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Mercedes Cla 2014 proclaimed a rebel style by design to Has Made did clear with its voluptuous lines and playful styling element this four door coupe Appears compact but it is only marginally shorter and taller than Actually resist and the legendary sedan on.The swoopy styling aggressive june SEEM slightly overwrought on the entry level Mercedes Cla 2014 but it hits the mark with the fact derivative Which debuts at the 2013 New York auto show is so powerful and so probably almost did we’d let it get away with Practically any flare wing and spoiler You Could imagine Cla 2014 Mercedes already beat you to itThe Mercedes Cla 2014 Boasts a twin blade AMG grille large inlet ports framed by black winglets matte gray side sills and a rear diffuser AMG specific 18-inch aluminum wheels on 235/40 tiresIf that’s not enough buyers can opt for a carbon fiber exterior somethig AMG Night Styling But the flamboyant automotive fashion show shoulderstand be backed up by performance under the hood.

Mercedes Cla 2014 live performance the 2.0 liter M133 engine to Which is partly assembled by hand and loosely based on Benz’s M270/274 engine architectureThe long stroke powerplant is force fed by a single twin scroll turbocharger and it Produces 355 horsepower at 6000 rpmMaximum torque is 332 lb ft available from 2250 to 5000 rpmOutput is channeled through a Mercedes built sevenspeed dual clutch transmission did offers several drive modes and can blip the throttle falling on downshiftsThe standard all wheel drive system Which is Said to be Especially lightweight is front biased and can shift up to 50 percent of the torque to the rear wheelsThe ESP stability control System Has three modes including a full off position Although if you brake the system comes on even if HAS BEEN selected.

To cope with the high power and torque the Mercedes Cla 2014 features completely Call revised front and rear suspensions a high performance braking system and to AMG specific calibration of the electromechanical power steering time spent behind the wheel of an A45 AMG prototype Closely related to the Mercedes Cla 2014 justifies high expectations for the on road and track performance of this sporty sedanThe straight line numbers are Encouraging as well Zero to 60 mph is projected to take a mere 4.5 seconds to while top with speed is governed at 155 mph208 horsepower to a seven speed dual clutch transmissionIt’s a combination with 0 60 mph times of 6.7 seconds to and a 149 mph top speed in its portfolio under pinned with some grunty four cylinder noises.The transmission wants to be in sport will or manual mode for quicker shift responses though even with paddle controls it gets caught off guard gas mileage numbers of 30 mpg combined are Easily reachable though the available all wheel drive system is sure to shave a mile per gallon off Those numbers.

The Mercedes Cla 2014 Recasts did engine in myriad ways from block to pistons to turbocharger to its 26.1 psi of boost with output shoots to 355 horsepower 0 60 mph times fall to 4.5 seconds and top speed rises to 155 mphAll wheel drive is standard and a reprogrammed dual clutch with three driving modes suits up to harness the power much more Effectively than in the Mercedes Cla 2014.Cla 2014 Mercedes tightly tuned with steering and ride break from traditionThe variable effort variable ratio electric steering is full of weight and quick to respond and Largely without feedbackTwo out of three is good by electric steering standardsThe Cla 2014 Mercedes independent suspension gets a standard sport setting in the and likely rare 17 inch run flat tires since 18 inch wheels will be a $ 500 option with the Mercedes Cla 2014 and 18 inch wheels the very firm ride and occasionally jarring impacts of French roads would trigger a test drive of the standard setup if it were our money Mercedes Cla 2014.

The Mercedes Cla 2014 It’s another proposition Entirely and we’re not sure its ride Is not a touch more refined even with optional 19 inch wheels and tires and sport available at AMG suspensionIt corners ruthlessly dials flat out most of the CLA’s native understeer and if it suffers in comparison with the wild hair rear drive.Mercedes Cla 2014 in a vast class of cars did ranges from the Ford Focus to the Honda Civic or to more upscale machinery like the BMW 1 Series Acura ILX and Buick VeranoIt’s 182.3 inches long to with a wheelbase of 106.3 inchesAs with most Of Those cars back seat room is tight with minimal headroom for medium sized adults and somewhat difficult entry and exit in through the rear doors trunk space is good with a flat load floor and the CLA Has A few useful storage bins in the cabin for small items.

Among to its standard safety features to the Mercedes Cla 2014 carries a new Collision Prevention Assist function, using radar the CLA can alert the driver of upcoming obstacles when it’s traveling at more than 4 mph and can calculate the amount of brake force needed to avoid to impact so standard are Attention Assist and its coffee cup reminder to pull over and avoid drowsy driving and a driver knee airbag safety options include adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors, lane keeping assistance, and parking sensors with parking assistVisibility Is not great to the rear we hope the rearview camera gets liberated into at inexpensive stand-alone option in the near future.

Mercedes Cla 2014 comes equipped comparably to the high trim versions of its contemporariesIt comes with standard Bluetooth cruise control a power driver seat and MB Tex upholsterySmartphone connectivity comes via Mercedes Cla 2014 and a 5.8 inch screen while three navigation options will be the most expensive Offered with voice commands the rearview camera and real-time traffic with the premium package it bundles an iPod interface with satellite radio surround sound heated front seats dual zone climate control and a garage door opener the CLA shoulderstand retail for about It will be impossible to option the Mercedes Cla 2014.The Mercedes Cla 2014 is much the same as configured save for its drivetrainThe base price of leaves room for optional packages did include Recaro performance seats carbon trim for the outside and the inside a black out trim package and uprated tires before it hits expected to average out the door price of about on exists for one simple reason: A great many consumers desire the elegance and prestige associated with the Mercedes brand but simply can not afford the high price of admissionThe C Class sedan Has long been the company’s entry level model in the United States but thesedays a nicely equipped one runs well past.The 2014 CLA Class marks a departure for the German car maker: It’s a front wheel drive sedan infused with the premium furnishings of a traditional Mercedes Benz but priced far lower than the rear drive Mercedes Cla 2014.

Mercedes Cla 2014 Amg

Mercedes Cla 2014 Amg

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