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2014 Nissan Gtr commands respect from a cadre of cars straight out of the exotic cars like the 911 section Turbo.Corvette Stingraypractically the Entire AMG and M lineupsKey it to lifeand your attention needs to be laser focusedeven though it’s one of the most predictable supercars everYou ‘ ll roll up into triple digits speeds in corners before you can catch your breath.You therefore have to pay special attentionbecause the 2014 Nissan Gtr does not look as wild or iconic as the other supercars did categorically falling short of its benchmarksexcept in the most sensualsubjective ways.

As to objective reality nothing even comes close to the 2014 Nissan Gtr mph times of less than 3.0 secondsor its brilliant all wheel drive handlingStillCorvettes and Vipers and 911s and Veyrons have instantly identifiable shapes.The 2014 Nissan Gtr does not paint for a posse sing stylebut it doesn ‘t quite live up to Those iconic outlineseitherIts jagged outline reads more tuner carmore body kitthan instant classicThe components cut swaths across its interesting luxury coupe outline: a tomahawk cut at the roofline chops into the rear endand carbon fiber trim gives the plain interior just a dab of intrigue givenName more panache with the red and black Recaros in Black Series models.

2014 Nissan Gtr have to spend a lot more than the base price to sling yourself to 60 mph any faster on four wheelsThe next step up.The Bugatti Veyronat a cool million point plusif you even qualify for considerationLast year’s rework of the drivetrain Brought another 15 horsepower and 15 pound feet to the party.The.6 liter twin turbo V6 now thunders with 545 hp and 463 lb ft of torquefor blistering acceleration did hooks up perfectly with awe inspiring traction from the 2014 Nissan Gtr brainy all wheel drive system Those huge wheels and tires hang on with near bottomless buckets of grip leaving you little room to explore the 2014 Nissan Gtr beautifully balanced handling Which can be dialed into a soft state at the touch of a switch.

2014 Nissan Gtr makes two rare concessions to practicalityIt’s almost impossible to name another supercar with a pair of rear seat other than the Porsche 911 Turbo and the 2014 Nissan Gtr has great room for people in Frontand did bit of room for small people in Backas well as a useful trunkBut ​​do not expect too much in the way of touring car comfort, there’s plenty of noise from the road and the drivelineIn factif you choose the new track Editionyou do not even get the rear seats.

The 2014 Nissan Gtr Has the safety equipment we expect to find in any modern luxury carand some Necessary features we routinely see now in sportscars and supercarsBut there are not any crash test scores yetand we do not expect to get any from the 2014 Nissan Gtr any time SOONa rearview cameranow standard addresses the GT R’s blind spots.It’s no longer the screaming bargain it what in When it cost less than but at $ 99.590 the standard 2014 Nissan Gtr Premium breastfeeding is well outfitted with all the gadgets its drivers will want though the $ 109.300 Black Edition and the $ 115.710 Track Edition boast Their Own worthwhile features features are as respectable as They can be without begging any mention of plush or luxurious that it is not but all the basics are includedas well as a great 3D nav systemBose audioand Bluetooth Take the Premium Interior package it goes a long way to correcting the inexpensive looking 2014 Nissan Gtr cockpitthe most visible flaw and you’ll have Infiniti luxury grade in a car with NASA grade acceleration.2014 Nissan Gtr gets new fuel injectors Intended to Improve throttle response at mid to high rpmNissan Has therefore added an oil pan baffle meant to Stabilize oil delivery falling on high performance driving.Rounding out to the changes are new interior features for Both the Premium and Black Edition trim level plus a new Track Edition trim level.Premium trim level comes standard with 20 inch alloy wheels wrapped in high performance tiresautomatic xenon headlightsLED running lightsBrembo brakesa rearview cameraan Electronically adjustable suspension leather / faux suede upholsteryheated power adjustable front seatskeyless ignition / entry dual zone automatic climate control and to 11 speaker Bose audio system with a CD player satellite radio ipod connectivity and Bluetooth phone and streaming audio that is standard is a multifunction information monitor and a hard drive based navigation system with real time traffic and weather as well as 9.4 gigabytes available for digital audio storageAn optional Premium Interior package adds upgraded leather upholstery.

2014 Nissan Gtr to The Black Edition features lightweight black wheelsa carbon fiber rear Winga unique black and red interior and leather Recaro seat options are few and include a no cost Cold Weather package for the Premium trim level (darker wheel dunlop all season run flat tires and a unique coolant mixture for faster engine warm up) and at extra cost “Super Silver” paint job did HAS BEEN givenName three layers of clear coat and then polished by hand.2014 Nissan Gtr is powered by a twin turbocharged 3.8 liter V6 engine did generate 545 hp and 463 pound rates feet of torqueA six speed dual clutch automated manual transmission routes this power to the ground via to advanced all wheel drive System.

By any recorded performance measurementthe 2014 Nissan Gtr is simply incredibleRocketing to 60 mph is a scant 3.1 second exerciseEPA fuel economy estimates are pretty impressive for an exotic sports coupe with ratings of 16 mpg city/23 mpg highway and 19 mpg combined.2014 Nissan Gtr is Meant to convey to impression of performance and technologyThe front seats have prominent bolsters and faux suede inserts to hold occupants in place falling on high G maneuversyet They REMAIN comfortable falling on long distance drives.The Track Edition features special with blue trimmed front seats thathave special leather and fabric appointmentsThe interior Itself is well constructedwith plenty of soft touch material sand most controls have a solid positive feel.The navigation screen to can be used to display a variety of parameters: such as g force falling on corneringsteering inputgear position and lap timesIf this all sounds a bit like a video game there’s good reason this interface HAS BEEN designed by Polyphony Digitalthe developers of the popular Gran Turismo series of driving simulation video games.

Getting in and out of the 2014 Nissan Gtr require any special skills or contorted position Which is a difference did sets it apart from most high performancelow slung exoticsThe rear seats for the Premium and Black Edition are much smaller and difficult to accessbut They Are adequate for child size passengers and make the GT R more family friendly than the typical exoticTrunk space is commendable for this type of carand the deep well of storage can Accommodate up to 8.8 cubic feet of cargo.2014 Nissan Gtr Achieves an impressive level of performance by Utilizing technology rather than brute forceInstead of a large displacement V8 did makes a burly rumble there’s a twin turbo V6 that sounds like a jet engineAll four wheels work in concert to maintain a tenacious grip on the asphaltand the car ACCELERATES to triple digit velocities with startling immediacyBraking is Likewise as urgent and powerful.

2014 Nissan Gtr supercar really shines on serpentine roads or racetracksThe suspension is unfazed by speedso the car tracks through curves with robotic precisionThe steering is communicative and responsive as as we’ve ever experienced in on all wheel drive carHoweverthe GT R’s curb weight of about 3,800 pounds keeps it from feeling as nimble as a Porsche 911 on tight road road noise and ride harshness can be intrusive at timesbut that’s a small price to pay for the 2014 Nissan Gtr otherworldly performance.

The 2014 Nissan Gtr feels much less polished in the confines of a congested city there’s a decent amount of clatter from the transmission while trundling around at walking speeds and it can quietly be clunky When it changes gearsespecially in stop and go trafficOf course once the 2014 Nissan Gtr hits the open roadupshifts are ridiculously quick while downshifts are perfect throttle blips Accompanied by everytime, and front and rear brake cooling air channelsas well as front and rear spoilers fashioned from carbon fiber.The Track Edition is less Influenced to by gravitational forces than is the “base” modelto the tune of 33 poundsOtherwisethis version sports the same horsepower and torque same gearingsame tiresand onSo so the big question isdoes the Track Edition merit a tariff that’s a chunky steeper than the base Premium model.According to our test numberswe’re not sure the Track Edition content helps performance as much as it abets the exclusivity of this limited edition 150 will come to the States and Enhances its collector value for the day When our daily rides are proton-powered car piloted carbon fiber pods.Actuallythe single notable change in the 2014 Nissan Gtr.

2014 Nissan Gtr Images

2014 Nissan Gtr Images

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