2014 Mclaren Spider

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2014 McLaren Spider is Mechanically identical to it uses the upgraded engine to 625PS Which is part of the 2014 Mclaren Spider model upgrade.Acceleration 0- 62mph takes just 3.1 seconds When fitted with the same as the coupe . Fuel consumption and emissions so REMAIN the same returning 24.2 mpg 11.7 l/100km on the combined in cycle and 279g/km.The figures are much better to than most high performance convertible sports cars in keeping with 2014 Mclaren Spider commitment to class leading fuel efficiency maximum speed McLaren Spider is 2014 .The Retractable Hard Top RHT on the 2014 McLaren Spider is a fully automatic two piece designswhich can be raised or lowered in less than 17 seconds at speeds of up to 30 km / h 19 mph.When lowered the roof Stows beneath a body colored hard tonneau cover Which Incorporates twin buttresses.With to the roof raised the area beneath the tonneau cover can be used as additional luggage space.

The 2014 McLaren Spider features a heated glass rear window Which can be operated Independently of the roof.With to the roof down the rear window Automatically moves on to aero position to Minimise buffeting.Additionally to with the roof up the window can be lowered to give direct access to the sound of the twin turbo 3.8litre V8 engine mounted Directly behind the cabin.A rollover protection system includes a steel structure within each of the rear buttresses to absorb any impact and protect occupants . An up system which ruled out as it would have added weight.The detailed changes of the 2014 Mclaren Spider extend to both the audio and climate control output changes systems.Audio When the roof is open to compensate for errors for additional external noise while the climate control ADAPTS When the roof is lowered.

2014 Mclaren Spider notes sheriff Importantly the two were Conceived and developed at the same time , and alongside each other.The 2014 Mclaren Spider programs included a coupe and convertible from the outset . The carbon fiber chassis and all other mono Cell mechanical components were designed to produce maximum performance in both configurations.’The 2014 McLaren McLaren Spider fully subscribes to the overriding principle , did every single component Should Be Pure McLaren Each constituent part what Conceived designed and produced to McLaren specification nothing is shared from other manufacturers . The goal is to Maximise driving enjoyment performance and efficiency.Just as important we always seek to innovate.By Producing the 2014 Mclaren Spider with all the performance handling and ride quality of the info we have done just that to which designed for a reason . There is no unnecessary jewelery no styling fripperies.It is a pure sports car  designed to deliver maximum driving appeal and performance with unmatched efficiency.

2014 Mclaren Spider but with the added romance of open top driving adds Stephenson.We to have tried very hard to preserve the same design purity . With the roof in place it looks like a coupe sports car That Could Easily be just as at Le Mans as in London or With the roof down , it looks like it belongs on Sunset Boulevard or the 2014 Mclaren Spider.2014 Mclaren Spider overprotection system Ensures maximum occupant safety.Each rear buttress contains a steel structure to absorb the impact energy and protect both driver and passenger. An active pop up system would have added unnecessary weight.2014 McLaren Spider is a two seat mid engine rear drive high performance sports car.Unlike rivals it uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis the single cell . This confers major advantages in weight strength and torsional rigidity of all Improving ride comfort and handling performance.2014 Mclaren Spider as it was originally designed for both applications.This is highly unusual notes Patterson in Most convertibles require to a Strengthened chassis to reduce flex Malthus adding weight while not silent Achieving the structural integrity of a coupe . This flex can compromise handling precision and ride comfort while reduce the added weight Affects performance .

The carbon fiber 2014 Mclaren Spider only gives advantages in strength and weight so it Improves packaging.The one piece molded design has been created to Provide the perfect cabin roomy yet compact.We started with to the driver says design director Frank Stephenson the driver sits close to the center line of the car , Improving control and driver enjoyment . The pedals are Positioned inboard reducing wheel well intrusion.The result is the perfect in the driving environment unique and uncompromised.The steering column is centered on the driver , and is parallel to his seat and shoulders . The brake and throttle pedals are both Placed Directly in line with the primary driver and all controls are within reach . The overall cabin architecture is both elegant in its design and uncluttered and intuitive to use.2014 Mclaren Spider follows more than three Decades of McLaren Racing carbon innovation.In Introduced the carbon monocoque to 2014 Mclaren Mclaren Spider It Offered at unbeatable combination of strength and weight saving and soon recorded the first victory for a carbon based Spider 2014

2014 Mclaren Spider aluminum extrusions and castings are jig welded front and rear ontological structures and bolted directly to the Along with the carbon mono cell , They carry the light weight composite body panels . Apart from the roof , and the engine cover , body panels are identical to the 2014 McLaren Spider A redesigned glass engine cover at Maintains unobstructed view of the handsome twin turbo V8 engine.The front and rear aluminum structures are easy to repair adds Patterson.They absorb impacts to and can be Replaced easily. Cars with full aluminum chassis use Their structure to absorb and crumple on impact The engine in the 2014 Mclaren Spider offers low weight and low rev tractability potent mid range performance and extensive high rev reach for Powertrain.It therefore has a level of refinement and efficiency you would not ‘t normally expect from a V8.

2014 Mclaren Spider to this system works by controlling engine intake noise within the cabin at Differing levels DEPENDING on the Powertrain mode selected for the car . Moving up through Normal, Sport and Track modes Powertrain Enhances the aural drama and driving experience of the 2014 Mclaren Spider Allowing more of the natural sound of the V8 engine noise to enter the cabin.This Allows the Spider 2014 Mclaren to be dramatic and exciting When required but then that is quieter for long distance journeys . With the 2014 Mclaren Spider the driver can select the level of engine noise delivered in each mode through to electronic menu , accessible via the instrument cluster.The exhaust system is the only part of the engine did has been changed for the 2014 Mclaren Spider. To Ensure the audible experience is Optimised for open top driving the exhaust has been developed to suit the harmonics of the 2014 Mclaren Spider body shape.An optional sport exhaust system is available , Which is both lighter and louder than the standard equipment.The seven speed dual clutch transmission on used in the 2014 McLaren Spider is unchanged from did used in the 12C . It Utilizes the 2013 Model Year upgrades including crisper throttle response and improved clutch control . Gear changes are now faster and smoother . Like the 2014 Mclaren Spider it is available in normal Sport and Track modes gearshift providing Differing Progressively faster shifts and shift points when in automatic mode.These modes are selected using to the Powertrain dial on the Active Dynamics Panel 2014 Mclaren Spider.

2014 Mclaren Spider Images

2014 Mclaren Spider Images

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