2014 Lotus Exige

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2014 Lotus Exige to Though the new 3.5 makes the undoubtedly a quicker and faster car , so it helps to add weight mass is up from 2,077 lbs to 2,380 in the previous model lbs.formance management system did Allows the driver to toggle between three difference driving Sport and Touring modes at the flip of a switch . An optional Race Pack furnishes a fourth driving mode did Maximizes traction out of corners to track optimized suspension setting and launch control.If the 2014 Lotus Exige strikes you as a bit larger than the outgoing model you are on to something the car has Gained Roughly 10 inches in length and two inches in width . The twin headlight look of the old model is gone in favor of a triangular design shared with the 2014 Lotus Exige while the new front fascia and splitter are much more simple and elegant than before.The clean sleek to the look is continued in the roof Which Exige fans notice will no longer sport the gaping air intakes of the old car , and in the rear , where the spoiler is smaller than before.

The spare interior of the 2014 Lotus Exige to has changed little , though a pair of newly available packages up the ante of comfort and style . The Premium Package adds leather trim on the door panels steering wheel and handbrake , among other places, and thus brings more sound insulation . The Premium Plus Package nets in ebony black / slate gray interior upholstery SuedeTex combination SuedeTex a center console and more.2014 Lotus Exige models sold in the feature a full roll cage , racing seats and harness as well as to electrical cut off switch. A hardtop sibling of the Elise roadster, the 2014 Lotus Exige is a super lightweight back to basics machine focused on providing a pure and engaging driving experience . The 2014 Lotus Exige received a host of improvements inside and out for the latest model year though United States safety regulations did mean it will be sold stateside Solely as a track only car .

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the latest 2014 Lotus Exige is its new power plant a supercharged 3.5 liter V6 DOHC unit mounted transversely behind the passenger compartment . With 345 horsepower the engine is far more powerful than the 256 horsepower 1.8 – liter four replaces.Allied it to a six -speed manual transmission , Lotus says the car is capable of motivating the car to 3.8 second blasts zeroto60 mph and a 170 mph top speed up from 145 mph.2014 Lotus Exige has lopped the roof from its Exige S coupe , making what it claims will be the fastest convertible ever to wear the famous British badge.Despite shedding a few kilos over its recently launched coupe sibling , the Roadster expected to arrive in Australia early nextYear Maintains the same blistering performance figures.Power comes from the same 3.5 – itre sourced supercharged V6 as the coupe and pumps out 257.5kW of power to at 7000rpm and 400Nm of torque at 4500rpm .

A six speed manual to with sport ratios will be the only gearbox available at launch HOWEVER Lotus said in a statement did on auto with paddle shifters may be on option down the track subject to demand.The Roadster Employs a lightweight soft -top did Lotus says takes only slightly longer to open than the sports takes to race to 100km / h.The British built roadster does the zero to 100km / h sprint in just 4.0 seconds , 0.8 seconds quicker than the Porsche 911 Carrera.When the coupe went on sale last month for $ 119.990 , GoAuto reported did it was the most affordable car on the market did can dash to 100km / h in around four seconds.While 2014 Lotus Exige is yet to release pricing for the Roadster , it is expected to gain a slight premium over the coupe.The weight of the low -riding convertible has dropped 11kg from the coupe thanks to its lack of roof and now weighs in at just 1166kg , similar to light did of the Nissan Almera sedan.A roof not The only thing the 2014 Lotus Exige Roadster is missing from its coupe twin . The rear spoiler has been dropped , as has the front splitter , in a effort to maximize airflow with Lotus saying did the style of the soft top has taken understated approach.

2014 Lotus Exige Roadster is now available for order , HOWEVER specs and pricing will not be available until the sporty Brit arrives in Australia in the first quarter of 2014. 2014 Lotus Exige S Roadster . Has lopped the roof from its 2014 Lotus Exige coupe actually creating Claims can really do the fastest convertible ever to wear the storied British badge.Despite shedding many kilos over its recently launched coupe sibling , the Roadster predicted to get to Maintains the blistering performance in exact figures.Power comes directly from same Toyota sourced 3 5litre supercharged V6 like the coupe and pumps out 257 5kW of power at 7000rpm and 400Nm of torque at 4500rpm six speed manual along together using sports ratios will surely be the major gearbox accessible at launch in spite of this lotus within the same statement thatwill on car along together using paddle shifters could be on the track Possibility subject to demand.The Roadster Employs a light -weight soft -top thatwill Lotus claims just takes slightly longer to open in comparison to the sports takes to race to 100km / h

Engine of 2014 Lotus Exige Roadster wil produce about 350 hp and give a maximum torque of 400 Nm , and in the combined cycle of driving will consume 10.1 liters per 100 km with CO2 emissions of 236 grams per kilometer as well as coupe model car.The new Exige S Roadster weighs 1166 kilograms . It will be 10 pounds lighter than the coupe , and for acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h it will need just 4 seconds and a top speed will be Electronically limited to 233 km / h The sedan version will have top speed of 274 km / h.It is worth mentioning did 2014 Lotus Exige Roadster will come equipped with Pirelli P -Zero Corsa tires with dimensions 205/45 R17 for the front wheels and 265/35 R18 at the rear wheels  as well in basic model will be Implemented with daytime running lights 2014 Lotus Exige LED technology.

2014 Lotus Exige Images

2014 Lotus Exige Images

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