

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The 2014 Lincoln MKT is provocative undeniable charm large cockpit features a fantastic infotainment and power EcoBoost paddle shifted but you have to buy the look is so bold in its style and strange to see the streets can draw some eyes but not for the reasons always welcomed by large crossover utility vehicle drivers.The for seven passengers have a look arrogant and polarizing arguably is let MKT stand out from the crowd with wet form almost minivans. We’ll also admit that I am fan of the look some of us at least especially since the recent remake the left with a grill and thinner are happy headlamps.We Lincoln has changed many things about the 2014 Lincoln MKT is stresses in shamelessly love is like the martini at the time of Lincoln land yachts of the 1960s although it is essentially the same vehicle that vaguely square The only disappointing aspect of the design is relatively unfinished tail and the tail lights and thin film badges.While the design theme of the interior remains the same so here nothing retro modern Lincoln has renewed and new materials and ornaments of information and entertainment and Healthy force March altogether.The extensive makeover matte metallic material has been replaced by a more dark Infotainment MyFord Touch and capacitive audio and climate controls 2014 Lincoln MKT and other products recently rewritten as the subtitling are new as well as a group that can display somewhere reconfigurable MyFord Touch navigation instructions as shown on the right before the driver.Just as in the past is closely coordinated detail standpoint 2014 Lincoln MKT.

2014 Lincoln MKT performance

2014 Lincoln MKT is offered ways.You may have front-wheel drive and a V-6 engine or all-wheel drive is a 3.7-liter turbo 3.5-liter V-6.Neither leave you wanting years Sixty-era V-8 Lincoln past.Models the 3.7-liter six that used to be the quieter of the two but this year they get double independent variable camshaft timing Ti-VCT raise production 303 hp 35 hp more than last year and 278 in-lbs feet.Based we have experienced this engine in other vehicles as it feels almost identical surprisingly strong through a six-speed automatic . boosted all-wheel-drive 2014 Lincoln MKT models are now 365 horsepower and 350 foot-pounds of torque through the six-speed automatic.This is having their power delivery is strong and smooth with a touch of refined Currently pleasantly engine noise.You can select your own gears with steering wheel paddle shifters even automatic transmission tends to pick the right team quickly and if you think smoothly.And palettes change are unrealistic in a large cross 2014 Lincoln MKT as you may be surprised with the mechanics virtually identical to this one of the best large crosses along bustle backroads.It his beefy linebacker but still capable suspension can handle a lot of games abrupt but some corners are too small for a car so long 2014 Lincoln MKT.

2014 Lincoln MKT Safety

2014 Lincoln MKT also has qualified for the occupant protection and is now charged with almost every conceivable safety features including some new and innovative items.Each 2014 Lincoln MKT has standard front air bags curtain stretching across three rows of protection and stability traction control antilock brakes camera rear view of a blind spot warning system and adaptive headlamps.Also in the list rear inflatable seat belt system that helps the force of impact over a wider dissemination area.In In addition to these options include Active Park Assist uses sensors and cameras and electric power steering to operate the vehicle in close parallel parking Keeping Assist spots.Lane collision warning a blind spot information system and adaptive cruise control are all available as well as system that allows the vehicle configuration program for parents teenage drivers. The Insurance Institute to for Highway Safety gave the 2014 Lincoln MKT their best good scores in all areas and it also has stability control award.The earns Top Safety Pick federal government hasn t described as several years as it rejiggered its evidence for the model year but before that was a big winner in these tests and 2014 Lincoln MKT

2014 Lincoln MKT has undeniable charm provocative a great big cabin infotainment features and power shifted row EcoBoost But you should buy the look is so bold style strange sound and saw the street – can be Draw a star but not for the reasons always welcomed by large crossover for seven passengers drivers.The have a vehicle appearance and polarization Brash could say that let the MKT stand in a crowd almost as minivans.Also-soaked us admit to being fans of the look Some of you at least recently because redo all left with a grill and thinner headlamps.We’re happy hasn t changed many things Lincoln 2014 Lincoln MKT on the stands as if he is unabashedly in love with the martini-era Lincoln land yachts but is essentially the same car the unique aspects Boxy even vaguely disappointing aspect of the design is relatively no STI ended tail and thin ribbon tail lights and badges.While the design theme of the interior remains the same so here it modern retro Lincoln would have all new materials and moldings and Renewal information and entertainment it sa quite extensive renovation Sea altogether.The of metallic material has been replaced by dark matte look with MyFord Touch Capacitive audio infotainment and climate controls – like 2014 Lincoln MKT recently reworked Other products like the new is also subbed in a reconfigurable cluster Somewhere That may show MyFord Touch navigation and shows signs right in front of driver to Just as in the past is closely coordinated details standpoint 2014 Lincoln MKT.

2014 Lincoln MKT MPG

2014 Lincoln MKT MPG

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