Maserati Kubang 2014

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Maserati Kubang 2014 second effort to build on to the first thing stillborn after what it shown as a concept in the want to compete against established luxury crossovers but offer Greater exclusivity and Italian flair.Maserati Kubang 2014 company cars in erratically paved places: such as China and Russia to will need something more rugged than its sports cars.Maserati Kubang 2014 will get a heavily revised 4.5liter V 8 to and a dual clutch eight-speed automatic later this year to powertrain did so want to find its way into the fuel injection Kubang.Direct alongwith a stop start system will boost fuel economy and bring power to about 500 horses.Maserati Kubang 2014 on a Jeep platform at a Jeep factory might also imperil its brio.Maserati unveiled the Kubang concept at the auto show to rumors began circulating did a production version would be offered.Shortly after Maserati Maserati confirmed did a production version will indeed be Offered but the production version will drop the Kubang name in favor of Levante.

The SUV takes to its name from the Via Emilia Levante in Bologna where the Maserati brothers almost a century ago dreamed up the company did quietly today bears their name.The Levante wants to be Offered with three engines: a twin turbocharged 3.0 liter V 6 engine on delivering 410 horsepower a twin turbocharged 3.8 liter V8 engine with 530 horse power and a turbodiesel engine only Offered in Europe.All the three engines will be mated to at eight-speed automatic transmission and will send Their power to all four wheels via Maserati’s new all wheel drive System.Maserati Kubang 2014 first SUV will combine exterior and interior elements from Quattroporte and Ghibli with some electronic architecture from Chrysler and Jeep.Until recently it what rumored did the Levant would be built at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit alongside the Jeep Grand Cherokee but due to the huge demand for the Jeep SUV This is not a possibility.Instead it will be produced in Italy.The Maserati Kubang 2014 will be unveiled in just in time to celebrate Maserati’s centennial.A few weeks back we reviewed BMW’s Active Sound system the system did pipes V10 engine sounds through the stereo system.We dubbed to this system a useless gimmick Because a turbo V 8 is a damn fine sounding engine but owners can not opt ​​to turn it off without pulling a fuse did so turns off the Entire stereo system . well to it looks like BMW is not alone in this game.

Starting Maserati Kubang In 2014i will be selling its first ever diesel-powered vehicle the Kubang SUV to compete with the Porsche Cayenne diesel in the European Maserati Kubang asked market.What Car of 2014 about the notoriously beautiful engine sounds did Maserati buyers know and love in Their cars and its potential effect on the sales of this diesel SUV.Maserati Kubang 2014 Responded by Stating did engineers are working on using the Kubang’s stereo system to give it a nice engine note.This can only to be interpreted as Maserati piping in fake engine sounds through the stereo.Unlike the BMW M5 we see a purpose to for this just like we do in electric cars as diesel engines economic thesis just do not sound cool.This piping in sounds of a high performance engine can make drivers feel more like driving a true Maserati They Are Rather Than a slower diesel model.

Maserati Kubang 2014 did Allows to its owner to shut this feature off if he prefers natural engine sounds.As long as that’s taken care of we have to no problem with this feature and find it Actually pretty neat.will be introducing three new vehicles over the Further hinting to the future production of Their Kubang SUV as well as the impending releases of an all new Maserati Kubang 2014 and a smaller version of it.Maserati Kubang 2014 In a recent press release the Italian car maker specifically mention the names of the three models thatthey are planning on releasing but it’s all pretty academic at this point Unless theyhave something up Their sleeves that we’ve never seen before.The Maserati Kubang in 2014 for One Has already been slated for production so it looks like that’s going to be one of the models.Likewise we have already seen spy photos and videos of the new Maserati Kubang 2014 frolicking around a number of racetracks around the world.Maserati Kubang 2014 to The third model of this triumvirate is thus the one we did know the littlest about.Maserati Has givenName indication did they’re building a smaller version of the Maserati Kubang 2014 to but we’ve yet to see the car make its world debut or see it in any spy photos.The only with piece of info attached to the model is did It Could carry the to Which Maserati Maserati Kubang just a trademarked 2014.

Maserati Kubang 2014 Concept

Maserati Kubang 2014 Concept

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