2015 Ram Promaster

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2015 Ram Promaster is a full-size pickup truck aimed primarily at business tasks to which has sold over 4.7 million units worldwide but mounted to serve as a replacement for both based Daimler Sprinter vans and huge 2015 Ram Promaster body on frame that were essentially unchanged for decades.

2015 Ram Promaster Interior

2015 Ram Promaster to be controversial for some buyers is fleet of front-wheel drive design has its advantages depending on the company stating that having most of its mechanical components in front of the cargo area must make fitting up’ for various business needs easier in many cases. This model should to be more fuel efficient than any of its predecessors-and have significantly lower cost of ownership. There is a utilitarian aesthetic to design 2015 Ram Promaster especially outside. Basically it’s a box on wheels but there is a sense of identity to deal with the cross hexagonal grille and 2015 Ram Promaster logo. The front bumper is a three-piece design that can easily be replaced in part if there is minimal minor accidents and the corners of the bumper includes steps to keep the windshield clean 2015 Ram Promaster.

2015 Ram Promaster Performance

2015 Ram Promaster had to choose between a gasoline V-6 or four-cylinder turbo-diesel 2015 Ram’s 3.6-liter 2015 Pentastar Promaster V-6 to Group now uses the sedans utility vehicles and essentially all pickups- the same way that makes 280 horsepower and 260 foot-pounds of torque and is offered only with a six-speed automatic transmission. It can handle to a gross combined weight rating GCWR of 11,500 pounds while the 3.0-liter 4 Ecodiesel has a GCWR of 12,500 pounds up. This diesel incidentally makes 174 horsepower but a top-to-transporting 295 foot-pounds at just 1,400 rpm is also synchronized with only one clutch six-speed automated manual gearbox that has a soft but deliberate pause between gears which is softer than the configuration comparable to small smart fortwo we might add . And the oil change interval is 18,500 miles a conservative portfolio. The driver’s seat and the passenger 2015 Ram Promaster are at the top overlooking the short hood long sloping and horizontal wheel is considerably compared to passenger vehicles vans and some others . Although it is impossible to forget that you’re in a great vehicle cargo-oriented the Promaster handled with relative ease compared to the older trucks in the past. 2015 Ram Promaster The company says its turning radius is best in its class too. Behind the front seats which is a reconfigurable cargo bed to suit your needs and again in the cargo hold there are 12 berths with ratings of 1,000 pounds 5 berths with a sidewall 550-pounds-rating that would make it easier to make even bigger heavier The parts freight spur 2015 Ram Promaster can also tow to up 5,100 pounds.

2015 Ram Promaster Safety

2015 Ram Promaster vans should allow safer than American trucks traditional body on frame Ram and reinforced the list of features for the security minded with many of the same features found in passenger cars light. Electronic stability control is standard across the line of vehicles and 2015 Ram Promaster includes controlling oscillation of the trailer as well as a rearview camera and park Parkview available ParkSense wizard behind. In total there are 14 configurations including standard Promaster 2015 ram 1500 service models and high-strength 2500 and 3500 versions. The feature set on 2015 Ram Promaster is definitely less comfortable or you’d find in a minivan-or even smaller more carlike trucks like the Ford Transit Connect or 2015 RAM Promaster City luxury-oriented but is a good set of articles of convenience. A Bluetooth hands-free interface is included while you can opt for a system with five-inch touch screen navigation. Uconnect Web service is also available so that a continuous data connection 2015 Ram Promaster.

2015 Ram Promaster Sport

2015 Ram Promaster Sport

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