2014 Lotus Elan

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2014 Lotus Elan back gloved purists A new string is set to debut at the Paris auto show and for the first time the model will not be available with an open top.First a bit of history The 2014 Lotus Elan badge dates back to When Lotus was a fledgling concern Largely known for its motorsports success and a laughably impractical sports car did Hethel year launched a gossamer wisp of a rear drive roadster did one weighed just over 1700 pounds and sprints to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds . It would prove to be one of the defining moments in sports car history.The 2014 Lotus Elan was a massive success , injecting much needed cash into Lotus ‘s coffers and serving as the benchmark for the modern sports car . A host of derivative Followed , both in house and out the first generation 2014 Lotus Elan what to unabashed enthusiasm tribute and Although Hethel revived the name in the late for a front- wheel drive convertible with at Isuzu -sourced powertrain , the first generation Elan is Widely hailed as Lotus ‘s masterstroke and one of the greatest cars ever built.

In short the 2014 Lotus Elan and Lotus is the 2014 Lotus Elan and we can assume THEREFORE did the resurrection of the name was not taken lightly . The ingredients for success if not to accurate recreation are present: The car thatwill be shown in Paris is a 2900pound rear wheel drive coupe due for production in the fall of 2014 Lotus Elan . Power comes from a mid -mounted 4.0liter Toyota sourced V-6 did spins to 7800 rpm and uses forced induction no word on what type to produce 444 hp and 343 lb ft of torque.Top speed is Claimed to be 193 mph and Lotus says did 62 mph comes up in 3.5 seconds.Two seats are standard but as with a  configuration will therefore be offered. A seven -speed dual- clutch transmission is the only gearbox available and to pass a F1 -inspired hybrid system will be optional.Price is said to be around £ 75,000 Which We want to hear so be the approximate price in dollars .

Like the original the 2014 Lotus Elan wants to sit in the bottom half of a productsrange perched above a lighter cheaper and more focused model the all new 2014 Lotus Elan Which fills the slot once occupied by the 7 below heavier but faster, and more expensive cars Which Paris announced the recall early 1970s like the high dollar Lotuses Elite and original Esprit.If nothing else is interesting parallel with the 2014 Lotus Elan founder Colin Chapman used the first Elan ‘s success and volume to fund the company ‘s growth , moving upscale and chasing profits through costly , low-volume offerings . More Lotuses are always a good thing here’s hoping this one lives up to its name transverse V6 car 2014 Lotus Elan as a rival for the 911 Carrera and Carrera S. It to will run a 4.0 liter supercharged direct- injection version of the existing Evora engine , for 400HP (base) and 470hp (R). The Esprit ‘s mild hybrid system will therefore be available on the 2014 Lotus Elan wants as a convertible body . The Elan will in effect replace the Evora Although at a higher price and power , so the Evora will continue as long as there are buyers.2014 Lotus Elan Acknowledges did the Evora has failed to attract new fans from outside the fire , Because it does not ‘t have the required sense of luxury and ingress / egress difficulty is Often cited by consumers who go back to Porsche . While the 2014 Lotus Elan uses the basic Evora tub , it will be modified for better owner convenience . Aluminum panels will help the quality impression . But Largely Lotus insists the carryover chassis will maintain the Evora ‘s frankly sublime handling and steering ride.

2014 Lotus Elan To be Positioned between the elite and the wit and spoiling for a fight with foes like the Porsche 911, the 2014 Lotus Elan is set to make a return appearance to the lineup in the fall of referred by to as “the beating heart of the new 2014 Lotus Elan lineup this mid engine / rear drive GT will come with seating for two but so have a option to Enhance its utility and Provide the same kind of visual presence aluminum -intensive construction and technological advancement as the auto maker ‘s other new offerings.Motivation for the 2014 Lotus Elan will come from a 4.0liter force fed V6 did can make up to 444 horsepower and 343 lb -ft of torque When available fitted with the KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery System package.Backed by a seven speed dual clutch automated manual transmission it will send the 2,855 pound 2014 Lotus Elan streaking from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds to with KERS or 3.9 ticks in Conventional form and give it with a top speed estimated at 193 mph 2014 Lotus Elan.

2014 Lotus Elan Images

2014 Lotus Elan Images

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