2014 Subaru Legacy

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2014 Subaru Legacy still represents a good value as a sedan affordable all-wheel-drive sports car that is fun to drive as long as you are not looking for the latest gadgets and tricks his replacement was announced in 2014 Subaru Legacy will soon be saying goodbye to the market.But like its successor, the 2014 Subaru Legacy remains the only mid-size sedan that provides traction to all four wheels as standard equipment on all that model.Despite additional technology in their gas mileage ratings are some of the best segments, although this is a constantly moving target as automakers improve their new cars to meet tougher fuel economy continuously rules.In his last year 2014 Subaru Legacy was largely unchanged after a series of improvements and new features included the previous year.Those critical acclaim camera system a number of improvements to Eyesight infotainment systems and some Electronic well.Refinements as additional security for the suspension also improve ride and handling and grip while on the road smoother.But the biggest change was an entirely new generation of 2.5-liter flat-four engine is Subaru and drove Subaru Legacy 2014 fuel efficiency exterior design numbers.The previously non-competitive five-year-old heritage corresponds to the profile of most mid-size sedans with a long hood and short trunk after a very steep back window.The 2014 Subaru Legacy has a somewhat slab sides greatly exaggerated front wheel arches.The 2014 Subaru Legacy has the characteristic hexagonal grid in a somewhat thick underlines the robustness of the car while giving look slightly more aggressive than before. But you must be an expert to tell the difference between Subaru 2.5i base model cheaper and alloy wheels-specific top of the range, the Limited models rather luxurious party and are almost identical to the 2014 Subaru Legacy View.

2014 Subaru Legacy Interior

The 2014 Subaru Legacy external lines may not be to everyone’s taste, but the interior is straigthforward intuitive and has approximately the same size and interior volume leading media and sedans as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.But five years old style is both conservative and exaggerated sides with slabs broken by huge wheel arches cartoon and aggressive hexagonal grille flanked by swept wing wheels shapes.Alloy lighthouse band that there is little difference between the outer 2.5i base model and the top-end Limited version.and lines are pretty basic square against or simply elegant vanishes.Inside although the cabin not far better.The legacy is well proportioned from the driver’s seat of the various controls of the previous version intuitive.The indicators simple round logs sit behind the wheel climate controls are easy to understand and the audio system is high on the center console between Subaru Legacy vents.2014 shaped wing is lowered to the most extreme forms of spacious interiors that launched the Tribeca before then, although the latest generation never confuse a German car in the interior works all the high-end models nicely.On now there is a bit of gloss dark wood trim for a touch of elegance to add to the practicality 2014 Subaru Legacy.

2014 Subaru Legacy Performance

2014 Subaru Legacy standard all-wheel grip and precise steering of a sports fan means no sports sedan disguised as a performance sedan, but you can almost be seen as a sport sedan plainclothes.Excellent and adherence to all Standard wheel drive handling sensitive and low center of gravity that comes from its horizontally opposed boxer 4-6 flat or flat engines are added to a driving experience that is much more attractive than average there are only two engines that s’ provide the base engine is a new Legacy.The 173-horsepower four that has been designed to improve drivability and response across a wider range of engine comes standard with speeds.It a manual gearbox six-speed very unusual for a mid-size sedan and a feature that adds to the sportiness but four is better adapted to the new continuously variable transmission Lineartronic found to be one of the best of the breed without the emergence of engine noise and others do so difficult to live with the gas mileage for this combination is a commendable 27 mpg Combined 24 mpg city 32 mpg highway for good traction on all wheels size sedan average. Compare that with the AWD model at 25 mpg combined. Opt for the six-speed manual adds athleticism and fun, but hurts efficiency with 24 mpg combined lower second rating.The models designated 3.6R engine 3.6-liter flat six has been extended unchanged for several years now.It produces 256 hp and the only choice of five-speed transmission is inherited automatic.Six cylinder models are refined and soft, but not as fast as other media sedans with V-6 engines and is paid pump with a low EPA rating of 20 mpg combined 2014 Subaru Legacy.

2014 Subaru Legacy Safety

The 2014 Subaru Legacy crash test ratings are not as high as other Subaru, but four-wheel drive and good handling make for safe driving One of the main security features of the 2014 Subaru Legacy is the standard drive system all-wheel drive as an option only provides another mid-size sedan and the absolute number of rest.A active safety systems were added for the 2014 model year to keep the car competitive as electronic systems proliferate as standard and optional equipment.All 2014 Legacy models include front airbags and side curtain airbags that cover the window that opens antilock brakes braking assistance and electronic stability control.One valuable feature is characteristic Subaru Hill Holder which prevents the car from rolling when stopped on inclines setting the brakes until the driver starts to accelerate away.While legacy for years received top scores in crash tests new safety testing and harsher means longer uniformly achieved top marks in each test.The Administration National Highway Traffic Safety has awarded the Legacy five stars in all five crash tests for frontal impact side in general and the Institute of Insurance Highway Safety rollover.The instead received the legacy of its highest rating of “good” in all categories, including front and rear impact tests in plus the roof strength test. Models for 2014 Subaru Legacy won only one rating acceptable to the test again and harder front small overlap but retain legacy as a Top Safety Pick model 2014 Subaru Legacy anyway.

2014 Subaru Legacy Image

2014 Subaru Legacy Image

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