2014 Ram 1500

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The 2014 Ram 1500 has a new turbocharged better grades in their classes for fuel economy is also tops in the finish of the cabin and infotainment but lags behind in towing.The remains one of our Full size pickups favorite for 2014 Ram 1500 model year.It already sported the best rates EPA gas mileage for its segment drive train combination base V-6 and eight-speed turbocharged model promises reduced and we liked. As of this writing although diesel is not available in showrooms and has not been rated by the EPA fuel economy.Last year the 2014 Ram 1500 added a number of new features that led to at least a draw tidy the Ford F-150 for utility and performance by closing the gap considerably.The stands transmission eight-speed automatic a new air suspension and cockpit also has a new system Uconnect Touch infotainment and much improved materials and trims.At the same time maximum towing and carrying capacity decreased slightly although her look uber-truck was basically unchanged as it has since the days it was known For information about the history of how the name was changed to read our page for 2014 Ram 1500 during that scaled look great platform has made it easy to detect the Ram 1500 changes wrought distance.The 2014 Ram 1500 extended the grid is slightly higher than 2014 Ram 1500 and is believed grid Now flush.The fog lamps are new and so are the headlights of a design dual projector beam headlights with LED running lights go out signals and tail lateral position lamps.Inside cab Ram 1500 but the 2014 Ram 1500 looks fantastic.

2014 Ram 1500 Interior

2014 Ram 1500 is perhaps less distinctive than it was when he first crashed part way back to the grid but more macho and eighteen-wheeled beauty still looks better and take more guts all the great trucks.It ‘s more of a visual callback to large trucks that straight edge and no quality cartoon maintains a Tundra disadvantage.Like any of the big Ram truck looks subtly change as you move between levels . adjustment There are around five different grids each with its own texture and finish even after their own name.The skulls are LED backlit and so are the lights of lateral position but these are minor updates applied to business end of the truck as it was still a new Dodge Ram 2014 Ram 1500 cab was returned to work even though they really did not need be.Its general sense of high quality and taste of luxury we ascended a even higher level which makes it even more attractive and desirable.New rotary controls for infotainment system and climate center console clean and free up more space and replaces some digital instrument cluster on some models and up everything gets rendered smoothly numbers are so attentive details.Those with simple tastes are a lot of options in 2014 Ram 1500 ranging from simple trader at the luxury end of the Laramie Longhorn has some of the best wood grain Contrast stitching available in a vehicle in its class in 2014 Ram 1500.

2014 Ram 1500 Performance

2014 Ram 1500 as one of the strongest artists big trucks last year’s V-6 that gave an advantage frugal as well.This years powertrain change again with an old V-8 gives space to make way for a the first of a new turbocharged light-duty truck in modern times.The 2014 Ram 1500 base V-6 is still the best option for anyone who needs a truck bed open more than they need a tow appliance.The 3.6 -liter V-6 builds 305 horsepower and 269 foot-pounds of torque and is related to an eight-speed automatic transmission.With tow a maximum 6,500 pounds six-cylinder 2014 Ram 1500 one of the proposals for lighter service in full-size pickups but how much is a good set of tools weigh? Transported bales of pine straw houses without much effort although moving from a V-8 exhaust note-just like the output of inactivity for a more tense once up near 80 mph.And even takes several attempts to get a rotary knob to change and not a shifter eight-speed automatic really makes the V-6 is not a relevant endless hunting or unnecessary for gear.In right through the alignment of the old 2014 Ram 1500 4.7-liter V-8 has finally taken a dirt nap.Taking place is an alternative to the much stronger base six and could offer better economy Fuel too.It ‘s a 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 with 240 horsepower just typical for diesel engines but 420 lbs-ft of torque and is connected with this excellent eight-speed automatic for performance and torquey some characteristic diesel noise to go with additional gears it.Those Slice and dice the narrow band power in increments of thousand rpm for excellent flexibility in the city getting tense as the gas engine once ‘re going any road legal speed.Rated 9,200 pounds maximum trailer load without turbo diesel offers 0-60 mph time in the range of 8.0 seconds and with it comes the promise of a fuel economy on the road to better performance of gasoline and six 25 mpg.Stronger better economy will cost more than other comparable equipment 2014 Ram 1500.

2014 Ram 1500 Safety

2014 Ram 1500 although new security technology keeps appearing in their trucks had difficulty with fine leaf testing and federal sector accident insurance too.So it is an improvement on the latest ratings 2014 Ram 1500 there have been no officially still earn some good ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has yet to put the Ram through its side-impact tests and although when it comes to roof-crush strength of the 2014 Ram 1500 is rated as marginal with final numbers coming in under a passenger Safety Administration National Highway Traffic cars.The in the past has given low scores of some three stars for side-impact protection but the current version has four stars included in an overall five-star rating for side-impact airbags standard anti-lock brakes traction and stability control are standard on all 2014 Ram 1500 line also boot cut pickups.Every outstanding standard support that keeps braking until the gas is dedicated to making a climb uphill and control-trailer oscillations using antilock brakes to mitigate effect induced shifts in tow 2014 Ram 1500.

2014 Ram 1500 Laramie White

2014 Ram 1500 Laramie White

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