2014 Mini Cooper

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The 2014 MINI Cooper is a fun stylish and practical to move without sacrificing its sporting side peculiar brand has gone through many changes in its rebirth, owned by but the fundamental spirit of the fun of driving and practicality zippy-beautiful face economic remain.The 2014 MINI Cooper is a small car that has become a unique place in the market, there is no significant change and prices remain stable.An brand new 2014 MINI Cooper is due to debut soon, but design is likely to expand in the current theme although not likely to expand greatly in shape and size.The details that make even a modern 2014 Mini Cooper instantly recognizable classic will mix with the present in a compact and sometimes courageous design.The new Cooper Convertible come first unveiled in late going on sale in the first half of the year as a 2014 MINI Cooper model.Updates the drivetrain and other equipment have not been released yet.The rest of line will continue for 2014 MINI Cooper for the current style a short hood and floating roof large round headlights are some of the characteristics shared by the Roadster Coupe Convertible Clubman About models.Inside and Hardtop Hatchback is the same between the different models, at least, the center-mounted speedometer row.The puts sport before next 2014 MINI Cooper at the forefront, while the buttons and switches sit in an extravagant funky design that shows lighter side It a look full, but works within the color range 2014 MINI Cooper.

2014 MINI Cooper Interior

2014 MINI Cooper has taken its heritage with a modern fresh but his cuteness is undeniable and can be too much for some A pretty face made one big round headlights and smiling grille apparently a hood nose xato are the first characteristics that define from here you can change the Clubman is quite long and unobtrusive, while the Coupe and Roadster are short and funky especially the roof line of the Coupe rear window is standard on more traditional design while the convertible has gaze fixed firmly on a beach cabin direction.Inside a busy button-and-switch theme is dominant with circles curves and bumps in all the steps of the cabin structure and adding to the chaos is chaos.But that somehow works even to focus on the big speedometer in the center panel, which also houses information and entertainment functions, if so equipped.Leather upholstery is available but cross-checking the fabric standard.Beyond differences in body type there are differences in the eye passing Cooper Cooper S John Cooper model line Works.Each and get more and more aggressive as the factor of sport boots Cooper S models get more functional channeling less chrome and more aerodynamic front and rear elements 2014 MINI Cooper Works models further.

2014 MINI Cooper Performance

2014 MINI Cooper model uses a 1.6-liter normally aspirated to four-cylinder engine rated at 121 horsepower.That not much, but the base on weighs just over 2500 pounds for what is still a basis for pep.The MINI also obtains better gas mileage of bunch.Light comfortable but still tossable standard 2014 MINI Cooper is not quite a hot hatch, but it is a fun hatch.For those with a taste for fast acceleration Cooper S and 181 -horsepower version of the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine could be attractive.It only lost about 2 mpg for the extra 60 horsepower and a unit is much more attractive, especially on a windy back street where you can enjoy the additional attraction of the corners corners can be taken a little more aggressive thanks to updated suspension This is the sweet spot of the hot side 2014 MINI Cooper Works version replaces a 208-horsepower engine four cylinders and result oriented performance suspension.The more rigid is a small hot hatchback that’s fun and rewarding to drive hard, but that spirit comes at the cost of some daily those looking to the last edge of the 2014 MINI Cooper is the fastest of the group scoring 6.1 seconds 0-60 mph runs and a top speed of 149 mph with an active spoiler that rises about 50 kilometers per hour and removed under 2014 MINI Cooper 37 mph.

2014 MINI Cooper Safety

The 2014 MINI Cooper safety ratings are not first class, but the direction is strong and there is a set of standard safety equipment that has passed crash tests of security agencies yet, but the 2014 Mini Cooper obtained a good brand of the Insurance Institute for highway safety and acceptable in side impact and roof-strength Traffic Safety Administration National tests.The also gave the model a model rating.The rollover 2014 Mini Cooper Five Star is structurally identical to the standard safety equipment includes six models 2014 MINI Cooper stability control and traction airbags and anti lock brakes wizard output options related to security more Available include parking sensors and xenon headlights 2014 MINI Cooper.

2014 Mini Cooper Coupe

2014 Mini Cooper Coupe

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