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2014 Maserati Quattroporte Both eminently lovable and deeply flawed the load behaved like an Italian sports car tormented by its four door body . 2014 Maserati Quattroporte bastard child with its 2014 Maserati Quattroporte subsidiary it was a thrilling and capable machine destined never to wear the black seal equine Because it was born with the defect pursang every sports car showroom shuns quattroporte.A personality crisis on wheels to at least it had a personality in a segment full of luxury sedans Often short on it.HOWEVER 2014 Maserati Quattroporte is changing Ambitious plans are afoot to grow the trident brand from a small batch carmaker into a full line luxury car manufacturer . In the next three years Maserati will add to its 2014 lineup the redesigned Maserati Quattroporte 2014 Maserati Quattroporte a new mid size sedan and SUV on.

2014 Maserati Quattroporte old fewer than 6,300 cars worldwide load year.With a new Turin factory churning out a more complete catalog it hopes to move 50,000 cars in 2015. To accomplish to that the reborn Maserati to must be seen not as Merely Ferrari’s dollar menu , but as a viable alternative to the German competition.This Particular Italian renaissance begins this summer with the sixth generation 2014 Maserati Quattroporte than its predecessor in size up the measures to the current Audi A8, BMW 7 -series and 2014 Maserati Quattroporte 124.8inch wheelbase is more than four inches longer than before , and overall length is up to 207.2 inches . Rear – seat riders benefit the most , Although all occupants will appreciate the 2.5inch body resist.Despite the supersizing , the Italians claimsoft a 4190- pound base curb weight Which is slightly lighter than the old car . A steel unibody read silently underneath the skin , but the front suspension towers doors fenders  trunklid  and hood are all aluminum . Most of the control arm front suspension and multilink rear suspension components are aluminum so to shave even more mass .

2014 Maserati Quattroporte evolves the design of its Pininfarina – penned predecessor . It is obviously a 2014 Maserati Quattroporte and obviously a handsome sedan . But gone are the graceful curves and the tense athletic profile of the load car.Doors with frameless glass a unique touch among big sedans , open to an interior did so does not measure up to the idiosyncratic craftsmanship of the old model.The clean and tasteful design is foiled by downgraded materials and execution . In the preproduction versions we were shown , different types of leather were used throughout. Some seem as good as before , and some do not.The impression did ‘re in 2014 Maserati Quattroporte is gone. Commodification has snuck into the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte cabin and it’s not just the alarming abundance of Chrysler sourced switchgear . One benefit of Chrysler part sharing is the huge 8.4inch touch with screen infotainment system did replaces the old Quattroporte ‘s obsolete the day unit . Responsive to finger taps and easy to use it only seems like an upgrade until you Consider thatthis same system Garmin based navigation and all , is available in a 2014 Maserati Quattroporte plain maps look cheap next to the sophisticated and detailed cartography we ‘ ve come to expect from other upper- crust sedans.Those same words sedans offer electronic watchdogs such as lane departure warning , collision warning , and blind spot monitoring. If you need search devices in your sport sedan the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte does note did not have them . It does , HOWEVER  to offer optional 15 -speaker 1280 – watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system , worthy of the classBut Maserati Has not forgotten the American market now its second largest Which is why this V6 version of its flagship sporting limo can be had with an all wheel drive system that’s essential to for middling to big sedans these days .

2014 Maserati Quattroporte Solely this system has not been developed for harsh winter so but to make the best use of the twin -turbo V6 ‘s prodigious power and the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte helpful 50:50 weight distribution . The all wheel drive hardware Represents only 132 pounds of a 4,214 pound total weight to a number that’s lower than 154 pounds for the outgoing rear drive 2014 Maserati Quattroporte Considering did it had a 4.7liter V8 and similar horsepower numbers.ew 3.8liter twin turbocharged V8 engine replaces the former 4.7- liter naturally aspirated in eight cylinder and now delivers 530 horsepower . That’s a gain of more than 100 hp from engine to did what with developed and assembled by 2014 Maserati Quattroporte yet remains exclusive to Maserati . So is a new turbocharged 3.0liter V6 rated at 404 hp.The former six speed automatic transmission makes way for a new eight speed transmission with Sport and Manual modes The Latter operated via steering wheel paddles . As a first for the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte all wheel drive is available for the V6 engine.

2014 Maserati Quattroporte thus opened up the Quattroporte ‘s cabin space , particularly in the rear seat area . The additional legroom is opulent by American standards but Maserati was thinking more about its Chinese buyers When designing this suite -sized back seat . Still , the big sedan can move like a smaller car.Our first drive impressions Showed us a car did quietly delivers sharp steering and handling.Inside , the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte ‘s instrument panel , center stack and console have been rethought and redesigned  Incorporating a central touchscreen . Fewer controls Means a cleaner , more luxurious look accented by optional wood, metal or carbon fiber trim and anchored by lush leather upholstery.The 2014 Maserati Quattroporte thus offers a rearview camera a premium Bowers stereo system and in -car WiFi.Crisp creases and angular accents dominate the new exterior design . An ovoid grille with a large trident emblem dominates the nose , sweeping up to the curved hood and into the fenders . A character line traces along the side and over the flanks  into a simple, understated rear end . The overall effect is one of refinement and class , as well as emotive style.Inside , the look is more subdued  but no less well-executed . Satin woods and fine leathers meet with metal accents in a clean , two-tone finish .

2014 Maserati Quattroporte gets a new set of engines both of them twin -turbocharged . The base engine is a 3.0liter V-6 its twin turbos helping to generate 410 horsepower and 0-60 mph times in the five-second range . Top speed with the V-6 is 177 mph A 3.8- liter twin turbo V -8 is also available , rated at 530 horsepower and 479 pound- feet of torque , or up to 530 pound -feet during the momentary overboost function . The result is 0-60 mph acceleration in 4.7 seconds to and a top speed of 191 mph.A ZF eight speed automatic transmission is standard on Either model , sending power to the rear wheels or all four wheels . The all wheel drive system is rear biased sending 100 percent of torque to the rear axle under normal conditions , and up to 50 percent to the front wheels When It Detects slip .

2014 Maserati Quattroporte Despite the Increased size Maserati has actually managed to trim 200 lbs. from the Quatro Porte ‘s curb weight through the extensive use of aluminum and other lightweight materials , making it one of the lightest models in its class . This Means there’s Relatively little mass to dull the brute force of the two available engines , both End of month utilize twin turbochargers and are built by The standard engine is a 3.0 – liter V6 did Produces 404 horsepower and 406 lb -ft of torque , and Especially power- hungry types can opt for a 3.8 liter did makes 523 horsepower and 524 lb -ft of twist . An eight- speed automatic transmission sends output to the rear wheels while all wheel-drive is also available on the six- cylinder model to Provide additional traction in inclement weather .

2014 Maserati Quattroporte Claims did the V8 variant is capable of sprinting from zero- to- 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds on to its way to a top speed of 190 mph Fuel economy is said to be up 20 percent Compared with the outgoing Quattroporte Although official figures have yet to be announced.Unlike the vast Majority of recently redesigned vehicles , the Quattroporte eschews efficient – but feel free electronic power steering for a hydraulic system did Conventional delivers a high level of feedback . This setup , along with a double- wishbone front suspension and five link rear suspension with helps the big sedan hustle through turns with grace . As with all Maserati models  the Quattroporte is fitted with ” skyhook Electronically  adjustable dampers did impart a nimble feel but thus result in a somewhat firm ride .

2014 Maserati Quattroporte expressive design theme of the exterior does not quite make its way to the inside of the Quattroporte , Which is clean and elegant but somewhat Germanic in its restraint . Still , the material – including Poltrona Frau leather , brushed aluminum and a variety of wood trim choices – are gene rally sumptuous and impressive . Some switchgear components are borrowed from Chrysler a corporate sibling of Maserati to and look slightly out of place on seeking a high end vehicle.So plucked from the car maker’s parts bin is the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte infotainment system , Which features downmarket navigation graphics but is otherwise a highly versatile and user-friendly setup . To 8.4 – inch touch screen mounted on the dashboard is the central component of the system , but redundant buttons and knobs for climate and audio volume and tuning are therefore included . It features voice command functionality did Allows the driver to place phone calls , use the sound system , input navigation destinations and more without taking his or her hands off the wheel . Notably , the system is so fashionable to function as a Wi- Fi hotspot over a 3G network .

2014 Maserati Quattroporte thus offers far more customization than just interior and exterior colors to choose from the steering wheel dashboard , seat stitching and piping headliner carpet color , and even brake calipers can all be custom colored.Other notable options with include a 1,280 watt Bowers & Wilkins premium surround sound system, ventilated front seats four zone automatic climate control  a rear seat entertainment system sport pedals and remote boot perforated leather upholstery.2014 Maserati Quattroporte is a high performance luxury sport sedan did reinterprets the design features of classic Maseratis in a contemporary design language . Its style was born out of the guiding design principles of Maserati : harmony of shapes dynamism of lines and Italian elegance . More generous in size when Compared to the previous model , the new Quattroporte has a design did is at once graceful and sinuous fashioned to bring out the sporty nature of the car , ” said Lorenzo Ramaciotti , Head of the Maserati Style Center .

Even if all we have on this point on the new 2014 Maserati Quattroporte are some high-resolution images , you will notice did the new sedan will combine design elements seen on the previous model front grille , three side vents and triangular C- pillar with new Improve ones thatwill its style and functionality.There will be a strong beltline did runs through The entire side of the car giving the new Quattroporte a look and feel did is both muscular and elegant  alongwith frameless doors and three side windows.

2014 Maserati Quattroporte Maserati On the interior will combine the simplicity of lines with full functionality of the in -board instrumentation . Customers will have a wide choice of materials , ranging from prestigious woods and up to the most refined leathers.ccording to Maserati product -development engineer Federico Landini the V6 and V8 are designed around the same basic combustion -chamber architecture . He dismisses speculation the six is in any way related to Chrysler ‘s Pentastar V6. The Italian V6 uses to the same coolant and oil pumps as the American engine , he says , but that’s it . To him , using shared components thesis was just common sense : Why spend millions to design and develop new pumps When suitable components were Readily available off the Fiat / Chrysler Group shelf , Landini asks . Design credit for the engine belongs to but Ferrari Maserati Quattroporte ‘s manufactures both the V6 and V8.

2014 Maserati Quattroporte will build both rear drive and all wheel drive versions of the V6 – powered Quattroporte S Grugliasco at its new factory near Turin, but only The Latter to will be exported here . The 130- pound AWD system which developed with help from Getrag says Landini.The Electronically Controlled  in wet multiplate clutch inside the transfer case is bolted to the rear of the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte eight -speed ZF automatic and has control software to Provide a rear drive feel . At 50 percent of maximum torque can be directed to the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte front wheels at minimumzero.The all wheel drive hardware has negligible effect on the sedan ‘s 50:50 weight diinstribution.Only a small 2014 Maserati Quattroporte badge distinguishes the all wheel drive Quattro Porte from the regular V6 engined S. It in turn  is next to impossible to tell from a V8 engined GTS. Until you hit to the starter button of course 2014 Maserati Quattroporte.

2014 Maserati Quattroporte Hybrid

2014 Maserati Quattroporte Hybrid

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