2014 Toyota Corolla

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2014 Toyota Corolla maintains its core responsibility frugal but adds more excitement has been one of the best selling small sedans Market for decades without problems and reputation mean is that stayed afloat that.Meanwhile the small car field has evolved rapidly sexiest looks loads in automotive technology and cutting handling.Surprisingly 2014 Toyota Corolla came out of his comfort zone and staggered with brand new is doing something more than a punch clock-compact sedan with a delicious even competent background might actually opt for reasons other than the bottom of bean counting line.Throughout the new 2014 Toyota Corolla find serious changes including improvements in comfort and style features.Most important perhaps unconditional model looks ready to give some of his conservative appearance unmoved in favor of something more aesthetically appealing and calls lively.2014 Toyota Corolla look more athletic and definitely not going to argue with ello.El points Car for ‘Iconic Dynamics as the core concept and could be seen as the section fragments and parts of other models present in small car design called iconic.In any case is headed this time by demographic-people are arranging to have children or who are looking for a basic sedan family.Proportions growth are a big part of what makes the new design of successful.The new 2014 Toyota Corolla is about three inches longer than the previous version with About four inches of wheelbase placing additional all wheel further away from the corners and giving a more sporty stance And LED headlamps and running lights really put a nice finishing touch to the design focused carefree 2014 Toyota Corolla.

2014 Toyota Corolla Interior

The new 2014 Toyota Corolla just to break new ground but it is a well-proportioned design with crisp detail has always been a value-oriented car low cost but who says it has to seem so simple and boring? While other automakers have increased the most exciting designs for agreements in recent years they’re talking about the Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra Dodge Dart others Toyota is doing something that punches this time with a Corolla you may actually look nostalgically to look athletic and certainly not argue with points ello.El car for ‘Iconic Dynamics “as the central concept around the new 2014 Toyota Corolla ethos.Dynamic Modern Design Basics ideas were combined and iconic design that is oriented towards demographic-generation people who just sit and have children or looking for a basic sedan family.Proportions growth are a big part of what makes the design of the new Corolla 2014 Toyota Corolla new successful.The is about three inches longer than the previous version with about four inches of wheelbase placing additional all wheel farther corners and giving Corolla to a more sporty front grill stance 1 lower open and angular headlights do everything possible to give the Corolla a shot of adrenaline while a defined character line runs the length of the meeting of vehicle tail lights enveloping that attempt to give shooters width.Door Corolla visual flare outward and become its own design statement with complementary creases.And side indicates that a step design LED lights for headlights help lower corner allows the vehicle to be more rounded 2014 Toyota Corolla.

2014 Toyota Corolla Performance

2014 Toyota Corolla automatic continuously variable transmission promises better manageability and smoothness although there will be those who prefer the sporty S model and gearbox.The training manual 2014 Toyota Corolla has a longstanding reputation for performance that is suitable and efficient Fuel inspired.That but just has not changed much but the 2014 Toyota Corolla a few important steps ahead in engine technology used to make this compact sedan also more fuel efficient and more responsive and fun to drive before if you choose the right model that is the point of view of both performance alignment performance is satisfying for those who are modest expectations.But if you happen to choose in the sporty could end up with a model that feels beyond its sophisticated While the direction of the motor and the fundamental design of the 2014 Toyota Corolla has not changed radically innovation that most buyers will find concerns transmission.All but the base-model 2014 Toyota Corolla to can be equipped with gear for This automatic transmission continuously variable transmission uses a belt-and-pulley system to infinitely vary the relationship within a tight range as effectively keep the engine in its optimum during acceleration and scripting to speed much faster than otherwise.Those who want a manual gearbox are not left out either both the base L model and the sporty 2014 Toyota Corolla comes with an six-speed manual transmission which is a relationship last more any.2014 Toyota Corolla shots are a bit long and the link is not a sports sedan accurate but the collection of clutch is light and clean making it easier Most driving in stop-and-go traffic.And this is the only basis of which is still saddled with an old-tech four-speed automatic transmission.It’s not bad just a little slow when you need one quick burst of power through because of their large steps between ratios 2014 Toyota Corolla.

2014 Toyota Corolla Safety

2014 Toyota Corolla definitely made some improvements in the safety of the occupants with better security structure enhanced safety features and new active safety has earned top scores of five stars for front and side impact areas resulting in a score of five stars government.In Federal Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested the Corolla won the best “good” ratings in front and back side of the roof strength test but a rating of “marginal” to new small overlap frontal test batch 2014 Toyota Corolla Corolla prediction win Top Safety Pick best accolade.It’s a place of high security Pick.In addition to hiring more high-strength steel and ultra high resistance new 2014 Toyota Corolla has a cross bar for the rear seat that helps with the transmission of the load during side-impact and helps reduce injuries mirrors seat passengers.New this year are the two knee airbag driver’s side and as a front passenger seat cushion airbag.That down plus airbags for driver and front passenger front and side and side curtain airbags that cover the front and rear passenger side.2014 Toyota Corolla included in other safety equipment includes electronic stability control and antilock brakes with brake assist and Smart Stop system automatically reduces engine power in some cases if the brake pedal and the 2014 Toyota Corolla accelerator are pressed simultaneously.

2014 Toyota Corolla Spy

2014 Toyota Corolla Spy

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