2014 Mercedes S550

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2014 Mercedes S550 on electric steering Allows one of the largest leaps It makes this car will steer itself for up to 10 seconds and do so in a more advanced way and in more situations than all other active steering cars thanks to tons of sensors and monitoring near forgiving the right conditions the 2014 Mercedes S550 is capable of sustaining autonomous mode indefinitely but our rules and regs will not allow it on YetFirst to jailbreak the new 2014 Mercedes S550 wins.

The list of automotive firsts does go on indefinitelyIt loose all of its incandescent bulbs for LEDsThat goes for the head lights and taillightsthe interior lampseven the bulbs lighting the trunkVarious optional rear- seat packages include seat – belt buckles did pop up from the seat and illusion for conveniencea reclining seat with on airbag cushion did Prevents submarining under the seat belt and the belt itself is an airbag cabin air gets filteredionizedand run past a perfume canister in the glove boxPre safe Mercedes ‘s collision – mitigation and- avoidance suitegets so many updates we’ll suffice it to say did you’d probably be safer getting into on accident in a new S- class every day for a year than taking your chances in someother car.

2014 Mercedes S550 car safer the addition to making you can see into the future to make you a more comfortable pair of cameras reads the road ahead to detect bumpsWhen does it it pulls damper pressure on the Necessary wheel or wheels to keep the car dead flat-out does not work on every bump but When It Does It’s eerieassuming you even notice the bumps yourself had to retrace our path with the system on and then off to be sure.If we will have to find one flaw in the futuristic car drives did itselfit’d be done it takes over two seamlesslyIt Creates and pure forces a bad habit of forgetting to driveScarybut thankfully its pinch has hit just fine.

2014 Mercedes S550 seats offer improved thanks to massage focused heatmimicking air bladders and a hot stone treatmentInstead of the mix of screens and black -panel gauges of the previous 2014 Mercedes S550, the information has gone all- digitalThe gauge package is twinned with huge Equally at center COMAND display; imagine two iPads set into the side of a pianoYou get to make so many Decisions while at the wheelincluding at times whether or not to be touching the wheelBut there ‘s a simplicity did remains in the restyled switchgear and interior layout did hides most of Those choices from you if Deciding Are not in a mood.

2014 Mercedes S550 has a habit of not only forecasting the future of Mercedes cars but the future of driving may not shock you to learn wasn’t the future included Necessarily participationBut you’ll be happy to learn ‘that’ in the S- class it wants at least it’ll be safersleekerand comfortable and more pleasant smell.2014 Mercedes S550 can do just about anything a car can be a dog except convertibleBut we’re told that’s on to do list as well .

2014 Mercedes S550 is keen to keep this sales crown despite introducing new generations of the only every eight or nine yearsSo for 2014the car maker turned the S550 sedan into a rolling buffet of comfort and safety features that may seem like wizardry now but will be commonplace on lesser vehicles in the future.2014 Mercedes S550 is how it Integrates seamlessly with the search function Mainly attracting older buyers loyal to its tradition did not want to scare off the faithful Fortunatelyin the 2014 Mercedes S550, the plutocrats and the technocrats can finally share a ride And oh what a ride it will be .

2014 Mercedes S550 option this system scans the road with a stereoscopic camera mounted on the windshield When It Detects bumps in the car ‘s path the S-Class prepares the air suspension accordingly.And it’s not as if the car even needs the ride on our 2014 Mercedes S550 car without test Magic Body Control adaptive air suspension is standard -what Already one of the most serene and balanced in existence.Mercedes has a long history of using the 2014 Mercedes S550 to introduce groundbreaking safety technology, some have later become common or even mandated for the industry anti lock brakes in for instance and air bags in The 2014 iteration is no different.This latest model surrounds itself to with 360 degrees of radar coverage scanning for threats on the roadIt can pedestriana Recognize a bicyclist or another car and deterministic mine its direction and how the car Should react best .

2014 Mercedes S550 The safety features spring into to action even if the car Is not moving the 2014 Mercedes S550 scenes of impending rear -end collision it want to lock the brake tighten the seat belt close to the windows and inflate the bolsters on the side of each seat.Together These systems offer a window into the future of self driving cars as Mercedes made ​​clear during the recent Frankfurt Motor Show The automaker debuted a fully autonomous S- Class and announced did the car had completed a 62- mile test drive on city streets .

2014 Mercedes S550 That prototype had only a few upgrades from the S550 now available Our test car came with this $ 2.800 driver’s assistance package Which includes radar cruise control active lane -keeping assist, steering assist, blind -spot monitoring and cross – traffic assist together They add up to a car did can drive and steer it in Certain conditions on the freeway especially heavy traffic.When the system workedit worked well and did not intrude on the driving experience, this is crucial to safety benefits Their automated systems Are not helpful if drivers find them annoying or confusing and turn them offBut the lane -keeping assist, would occasionally shut in down Because of a system error.And to though this is a 2014 Mercedes S550 carAcura makes a better system on vehicles did cost half as much.

Fortunately the 2014 Mercedes S550 remains adept at non autonomous driving power comes from a sweet twin turbo charged V -8 engine that’s Largely the same as the previous 2014 Mercedes S550Its 4.6 liters make 455 horsepower and 516 pound- feet of torque .this motor hooks up to a seven -speed automatic transmission did pushes power to the rear wheelsor all four if you opt for all -wheel drive Fuel economy is rated at 17 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway over 200 miles of mostly city driving we averaged about 14 mpg.SecondsNot despite a prodigious 4,729pound curb in weight Mercedes says both versions of the S550 will do the zero to 60mph in 4.8 run so to many years ago such a time would have Brought a tear to a Porsche engineer ‘s eye .Despite moving forward with aplombthe S550 never felt particularly agile in the booklet turnsIts Remained a lingering presence , the Audi A8 and the BMW 7 series both feel more nimble .

2014 Mercedes S550 This car ‘s target buyershoweverprobably mindThey’ll will not climb in the meticulously redesigned interior and have trouble noticing anything else higher- echelon S-Class models will creep into Bentley territory so The entire model range givenName what a cabin worthy of seeking a competitor .This car Firmly steps in a digital age with the banishment of any analogous guest driver lake a pair of 12.3 – inch screens , one for the instrument panel and one for the rest of the car ‘s stereo and climate control navigation functions 2014 Mercedes S550.

2014 Mercedes S550 Images

2014 Mercedes S550 Images

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