2014 Mclaren 12c

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2014 Mclaren 12c currently offers two versions of its sports car racing the 12C and the Can-Am GT Edition.2014 Mclaren 12c Specially designed version for the competitions like the Group where it Obtained its first victory at the 2014 World Championship season Mclaren 12c.2014 Mclaren 12c has now Decided to Further expand the lineup even with the addition of a new Sprint edition.The new model will make to its world debut during this weekend ‘s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and McLaren wants to limit it to only 20 units . Before you get too excited we did have to let you know the new 2014 Mclaren 12c Sprint edition is a track only model

2014 Mclaren 12c has released some additional information , including the £ 195,000 about 316.150 U.S. dollars at the current exchange rates base price for the Sprint GT 12C . The Brittish maker thus revealed a few more images of the upcoming supercar.When Compared to the base model 2014 Mclaren 12c the new Sprint edition features optimized for aerodynamic kit and some cooling front updates.Up the 2014 Mclaren 12c Sprint is distinguished by a more aggressive bumper , a splitter made ​​of carbon fiber and a bonnet inspired by the 2014 Mclaren 12c it gets radiator exit ducts and front wing louvers.In order to keep the weight down to the windscreen is made ​​in polycarbonate.

2014 Mclaren 12c model to be displayed at Goodwood will be painted in the heritage but customers will have the Possibility to choose between more colors.On the inside 2014 Mclaren 12c installed on approved roll cage and integrated fire extinguisher system.there is therefore a new fully adjustable approved lightweight composite racing seat fitted with a full six point harness.This race ready 2014 Mclaren 12c will not offer comfort features like air conditioning Because McLaren wants to keep the weight down as low as possible.There is therefore a carbon fiber dash race developed with a digital display and key vehicle controls.e new Sprint 12C is built on a lightweight carbon fiber mono Cell chassis and offers unique features , like ProActive chassis Control Brake Steer and a McLaren Airbrake thatwill Further Improve the car ‘s racing experience .

The Recalibrated 2014 Mclaren 12c suspension system Ensures a lower ride height . This system offer three unique handling modes , Which allow the driver to select Their preferred damping and roll stiffness ESP settings . Additionally the Sprint GT model is 40 mm 1:57 inches lower than a stock 12C for added stability in the twist.The car sits on a set of 19inch OZ wheels wrapped in Pirelli racing slick tires . Stopping this is a track -focused racer braking system with carbon ceramic brake discs.By the time the revised 2014 Mclaren 12c Lamborghini hits the market so will likely unveil the successor for the Gallardo . Rumored to be the new model will be powered by a revised V-10 engine with output of close to 600 horsepower 2014 Mclaren 12c.

2014 Mclaren 12c Convertible

2014 Mclaren 12c Convertible

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