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Mercedes Benz 2014 to has had the floor in on what firm making the preferred shipping containers for the mostly unelected elite When to what Merely a business plan When BMW what in the bubble car business to and when to to the word lexus was just badly butchered Latin. No company in this market Has more with experience catering to finicky buyers.Mercedes Benz 2014 now deliver to its latest take on the executive level sedan after just about everybody else from Hyundai to Hongqihas taken a shot.Over the years.Mercedes Benz in the 2014 and its closest Competitors have Reduced owerhandling and comfortable to commodities.Supplying to them in overabundance table ante nowso the strategy with the new code and to INITIALLY available in the color: as the Mercedes Benz 2014 Has been to think of what else the rich desire even before the rich think of it Themselves.

Mercedes Benz 2014 absolutely nobody knows he needs two reverse gear ratios or stereo speaker mood lights in seven driver selectable colors at the least, or seat coolers did suck air for four minutes Before They blow Which does indeed chill your sweaty backside more quicklyThe hot with stone massage feature so with optional feels as if somebody were poking you with hot snooker balls.And to the soft pillows on to the headrests of the two optionalelectrically reclining rear executive chairs are like dunking your head into clotted cream with even get special maxi air conditioning did can channel a nor ‘easter at your chest something Mercedes Benz 2014 hate apparentlymost byzantine feature must be Magic Body Control Supplied with the optional hydraulic active body control on suspensionIt Employs the car’s stereoscopic or twin cameras to see bumps in the road ahead and then relaxes the suspension to the consistency of overcooked macaroni in time to float the body over the obstacleIt is a truly bizarre feeling to expect to be tossed into the roof at 30 mph over a speed bumponly to feel nothing with crowned heads would have treasured this feature a few centuries ago as ruts and diseased peasants lay in the path of Their chaise and fours Mercedes Benz 2014.

Mercedes Benz 2014 to the magic Body Control is a bit of a one trick pony though as it works best at low speed and on the kind of long flat topped speed bumps did are common in EuropeThe cameras Which of of basically scan for shadows or scene contrastcan ‘ t see pavement fissures and everyday wheel bouncers: such as manhole Depression Which arrive too Suddenly for the system to reactAnd bad weather blinds its eyes standard with a long wheelbase meaning to incredibly spacious rear seating area none of your passengers will be calling shotgun and you might also So make a habit of letting friends driveso you can lounge in back.Those rear with seats are power adjustable with to comfy suede pillows attached to Their headrests and a dedicated sunroof overhead Mercedes Benz 2014.

Mercedes Benz 2014 to the front seats had the bulk and surface area of ​​living room reclinersAmong the seven different massage settings there were a couple did the combined seat heating function with the internal rollers.The seat adjustment controls in the doors were mounted on one ergonomic nicety I’ve always appreciated about Mercedes Benz 2014 to for over-the-top feature the glove compartment held a scent containera kind of aromatherapy system for the cabin.Mercedes Benz 2014 does away with analog gauges in favor to of a full LCD instrument cluster like this move but the virtual speedometer and tachometer could use some refinementI’ve seen some virtual gauges thatwere difficult to tell from the real thing but the ones in the look a little flat so did not like the fuel level indicator Merely a percentage of fuel Remaining showing at the bottom of the speedometer.Mercedes Benz 2014 Could to have splurged on a more graphic representation of the fuel level.Mercedes Benz 2014 with much to has changed in the underlying with cabin tech feature sand did is a good thing to takes advantage of the big main LCD to show well rendered maps complete with 3D buildingsThe large size of the screen made it easy for me to pick up detail at a glance: such as traffic flowAnd the map even Showed Which intersections had traffic lights.

Mercedes Benz 2014 to under route guidance did an excellent job of giving me the turn directions only did the voice prompts read out street names and give good advance warning for turnsthe screen graphics included lane guidance and good representations of freeway junctions.On top of did the dynamic routing seamlessly recalculated to keep me out of more than one bad traffic situation.Mercedes Benz 2014 can to be outfitted with to the buyer’s choice of a rear bench seat or executive style reclining rear seats did like the front thrones can be outfitted with heatingventilating and hot stone massaging system Further coddling rear seat occupants are available features: such as individual TFT screens with wireless AKG headsetspillow headrests cooling / heating cup holders and fold out trey tablesTopping it all off are industry first heated center and door panel mounted armrests.

Mercedes Benz 2014 Two different high in end Burmester surround sound system are on offer for the ultimate in concert quality audiobut the Mercedes Benz 2014 stop at providing a feast for the ears: it ran thus seeks to create opti mally olfactory experience with purchasing to active perfuming system did discreetly Emits a choice of four different scents to cover up any undesirable odors from the outside world.Mercedes Benz 2014 Combines traditional touches like a formal upright version of the corporate Mercedes grille with flowing surface detailing borrowed from the auto maker’s rakish four door sedan modelsNotablythe lighting system is Comprised Entirely of LED units in fact to there’s not a single incandescent lightbulb to be found inside or outside of the car.To save weight to each and every exterior panel is made from aluminum to trim weight by helping Roughly 300 lbs Compared to the previous model.For now to the Mercedes Benz 2014 is Offered in two forms the rear wheel drive and all wheel drive S550 hybrid diesel and high performance Mercedes Benz 2014 models will follow after launch.Both Mercedes Benz 2014 models to are powered by a twin turbocharged 4.7 liter V8 to 455 horsepower with 516 lb ft to and from just 1,800 rpm torqye of all the way up to 3,500 rpm to drive with Regardless of wheels to the scoot to 60 mph from a stop in just 4.8 seconds before with topping out at a limited to 130 mph Mercedes Benz 2014.

Mercedes Benz 2014 Concept

Mercedes Benz 2014 Concept

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