Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014

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Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 is a two door front wheel drive sports coupe built in the at a factory in Normal Illinois.A mainstay of lineup of cars the Eclipse has been on sale here since Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 competes against the likes of the coupe the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and base V 6 versions of the  and is a two door front wheel drive sports coupe built in the U.Sat a factory in Normal Illinois.A mainstay of lineup of cars the has been on sale here since Eclipse competes against the likes of the  Coupe and base V 6 versions of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.The first generation Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 is likely the most loved by enthusiastsSold in similar forms by the Chrysler Corporation as the Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser the Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 initially was offered with a choice of four cylinder and turbocharged four cylinder enginesOn turbocharged versions the Eclipse could be had with a manual transmission with 195 horsepower and all wheel drive and that Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 regularly won magazine comparison tests and landed on best of lists.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 production moved to Illinois and the car added three new distant cousinsFrom some shared running gear Chrysler and Mitsubishi developed the two door Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring coupe which had more in common with the four door Mitsubishi Galant.All shared the same Illinois factoryWhile it grew somewhat larger and less attractive this Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 gained power with top versions making 210 hpA Spyder convertible joined the lineup for the 1997 model yearIt had lost its Plymouth version in the Eagle brand closed down leaving the Eclipse the sole surviving triplet.Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 model year the Eclipse grew closer in size and mission to its Mitsubishi Galant stablemate and its Chrysler cousins  which now took the form of the Dodge Stratus and Chrysler Sebring coupesThe bigger longer.Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 brought with it more rear seat room and a more plush ride but none of the driving dynamics that earned its hot hatch reputation.A 205 hp V 6 was added to the four cylinder lineup turbo and all wheel drive versions were droppedThe Spyder convertible version returned for this generation as well.While it lost ground in handling this Eclipse drew some good reviews for its Pontiac like styling with wide side strakes and large bullet style foglamps marking a sharp change from the prior version.

The current Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 hit the market as a 2006 model with the Spyder arriving as a model Four and six cylinder versions are still offered with Mitsu’s large 3.8 liter V 6 giving the Eclipse a big 263 hpFront wheel drive the Eclipse can handle the power and still gives good ride but fuel economy and handling are subpar for the class.Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 has built the final Eclipse of the current generation but has not announced plans to replace the sporty coupe and convertible.Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 coming with better features there were some negative rumors that Mitsubishi Eclipse cars could disrupt production.Fortunately these rumors are not trueDirectly in the next year will be new car Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 officially respond to customer concerns.Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 is a sporty sedan type that has a nice and curvy bodyThis sports sedan will be manufactured in AsiaChina Taiwan and Hong Kong are producing the most powerful countries in EclipseAlmost all Mitsubishi components are developed in these three countries.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 appears in two different engine variantsThe first option is the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engineThis petrol engine is capable of developing 162 horsepowerThe second petrol engine 3.8 liter V 6 optionThis can improve motor 265 hpPowerful gear is also used to support the high performance of Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014There are two option for transmission 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission.Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 is equipped with some new featuresFocus Features in the security system and the cardiac conductionAll new Eclipse comes complete with airbag safety system and an improved braking systemUse one hand this sports sedan Vehicle Stability Control to help the driver to drive safelyIn addition other features like the navigation system the subjects of conversation and the audio system are also updatedNow you can enjoy Eclipse quality with the most accurate GPS satellite customers.Not to mention the new Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 also upgraded exterior and interiorRaised curved front and rear bumper make the car look even betterIn addition making the spacious cabin with luxury seats and sports steering wheel the car is really worth Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 Concept

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2014 Concept

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