2013 Toyota Matrix

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2013 Toyota Matrix compared to sedans hatchbacks tend not only to be a little more versatile but sporty and that is exactly the direction taken in 2013 Toyota Matrix. Appealing to a younger audience something more active the delivery matrix with more functionality than a small sedan but behind the wheel is not as sporty design touches. 2013 Toyota Matrix is ??known for its sporting silhouette and a beautiful roof libertine a little aggressive stance. The roof is almost coupe-like and there are only a few hints of utility vehicle around the fascia-ass but otherwise is a good looking hatchback. The interior is a little less contemporary although the design of instruments for panel thickness has a certain charm keep-it-simple 2013 Toyota Matrix.

2013 Toyota Matrix Performance

The model line-up 2013 Toyota Matrix Base and S models with base models get a 132-horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder and S models stepping up to a 2.4 liter engine four-cylinder 158 horsepower. We believe that most buyers will be happy with the 1.8 liter 2.4 liter as a little thirsty especially in the four-wheel-drive form S AWD . The five-speed manual is nice with any of the engines but only four-speed automatic is available with the smaller engine or S AWD models so it is slow sometimes. Gas mileage is disappointing given the experience with the 2013 Toyota Matrix high-mileage hybrids Matrix gets only 32 mpg on the highway to at best.

2013 Toyota Matrix Interior

2013 Toyota Matrix gets a lot of praise for the practical day to day but it falls a little short on comfort and refinement. Is configured as a classic small hatchback with the rear seat backs fold completely flat. However the front seats are a bit flat and too short for all day comfort for drivers older or higher and although the ride comfort is decent too much road noise into the cabin 2013 Toyota Matrix.

2013 Toyota Matrix Safety

2013 Toyota Matrix achieves top good ratings in the IIHS front and side impact and rear impact. Security features are respectable but not standout in any way side and side curtain airbags front are included like antilock brakes and electronic stability control on all models 2013 Toyota Matrix. The price of the 2013 Toyota Matrix is ??somewhat higher than the Corolla but standard equipment is higher also with this style hatchback with the aim of providing a little more than basic transportation. And as such to its standard feature set is good but there just are not many opportunities for choice. 2013 Toyota Matrix has introduced new audio systems including a system with six speakers satellite radio iPod connectivity to and Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming is included in the base model. S models include quality system with a touch screen of 6.1 inches and the Model S an available Sport Package and adds 17-inch alloy wheels rear spoiler body and socket 2013 Toyota Matrix.

2013 Toyota Matrix Image

2013 Toyota Matrix Image

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